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    Thanx guys! And congrat's to my fellow milestoner's! Tony
  2. I also would prefer the first come, first served on the web page. Another possibility is to hold more than one event (ie GNASHERS 3a, 3b, etc.). Whether two nights on the same weekend, or two different Saturdays, etc Another idea is to limit it to 8-10 people from a specific area (ie Niagara, New York, Hamilton, Peel, etc.). If some areas don't fill up, free them to the full areas. Just a thought... Tony
  3. Here's an idea for the newsletter. Similar to the super-cacher idea; how about the super-cache-stasher interview? Bent&Twisted come to mind for that category (also some Quasy guy and a hydrographer ). Thanx, Tony
  4. I'm also experiencing this sorting error. I've always (over a year) received a download of my unfound caches, sorted by distance from home. Recently the sort order has been been scrambled and I can't seem to get them sorted properly. I have various other downloads for other geographic areas that still sort properly (crossing fingers). I've tried a second sorted download with the same info (less caches though) and it has a different sort order than the primary download.
  5. I'm also watching the 'Parker' cache and was curious when I received the late post. When I looked into it, I realized that I'd met the author and that they where back dating old finds done with another cacher (check the 'member since' date). Thanx, Tony
  6. Chris-mouse, I don't see a problem with placing a hotel cache with only one guest. Place the cache and let other cachers bring more guests. I also have a travel bug that would also like to visit. Khan would probably enjoy a few days alone . Thanx, Tony
  7. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=76860
  8. 1701eh


    I use a Garmin eTrex Legend amd the scouts use a Garmin eTrex (Yellow). Tony
  9. I'm still using 2002 but though you'd like this one. I requested a route from Windsor, Ontario to Port Elgin, Ontario. The route calculated has me cross over to Detroit , travel thru Michigan to Port Huron, cross back over into Sarnia, and continue on from there. Estimated time to cross border each time....0 minutes . Does 2003 do the same thing?
  10. I'd be willing to help, but I'm in west Missisauga with no plans to be out your way. If no one else offers, you could mail it to me. Tony
  11. If you remember the McDonalds toys from a few years back, they were parts that combined into a large Inspector Gadget. If you can find all of the parts at garage sales, you would have many travel bugs to send out. Tony
  12. 1701eh

    Scout Cachers!

    Are these caches to be accessible only by Scouts (on Scout property)? If so, how about badges and pins. Tony
  13. My local Scout Office has some of the etrex yellows which our Scouts can borrow. Why not ask the Scout leader to enquire about this at his Scout office? Tony
  14. 1701eh

    New cache idea

    I'll take one of your smallest bills and leave one of my big bills. Tony
  15. quote:Originally posted by MarinerBC:Sigh, it does work on a Legend, ver 2.41, but NOT my Legend with ver 2.50. I guess I should have done the startup screen, then updated the software. MarinerBC, The Legend 2.50 version includes the following upgrade: Added ownership page to be shown at startup. To enter owner data, select “Owner Information” option from the main menu page’s option menu. This would seem to supercede the need for the GpsWarn program. Tony
  16. I have considered some caches in the past and then decided against them because either: 1. I didn't feel they were truly worthy of me . 2. Too distant to maintain them properly . 3. Somebody placed one nearby before me . My criteria for placing a cache is a simple question to myself: Would I enjoy doing this cache and can I maintain it properly? Tony
  17. 1701eh

    GPS Units

    I would also recommend www.gpscentral.ca as I have ordered several items from them (including my GPSr) and had no problems. They are also located in Alberta, so you do not pay PST Tony
  18. I'll mention it to the scouts and see what they say. You mentioned that you would hide a cache, but what sort of challenge did you have in mind? Scouter Tony 2nd Meadowvale Scouts
  19. We're interested...We'll discuss the options when you get more replies. I'll also mention it to some friends. Tony & family
  20. We're interested...We'll discuss the options when you get more replies. I'll also mention it to some friends. Tony & family
  21. I saw the segment on @discovery.ca on the discovery channel. I checked out the site and then introduced the idea to my scout troop. It took us a while to beg/borrow a GPSr for our first outing. After that, we (and I) were hooked. Tony
  22. Hot Wheels, Check out www.geocoins.ca for more info on the Canadian geocoins. Tony
  23. By day, a CAD Administrator and programmer . Evenings and weekends - 1 hour a week for Scouts
  24. By day, a CAD Administrator and programmer . Evenings and weekends - 1 hour a week for Scouts
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