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  1. It's ok, I decided to put brain into gear AFTER opening mouth, it's up and running.
  2. I must have lost my piece of paper with t' instructions on and can't seem to find it on any site I visit, but where do I go to obtain my activation code for a Yorkshire geocoin?
  3. Well done chaps, time to go and buy some new batteries for the torch for those early starts for the next thousand
  4. Apologies MarsBars, my mistake, it was a genuine error. I take it back and will wait until your 1000th. Sorry Dave, the pint will have to wait. I don't know how I could have been so inconsiderate.
  5. A big well done to The MarsBars for reaching 800 today, and to think Dave doesn't look a day over 799. Well done all, but you'd never have got close to that number without sending Jorf'n into, through and under all of those spikey bushes!
  6. Received my three today, great coins. Will release them into the wild pretty soon.
  7. Get a Dave MarsBar Walk behind him with no electrical gubbins turned on (saves batteries) When in immediate vicinity of cache turn pda/gps etc on, by the time it's warmed up he should have found the cache When it looks like he's found the cache but before he's touched it move in close and say "There it is" Get in quick and open box Say "Ooh, look, a nice shiney coin, would you like a look Dave?" Return to car and say "Well, that was an easy one, where next?" I can't be too rude, I'll need something computery sorting out soon
  8. If you only go to half the games next season..then thats 50% less dissapointment!
  9. That's the one I have but I am forever losing my signal, I suppose I could always get her to pay for half of next season's season ticket for Everton but she doesn't hate me quite that much... yet.
  10. I go caching with an etrex legend and a small ipac pda utilising Mem Map which is linked to a gps receiver via bluetooth, when it works it's great but unfortunately it loses its signal requiring many a soft reset (ain't life hard, huh?). Christmas is on its jolly way and my nearest and dearest is going frantic not knowing where to splash her hard earned cash, she is going to give me a certain amount and I will make up the difference but what to go for. I fancy a Garmin 60CSx but I have been wondering about a higher spec pda with built in gps receiver (SiRF lll). Having said that, I could do with a lap-top..... I really don't want hundreds of pairs of socks...oooohhhh what should I do????
  11. Full credit where it's due, such an aged gent holding up something that heavy must take some doing......
  12. We should all immediately wrap ourselves in cotton wool and lock ourselves in our houses, sealing all the doors and windows with gaffer tape to keep the nasties out! ... and suffocate?
  13. I would suggest a prototype I saw in t'pub the other night, I can't wait for it to be released into the wild, it's going on my watchlist for much mirth and amusement, not that I'll be looking for it myself.
  14. I've found loads around here in trees, up trees, behind trees, under trees, same goes for gorse bushes and bits of old wall, usually they have a bit a paper and a very small pencil in them, I just chuck those bits away and keep the pots, I'll forward some on if you like.
  15. So much caching, so little time, don't waste it by clearing the garden, do what I did ...get a wife... oops ... runs for cover (if I hide in that pile of leaves in the garden she'll never find me...) ps for the pc brigade, I would never, ever in all seriousness suggest that my lovely wife should clean up the leaves in the garden, it is a preposterous thing to ask her to do ... the chain from the kitchen sink wouldn't stretch that far for one thing... OUCH!
  16. Very cute, but why are you about to kick her up the bum?
  17. This is a common sight round this way and you are right they are making worms think it is raining. But has anybody ever seen a seagull doing this in the rain?
  18. Hope they don't put it on a database like that bank t'other day, then some dullard takes his lap-top home and has it pinched. Imagine the smile on the crims face when he finds a list of houses and what they have to pinch inside.
  19. Andy'll put you straight, then I'll tell you how it really works. Dontcha just hate it when your Dad has a go at you in public? The Griffin tomorrow night at 7.30 Bill and the old fella will explain all, I'll be the youngster in the corner with a pint of bitter and a pda that works.
  20. Here's how I do mine: First of all, don't attempt to make a filter consisting of 500 in GSAK, you may need spare waypoints in your gps when attempting multis, wanting to find your way back to the car etc, 400 caches is more than enough for one day for anybody Using this system you don't really need to bother with Cachemate as when you touch and hold the icon on the memorymap after a few seconds it opens showing you all the info required, having said that I do load up Cachmate as back-up. Here goes: 1) Delete Output.csv and Cache folder from C drive. (obviously the first time you try this it may not be there) 2) Open Memorymap <Overlay><Delete All> 3) Delete "Cache" folder from your SD card on your PDA. (This might take it quite a few minutes). 4) Open Memory Map on your PDA <Overlay><Delete All> (4a) I have my MM sored on a CF card on my pda - I still send stuff to my SD card though, it still works ok, if you also have a CF card as well as an SD you should have a file called "Geos" open it and delete it's contents too) Everything should now be clear. 5) GSAK <File><Export><Custom Export> 6) GSAK <File><Export><HTML files> 7) GSAK <File><Export><GPX/LOC files> (7a) If you want to use TomTom to get to the area then GSAK <File><Export><TomTom) 8) Open Memory Map <Overlay><Import> Output.csv 9) Hook up PDA using Active sync as normal. 10) In Memory Map <PDA><Export Data to PDA> 11) Use Activesync and navigate to your SD card 12) Drag "Cache" folder (which is on “C drive”) onto your SD card 13) Drag GPX file onto your SD card (File that is, not folder) (13a If also using Cachemate then drag the same GPX file onto your Cachmate icon) 14) Hook up your GPS with the PC 15) GSAK <GPS><Send Waypoints> Hope the above is of some help. Thanks to Dave MarsBar for the above to which I have added the merest tweak!
  21. No no no, it's far too early. Kick Christmas into December...
  22. Mind you, re my above comment, I may have been in a slightly more benevolent frame of mind if I hadn't just 1, cut my hands to ribbons, 2, gone flying and landed on an already injured back and 3, am now suffering the mother of all colds after spending half a day's caching in the rain ... all for micros. Ask me next week when I'm fully recovered and I may give a more positive answer , then again...........
  23. My PQs have been arriving a day after my request (if at all), and to think I started to use Googlemail cos of the troubles I was having with AOL
  24. So micros..Good or bad?..... If placed anywhere near where a regular (or even small) could be hidden then they are a pain in the Harris. Urban ones I can understand, rural ones? GRRRRRRRR
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