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  1. Although don't live there I have visited Bristol many times and love it, but one word of advice (not criticism) if travelling down there along the M6 & M5. Do yourself a favour and go on Thursday or Saturday, avoid Fridays at all costs, it usually doubles our travelling time to about 6-7 hours. We find going earlier or later is much, much easier.

    Some cracking caches down there too! :D

  2. I only managed two caches in December, but after finding a couple on New Years Day I have got back into the swing of it, mind you I find I'm being much more selective and now will quite happily ignore ones quite close by if they don't appeal, whereas before I would try to clear up all the locals.


    As for caches at footy grounds, there is one each at Goodison and Anfield, but being a blue I can't quite make myself go for the Liverpool one, I could have had an ftf at it, I was parked about twelve feet away according to my gps but I couldn't bear it so went home instead! :rolleyes:



    Little Liane (and all the little Hoppers) go

    Hoppity, Hoppity,

    Hoppity, Hoppity, Hop

    Whenever I tell them

    Politely to stop it, they

    Say they can't possibly stop.

    If they stopped hopping, they couldn't go anywhere,

    Poor little Hoppers

    Couldn't go anywhere...

    That's why they always go

    Hoppity, Hoppity,






    Well done all :o


    (With thanks to A A Milne and Christopher Robin) :anibad:

  4. Who cares?


    If you can't say anything constructive then it's probably not worth saying :yikes:


    Anyway :santa: Christmas Day, probably no caching due to the endless tide of formalities which are great fun! Then as for Boxing Day, well a different matter entirely. I was gonna host a Boxing Day walking event but instead if anyone wants to join me, I'll be doing an unofficial walk round the area for a bit of fresh air and excercise. Might even hide one ;)


    Are you by jove? What time were you thinking of going out as I have a very important appointment at 3pm to watch Everton give Notlob a Christmas Stuffing (I hope).

    Anywhere near that darned Thursdays... perchance? :yikes:

  5. I'm visiting Edinburgh University next week and will, if lucky, have approximately five minutes to search for, sign and rehide a bit of tupperware.

    Can anybody suggest a nice and simple cache in the city ie no multis, puzzles etc and definitely no urban micros requiring bucketfuls of stealth! I fancy doing Arthur's Seat Earthcache but I have a TB I picked up this week that wants to go to Scotland so a fair sized Traditional would be good!

  6. I think Liverpool have banned Monopoly after recent events.

    I think this probably refers to Liverpool polling the lowest votes and replacing Old Kent Road in the UK wide version.....?


    Well this is the first time I've even heard of this so why wasn't I informed about the vote?

    Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells . :D:huh::huh:

  7. Does anybody know or can get in touch with BlueMike286?


    I'm trying to trace a geocoin of mine taken from Hapton Castle back on June 10th. which he stated that he picked up but but hasn't logged out. I've tried e-mailing him (twice) without success, perhaps his e-mail account isn't working?


    The coin is one of three (Somewhere in Lancashire - Bronze) required to find a cache and without it the cache is pretty much useless.


    Any help would be much appreciated.

  8. Having involvement in the building trade I have learnt to be totally impetric :D


    Like the term, which is new to me although I too work in the construction industry.


    I'm 41, taught metric at school but given a grounding in imperial...when serving my apprenticeship, college was 100% metric and the old guys at work all used imperial. :rolleyes:


    I regularly use a combination...i.e. 1M x 8'. :D


    Seems to be round numbers that do it for me..


    If a panel is 300mm I won't see it as 11 3/4" ....it's 300mm


    Likewise if its 12" I won't see 305mm... its a foot.


    I can mix and match to suit myself ,or work in either depending who I'm working with.


    Handy when dealing with our friends across the pond. :anitongue:


    My GPSr is set up in Imperial units because I changed it,unlike "Grandad" who's stuck in metric and doing the conversions in his head because he can't suss out how to alter the settings. :D


    I just knew what was coming when I saw the thread title :D .

