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  1. Bingo... almost. You have named the highest peak. You have named the rock, or close enough (quartzite). Now just name the actual range... I didn't know the name of the range until I looked it up. Now that I've done that, I do remember hearing of it before. Let's see if somebody else know the name
  2. Hey, what are you talking about? I know the answer. The problem is that the question is too hard. Therefore, I will make it easier by posting a PICTURE. Yeah, that'll do the trick. But not right now, because I don't have the picture with me, since I am at work. Let's review what everybody should already know from the posts: - It's a mountain range that started to form 2.5 billion years ago. - It's in Ontario. - You can canoe there. - There is something about the rock composition that is interesting enough that people who know the range would be able to identify the rock. RES2100's Silver peak comes to mind... made of quartz. I think you can canoe to it, but I was considering the hike last summer. Time ran out though
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that I'm the 'Area Man' I've just returned from vacation where I had some fun caching and relaxing, but I was only able to access the internet via a slow connection on an old computer, so I'm doing some major catch-up now. Thanks for all the congrats guys! My 2000th find was GCM4X7 in Winnipeg (I had solved it before starting my vacation). Thanx, Tony
  4. Ok I really didn't think I was gonna get that one. Score one for the dartboard Let's see now, what do I have up my sleeve for the next question.... Q: What year did Tupperware first hit store shelves? Tupperware has never been sold in stores!
  5. 1701eh

    Antenna ?

    My understanding of a RE-Radiating Antenna is that it picks up the signal from a location that has good reception (outside) and rebroadcasts that same signal (inside) for your GPS antenna to pick up. If true, the only possible application I could imagine is using your GPS inside a vehicle that blocks the normal signal. This would allow you (or several GPSs) to pick up a good signal without the need to plug an antenna in. It would also allow you to use a GPS that does not have an external antenna port. If you were to mount this at home or another building, the location would never change (unless it's a houseboat or similar). Tony
  6. Don't let them play silly games with my name...
  7. I'll take a stab at it... 160 degrees?
  8. OK, What is it? It's what the inside of GCTZZF looks like when opened properly. Just adjust it the right amount now and you'll know the coordinates to the final!
  9. Gotta be Gander, Nfld. Everything happens first in Gander. Everything. Well done TrimblesTrek! Your Turn...
  10. Correct - it was the Amazing Race in August of 2004. I think it was a yellow Gekko. Your turn 1701eh Where was the first international WAAS wide area reference station (WRS) installed? Hint: It was in Canada, but I'm looking for the name of the population center.
  11. The Amazing Race Garmin would be my guess
  12. As found in: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=113613&hl=gc41 'It was a long time before someone visited my cache. On October 5, 2000 GCBBA was visited by rowsell and her fiance. They had just bought a GPS that day and came to the cache after work. They had actually tried it the day before without a GPS. She had heard about geocaching on Much Music and thought it was something they could do together.' Well done Fireflyfan! Your turn...
  13. The answer can be found in the Canadian Forum.
  14. Breadcrumb feature is great for getting back out. I also carry a compass just in case. Knowing which direction you are heading from the car/road and leaving the trail is good advice. It's also another great reason for using the GPS map (north up) instead of following the pointer. By using the map, I know what direction I'm heading, even when leaving the trail. If the GPS ever dies, I'll pull out the compass and head back out.
  15. And here I was dreading it might be somebody out Ottawa way... Next Question: I think most of us are familiar with the first cache in Canada, but who was the first finder of that cache?
  16. Found this on the Toronto Geocoin page (http://ca.geocities.com/geocachingcanada/geocointoronto.html) which seems to detail very nicely the buyers shipping options and risks. Shipping: The Geocoins will be securely packaged and shipped in padded mailers, or boxes for larger quantity orders. Not responsible for lost packages. Most packages will be sent as letter mail in padded mailers, unless it doesn't meet the letter mail guidelines or you choose a different option. Insurance is not available for letter mail or small packages (USA and overseas), but if needed I can send it as Expedited, Xpresspost or registered. Packages within Canada or packages over 1kg elsewhere, will include insurance. You may also pick up the coins from us personally, or if we are geocaching in your area, we will be more than happy to deliver the coins to you at no cost, hence you save the shipping costs.
  17. To boldly go where no cacher has gone... Oops, how did that slip out My primary goal is to HAVE FUN Seeking and hiding caches is a part of that. Caching with friends and attending events is another part. Thanx, Tony
  18. At the Geofella's April Fools Cache, we started at midnight and went until after 5:00am
  19. More like 1/3 of the way thru if I remember correctly Tony
  20. You may want to remove the two 'NOS' multi-caches from your list. They're meant to be done by bike. Check 'em out and decide for yourself. Thanx, Tony
  21. Maybe you should re-think the night hike... That 'little drop' will actually be on your left!
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