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  1. Chose mine because I'm 6 foot 6 inches tall and weigh 210 pounds. If you see a sasquatch smashing around your local park, it's okay...it's just me geocaching.
  2. Both Target and Wally World have bags of small toys in their cards/party departments for super cheap. Usually $1 a bag. I just avoid the dollar store in general... yuck.
  3. I very nearly always cache on foot. Before heading out, I'll use the "view larger map" link on something close to home, then open separate windows for caches that look interesting along whatever route I'm taking that day, I load them into my phone, and off I go. My app automatically lists them nearest to farthest, so I just go down the list as I go.
  4. I've got a friend who occasionally references it on her fb page, and after awhile, it seemed like it might be fun. I had no clue what or how, but it seemed fun. Once it piqued my curiosity, it felt like it was everywhere. I'd stumble across youtube videos, see other friends posting on fb, there was always ads for gps units, I caved and here I am. My wife was initially interested, but her schedule is prohibitive. She tried in vain to keep me from going alone, but to no avail. lol. We only have one car in our house, so nearly all of my caching is on foot from home. My current longest trek was just over eight miles.
  5. I'm near the 20 find mark at this point, and I've got to say that expired coupons are rapidly rising on my &^%$ list...
  6. I use geobeagle for android. It's decent, and gets the job done so far. I simply visit the geocachiing page on my browser, n the main page I hit the "find my location" link, and the page loads with the nearest caches. Make sure gps and wi-fi are enabled for better accuracy. Once I find a cache I want to chase ( I reccomend not chasing the smallest ones at first, pick the easy ones) I click the "google maps" option on the cache's page and a pop up asks if I wan too use google or geobeagle to complete the request. I choose geobeagle, and it opens and loads the cache. I can repeat this 20 times for different caches. Once I'm ready to go, I open geobeagle, click cache list, click the one I want, and get to hunting.
  7. I've been taking a backpack with the following...water, a small first aid kit, flashlight, bug repellant, and a variety of goodies ranging from stickers I paid $1 for 30, little parachute toys ($2 for 10), glow in the dark stars/aliens/planets ($1 for 12) a cool flashing rubber worm bouncy toy thing I got for a buck at target, a nice lcd flashlight keychain ($2), a book (for a local theme cahce I can't find), a boy scout compass ($4), and some home made signature items, a pen, and a few post it note pads in case there isn't a log, or it's damaged. Just me. Enjoy the hunt!!!! I've converted my brother in-law, a friend, and my mother from muggle to cacher too. ;-)
  8. Geobeagle functions well for the droid. I just use my browser, go to the home page at geocahing.com, click the "find my location link and chase the closest link that comes up by clicking the google maps link. It pops up a menu that asks if I want to open it with google or geobeagle. I choose geobeagle and go hunting. Once I find the cache (or not) I use the same method for my next cache. If I can stop buying geocoins and cache goodies I may spring for the 'official' app. lol.
  9. As a newb who recently got his first virtual cahce, I have to say that the experience was positive, and without the virtual cache, I would have missed a touching and compelling element of a monument I barely gave a glance to when I first saw it. As a newb, I had no idea that the virtuals were defunct and grandfathered, and when I got my first, my brain was abuzz with ideas for cool series of virtuals in my home town. I hope that someday they come back cool.
  10. This Cache is a good concept I thought you might like to see as an alternative idea. It's sort of the best of both worlds. We get to see your building, and even go inside, but we do not mess with the standard guestbook.
  11. I just came back from my vacation (went to visit my wife's family) and managed to find two TB's that have ben travelling together for nearly 1k miles. I dropped them off, and tacked on another 808 miles for them ;-) I also dropped my first TB in a local cache before we left. It's still sitting there, but I'm patient. When I dropped mine, it has no attatchment. Just dropped him in the cache. I DID however make sure it was a cache that is highly unlikely to get muggled. It's in a 6" x 6" container that took me three tries to find. It took me so long because it's well off the trail, well hidden, and well camoflauged. I do like the thumbprint idea though. Very cool.
  12. If you are using geobeagle, pullup the menu, choose "add waypoint" or you can choose "edit" then just change the coordinates.
  13. I picked up a pair of Tb's yesterday in my wanderings. Prior to my run, I checked for TB's to see if any were going northbound, like my wife and I for our vacation are doing tomorrow. None did, so I felt confidant that I could grab them if I found any. I DID find two in the same cache. I used my phone to double check their missions, and took them both. Now the dilemma... When I came home and logged them, I checked out their history. These two TB's have been together for most of one (TB3Y6XZ) and about half of the other's (TB3QVWY) journeys. Close to 1200 miles together. They have different owners, and neither has a specific destination. I have no intention of collecting them, and want to take them to a new home. The question is....do I keep them together, or separate them into two caches? What would you veterans say the etiquette is? I'm leaning to separating them...but I don't know why. Somehow it seems like they'd have a better trip individually, but they've been together so long that it seems a little sad to split em up...
