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  1. My PQs have been taking anything between 12 to 36 hours (if they arrive at all, that is). Today... 3 minutes! I was that surprised that I almost deleted it in error. AND I'm on AOL just to make it even more peculiar. Have things improved or was it a fluke? I'll let you know next week when I send my next one...
  2. Pretty darned slim I would say. One accidental find? maybe. Two in a day is stretching credibility a little. Three? Call me a cynic if you want but...
  3. I need to buy you a pint Mate!! Get that in writing, quick!
  4. A huge congratulations to The Mars Bars on reaching 999 earlier today. Very well done to you all! Oh. they also reached 1000 on the 5/5 Rakers of the Lost Ark but that's only an insignificant number so no conrats there eh, Dave? Good job I wasn't there to "help" you or it would have been an embarrassing dnf .
  5. Well done, LollyBob, and many thanks for all the fun I've had not always finding them, AND for having to wear pink in public! hmmmm!
  6. Wouldn't life be good if somebody had the idea to put an output on the gps device so that you could plug it directly into the pda and not have to bother with bluetooth? Would'nt that also save on battery power? Go on somebody, have that idea...
  7. Mega congratulations, it's a heck of an achievement, but can you remember what you used to do before caching?
  8. So that's why we were going round in circles the other week trying to find the best route during our night time caching. Bloomin' typical!
  9. Just goes to prove the point that its Down South and Up North Us Northerners knew that all along.
  10. They certainly have got a series of caches there and an absolute classic it is too, one of our all time favs . It must be good because it totally occupied Mrs gingerbreadman and myself for a while by making us drive up to the Lakes on three consecutive weekends to finish it. Was it worth it? You bet your sweet bibby it was. Get up there, you will not be disapointed .
  11. I find that you can't beat a camouflaged sedan chair, not only is everything carried for you but if you get to a difficult spot you can send one of the flunkies out to retrieve the cache. Never be without it myself, especially the new all terrain four leg drive version - luxury!
  12. ooops, I missed the Westviewers 700th and Pengy & Tiggers 2700th, yep, you read that right 2700. gulp! Will we ever get anywhere near there? I doubt it but hope to have fun trying. Well done everybody .
  13. Huge congrats to Pop Up Pirate who reached 400 today and Carlos and the Birdie Crew on their 300th t'other day and also LollyBob for 700 up. They may not be significant numbers for some but it is for them (and us too). It's actually nearer to 1000 for PUP as he's visited each one at least 3 times whilst escorting the older breathren amongst us up hill and down dale but he's being very modest in his achievements. Well done, all, and here's to your next centuries.
  14. no fun in that! should have been a case of baring your botty! typical! Got a bottom fetish? Sounds like you're putting him on a bum steer
  15. Methinks he's bothered about tackling the Rake in a pink tutu . Go for it! Got it in one!
  16. Hampshire's a bit far to go, it needs to be do-able in a day from South Lancs so probably somewhere in between the Lakes, North Wales and the Peak District. Rakers of The Lost Ark looked like a favourite but it's had a few dnfs and we don't want to have a wasted climb.
  17. Does anybody know of any bookmark lists of unusual caches that would be suitable for a landmark find? I was hoping to find something that may require the use of a small boat or something else "out of the ordinary" etc. The cache would have to be suitable for an elderly gent approaching his 1000th find
  18. Phew, many thanks, that seems to have done the trick. I didn't have to exit mem map before when I needed to do a soft re-set, but who cares, it seems to be working now. I'm almost as pleased as Mrs gingerbreadmen who now won't have to suffer me whinging on about how life's not fair all evening. Once again, many thanks (and fingers crossed!). Andy
  19. Did you "delete" it via Active Sync or from the PDA menu? Can make a difference. From the pda, should it should be via Active sync?
  20. Not me Mind, you've replied so that only leaves Mr Mars Bar I have to admit that I did think it was lead boots PUP! I did ask the aged chocolate bar about this but he denies all knowledge about it, mind you, he agrees with me that this has the mark of a LollyBob or a PopUp about it . If she'd been wearing pink then there would be no doubt about it whatsoever eh Lolly?
  21. Hi, tried that and the same thing still happens I'm afraid. I deleted Mem Map from the pda yesterday along with all of the maps, reloaded it all but again, no change. I wonder if it would help if I chucked it in the canal and bought a new one?
  22. I use Memory Map on my pda to go paperless caching. From GSAK I export Mem Map and HTML files; when I want to see the details of a particular cache I simply touch the screen and up pops the log - no problem there then. I also have my pda connected (via bluetooth) to a gps, often whilst out caching this connection crashes so I have to perform a soft reset on the pda, a bit of a pain but as all the info is still on the pda it's not the end of the world. However, over the past two days I have found that whenever I perform a soft reset and go back into Mem Map all my icons have disapeared and I have to connect the pda back to my computer to re-download, obviously this isn't exactly possible in the middle of nowhere. I now find myself facing the prospect of buying a couple of reams of paper to get out and about again. Any ideas on what may be wrong and how I could fix it? I don't really want to perform a hard reset and go through all of my initial problems trying to set various programmes up again that I had when I first got the machine, but if that's what it takes... Any help (and it has to be in very easy, baby steps) would be much appreciated. Ta
  23. I notice neither LollyBob nor Pop Up Pirate have appeared on this thread yet. Something is afoot methinks. hmmmm
  24. I've never knowingly had a dig at the old git! .... anyway he started it.....didn't ya Grandad. Cheers Dave I can take it from the bitter and twisted one. he's only jealous cos I'm younger, taller, slimmer, fitter, am allowed to drink alcohol and eat chocolate AND have a better understanding of the internal gubbins of gps's, pdas and computers. OK, so he looks better in pink but that's cos he wears that colour all the time at home (his good lady told me!)
  25. One half of gingerbreadmen added. I'm always doing things for Mrs gingerbreadmen's birthdays so she can do her own this time. Pah!
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