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  1. Now then, I only live 12 miles or so south of PUP yet I only have 116 caches within ten miles of my house, 18 of which are mine. How unfair is that? Oh well, it's back to Chorley and/or Wigan for me I think
  2. ooops, just seen the post from Lacto below, that'll teach me not to read other posts first...
  3. I have this evening received e-mail notifications about the following caches...GC114KV GC114M7 GC114MD GC114MP GC114MW amongst others, but there is no sign of them when I log onto Newest caches in the UK. Another thing, for some reason I get my newest caches dated as... 7 Feb 07, 4 Feb 07, 25 Feb 07, 18 Feb 07 and 21 Oct 06 Can anybody explain why? is it me, the system or my steam driven computer? And, I presume that for once I cannot blame good old AOL.
  4. Not exactly the same topic, but.... why on some days do I get a reply to a pocket query within minutes but at other times I can be waiting until the following day? I don't think the problem is at my end as I usually try with two different addresses, surprise surprise my AOL generally takes longer than my Googlemail one, but still (today, for example) there appears to be no response whatsoever). Any ideas?
  5. I've only hust been able to log on, the site doesn't like me at all (can't imagine why ). Anyway, no congrats to the Mars Bars as 900 is nuffin like a special number (so I've been told) so hurry up and get to 1000 before I say well done . Seriously though, well done and I'll be watching you for your thousandth, no way I'm going up there with my glassback.
  6. Fantastic achievement, give me twenty or so years and I may be up there meself! Andy ps I hope this is considered a significant enough milestone to warrant a posting (only kidding)
  7. oh dear the handle broke as I was swinging it close to the gingerbread mans head! Ouch!
  8. Lolly, don't forget to fill it with proper girly things ie scrubbing brushes, fairy liquid, a cookery book etc oh, and a gingerbreadman pastry cutter wouldn't go amiss either ..... ducks and runs for cover
  9. Shame on anybody logging a DNF on this one...
  10. A big well done to Steve & the lads on reaching your 200, and what a one to achieve it on as well! Here's to your next 200
  11. I'll give it four months before it's "And where do you think you're going with that gps? The windows need cleaning, the sink's blocked and my mother needs a lift to the shop. Oh, by the way, I've given that silly pda thing you never seem to use to the charity shop..."
  12. Really bad here too, took me 4 1/2 minutes to get home instead of the usual 3 3/4 AND I had a glass of red waiting for me when I got in. Ah well such is life. (One smug bugger! )
  13. In the middle of a footpath not too far from the parking coords... Andy's dream cache! Cheers Dave And just what is so wrong with that? Actually, I know just the place in St Helens where it could be shoved .
  14. Already done it, albeit in pre-caching days. Later that day we met two girls in the pub (New DG I'm afraid, not the Old DG), whilst sat on the top of Pavey Ark one apparantly said "This ruck-sack's too heavy I'll pick it up later" and promptly threw it over the edge to meet it's doom somewhere near the banks of Stickle Tarn. Half way on it's descent her friend casually asks "Where's the camera?" ooooops!
  15. What on earth's happened to it, Hazel, I drove past it today on route from another cache and its appearance has changed somewhat to say the least. I stopped the car to check it is till there (it is) and my trainer sank into the nearby (very) muddy puddle, one pair of socks being e-mailed to you for laundering purposes!
  16. England's highest cache must be worth consideration for a 500th (Snowdon 750th, Ben Nevis 1000th?) Normally I'd agree with you on that one but a particulary bad back is going to put that one on the back-burner (ouch! sorry!) for some time yet, unless anybody on here can offer the loan of a helicopter for an hour or two... please?... pretty please?
  17. Coming up for my 500th cache and would like to make it a memorable one. Any ideas for a good 'un in the north west of England? I don't want it to be the hardest puzzle cache ever set (not unless there's a big clue or three thrown in) and it doesn't need to be a 5/5 (especially if it involves heights and rather large drops or twenty mile walks) but I would like to to be something worthwhile, any suggestions out there?
  18. This isn't uncommon, here's a list of caches logged by their owner. Being quite confident that I have never done this myself I was looking through the list and there I was . Only once, granted, but present nontheless. I discovered that I had inadvertantly marked myself down as a find when I meant to leave a note so I have now deleted the note. My problem now is that my 300th find is now my 299th, my 400th my 399th etc etc, and to think I'd saved up the odd good 'un for those "special landmarks" Oh bugger! All those congrat posts will have to be re-sorted
  19. Being in full agreement with my chauffeur's comments above, may I be the first to offer warm congratulations on you reaching 710. Well done Hazel!
  20. Very well done on your 500th. Any chance of spreading your hides slightly further westward to save on my petrol bill though?
  21. Well done to a really nice guy (but with an evil streak when placing caches ). Did you have a bitter with your curry?
  22. The last time I looked the whole of the UK was classed as one country, I did write via e-mail how interesting it would be to try and explain to 60,000 Scots at Hampden Park that Scotland and England are actually one country but I never got a reply, maybe they'd tried it out!
  23. I have a seven inch circle of black plastic with a hole in the middle, is this a record?
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