  14. I'd love an invite! I'm new and just trying to get off on the right foot
  15. This actually sounds like a cool idea. My wife is obsessed with penguins and I recently found glass penguin beads that will fit in a very small cache. Until now we've discovered that stickers are a cool option for tiny caches as they take very little space, and kids love em.
  16. Have fun, and don't get discouraged. You probably will not find them all but the best part about NOT finding them is that it gives you a chance to go out again! Have fun!
  17. I cache with my wife, and her schedule and my schedule keep us from going out together very often. It could take us an eternity to get to 100. Having said that, we've both read the guidelines and discussed our first (and a few subsequent) hides. I'm not really digging the whole 20-is-the-minimum 'rule' let alone 100. I am fairly certain that as two, college educated, middle aged, thoughtful people, we could go out tomorrow and place a quality cache or two, but we wait to satisfy the current rule.
  18. Hopefully whoever finds it will log it when they pick it up and drop it off. Not sure if the system will just let them do that or not though. Don't see why it shouldn't.
  19. While I don't consider myself a lurker per se, my post to lurking ratio is pretty low. I'm new, so I can't really speak with authority about some of the topics. Some topics that are universal, and that I'm very passionate about, I'll post on. The environment (CITO) is one of those topics. Fair play is another. Leaving no trace is left over from my scouting days. On a more introductory note, my wife and I work together on the caches, which aggravates me because I wanna go every day, and her schedule doesn't permit it. Mine does since I am a private chef in the real world, and make my own schedule for the most part. Grrr.. I'm gimpy old fart after multiple knee surgeries, but being an ex marine, no difficulty level can scare me off...even if it's not a bright idea my age and bad knees considered. lol. My old gunny used to tell me "boy you are too stupid to quit, and too tough to die" every time I got injured. ;-) I look forward to caching with you all in the future!
  20. I have replaced a few logs in the last week. The first two caches my wife and I found had no logs at all. I came home, sent messages to the owners and waited. When I didn't get a reply, I went out and did some refurbishing and added temporary logs. Not a big deal. I think we should all leave things better than we found them at all times. Whether that's replacing a log, cleaning and repairing a cache, or just grabbing a few pieces of trash on the way out.
  21. While my wife and I are getting a feel for geocaching, I installed GeoBeagle. It's fairly simple, and can get cache locations from this site. Best part is...it's free. Someday I may upgrade to the 'official' app, but not until we get a large number of finds under our belt.
  22. We should all use this as an example. As soon as I have enough finds to start hiding, I have no issue with adding a few small trash bags to larger caches. You'd be surprised how small a wal mart bag can get...We should ALL be doing this. Found a bag in a cache? Fill it with local detritus. CITO 24-7-365. It won't kill you.
  23. There are lots of guidelines in geocaching. If you don't understand them, sooner or later, it is going to stop being fun. If you don't read them, you are probably never going to understand them. For one thing, reading them allows one to return to them (knowing where to look) to answer or clarify a question. Likewise there is a pile of information regarding the hiding/placement of a cache, http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx is necessary reading in order to have a cache placed and reviewed smoothly. Don't bother reading stuff like this, and you'll be in the forums a lot, asking "Why can't...." or "Why isn't...." or "How long....." EDIT: written while last previous posts were posted. The question makes sense now, more or less. "My friend hid a cache, how long does it take?" The reading issues however, still exist...... I finally knuckled down and read all the guidelines yesterday myself. I count myself as a "BAH-I'm-not-reading-all-that-I'll-fumble-through" kinda guy as well. I sheepishly admit that I am now a better hunter and hider for the read. Should have done it sooner, even though I've only been at this a short time.
  24. I was trying to explain to my boss what it is I'm doing on my time off, and she asked me this very question. My answer? "Time with my wife". She gets it now. lol.
  25. I just gotta hop in here. I'm a newb. My wife and I have found a total of 2 caches, so take this for what you will. Our first was a good sized pill bottle covered in green camo tape...and totally empty. I used a business card as the log, signed it & stuffed it. The second was an awesome cache to find, but not so awesome itself. Without giving too much away, it took my caching skills to new heights. And all there was in the cache was a single tradeable item. No log. No waterproof container. Not even an attempt at a container. Not even a leaky gladware. As is my way, I'm one of the most laid back humans on the planet, my blood pressure didn't even flicker. What did flicker (also pretty normal for me) was my old boy scouts days. I went home and emailed the owners. Today, when I didn't hear back, I went to the evil empire (walmart) and bought a pack of small post-its, some small trinkets, a few stickers, and a water-tight box made to put your cell phone in (very nice btw for $5) I hiked back out to the two caches I visited originally, and put the post it's and a few stickers in the pill bottle, cleared a dead bird that was nearby, and went back to the second cache where I put a few small tradeables, a stack of post its for the log, and the water tight container In the cache. Guess it's a case of don't-get-mad-get-to-work. This is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a community. I have always made it a point to leave things better than you found them. The boy scout "leave no trace" policy is deeply embedded in me, and I guess I just wanna make the world a better place, and have a good time doing it. Guess that's why I love caching so far. Gives me a chance to be me.
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