    Contrary to certain beliefs, I like caching in metric as when I am struggling across open moorland looking for some of PUPs caches the distance seems to go past a lot quicker when ticking off kilometers than miles. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :angry::D:D

  9. I recently treated myseld to an HP iPaq rx5900. I loaded MemMap onto it, the problem is... when I am out walking the red circle that denotes my position appears to be about 30 seconds to a minute behind me. eg if I am walking along a path and come to a junction and , say, turn right, and continue walking a minute or so later the circle is only just reaching the junction I earlier passed.

    I never had this problem with my old pda. Is it something I have missed whilst setting the machine up (probably ;) ) or possibly a hardware or software problem? (hope not ;) )

    The TomTom appears to be ok but I've only used that aspect once so cannot guarantee that 100%


    Secondly, On my previous pda MemMap was set up so that a red line would be left on the map showing where I had already been (great for retreading my route back to the car), I seem to have lost that facility at present I've been through all the menus I can think of but with no success. It's so long since I programmed my original machine that I've forgotten how it's done. Doh! :D

  10. I ate the goat :)


    There was a Mongoose who swallowed a goat,

    Just opened his throat! to swallow a goat,

    He swallowed the goat to catch the dog,

    He swallowed the dog to catch the cat,

    He swallowed the cat to catch the bird,

    He swallowed the bird to catch the spider,

    That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside him,

    He swallowed the spider to catch the fly,

    I don't know why he swallowed the fly,

    Perhaps he'll die.


    Sorry, I'll get my goat coat




    Well, thankyou very much for that, I just spat out a mouthful of Whole Nut all over my monitor during a particularly loud guffaw. :blink::D:blink:

  11. With my IPAQ installed copy of Tom Tom, I drop the POI (OV2) files into a directory on the Storage card called GB_PLUS_MAJOR_ROADS_OF_WE and it picks them up from there: -


    \Storage Card\GB_plus_major_roads_of_WE






    My IPAQ has TomTom on the internal file store, so the location where I put the POI files is:

    \iPAQ File Store\iPAQ GPS\United_Kingdom-Ireland


    Hope that helps...




    Brilliant, thankyou both, Trevor's method worked for me a treat. :D

    Yet again fellow cachers come to the rescue of one in distress. Now all I need is some sort of version of Mem Map for Mallorca and somebody to accompany Mrs gingerbreadmen to go shopping whilst I'm out caching! :lol:

  12. OK, I know I'm rubbish at computers so I wonder if some kind soul can help me out here.

    I have for some time downloaded caches as POIs into my TomTom Go 300 with no problems, this I do (shortened version) by connecting my TomTom to my computer, opening TomTom in Windows Explorer then dragging the files that I have created in GSAK over to the "UK" file on the TomTom.


    I recently purchased an HP iPaq rx5900 with TomTom Navigator 5. When I try to perform the same task on my new machine I cannot find any file saying either UK or indeed Europe (as it holds maps for Western Europe). I presume I am still able to import POIs into my new machine, but how? I realise that it's probably something very basic and simple but I'm well and truly flummoxed.


    Any help will result in a pint for the best (ie very simple and very step by step) explanation.


    I thankyou. :D

  13. Well done old man....


    At your age you shouldn't be in the Griffin, but home with your pipe and slippers!


    Well Done Andy! xxx


    You cheeky young whippersnapper! :D

    After today's trek of 12 miles across the moors it's not pipe and slippers but more a hot bath, Radox and a rub-down with an old Echo. :huh: (Local newspaper for thse not in the know :o)

  14. The Earthcache requirements state that you need a geological feature to create an earth cache. Earthcache.org is an American site, and our land is very different to that across the pond, as is our history.


    We have a great many prehistoric sites that are of significant importance, I'm thinking the kind of sites listed on places such as http://www.megalithic.co.uk/, places like Round Loaf on Anglezarke Moor, and various other round barrows, standing stones and the like. What do people think?


    Darned good idea Mark, Round Loaf huh? Somebody got something planned I wonder? :grin:

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