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  1. Just requested a TB. I think this is a great way to help people though geocaching.
  2. I would like to say congratulations to Jon & Miki for wining the free hiking staff.
  3. I will say yes, because it is fun to hunt for old caches.
  4. Yes, I did that for about my first 20 or so caches. Then one night I discover how to enter the coords into the GPSr, the GoTo button, the arrow and all that stuff. It was great and I use the arrow ever sense. But I have to say that, I am impress: because of the fact that you did that for two years.
  5. Yes, but that is when I am doing my school work.
  6. Quoted myself because I had my wording wrong and I had all ready edit it.
  7. I am the kind geocacher who will brave the elements.
  8. My favorite is my first. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...df-fbc4407dc83f
  9. You know, if used properly, I've noticed no difference in "spot-on-ness" between a Garmin and a Magellan. Garmins seem to get people closer to the hide location initially, but they still need to stand still and let them settle (and average) in the end, like a Magellan. Just to complicate matters, I've used a Lowrance, too, and it seems to perform as well as the other two brands. By the way, thanks for doing 15 minute averages for your hides. If I see a log saying "the coordinates are 10' off," I consider it a compliment regardless of the motive. I've noticed that my Garmin eTrex has a nasty trick of assuming I've carried on moving in the same direction (kind of like momentum). It's particularly fond of doing this when it can see less satellites so often it will appear to track into a tunnel where there is no way it knew where it was. Once you know about this feature it's OK but for the fact that the built-in compass needs movement in order to get direction so I end up having to choose between an accurate location and a pointer which points in the right direction. My eTrex does the same thing. I fix that problem with keeping a compass with me.
  10. My first three months. 3/4/2006 GCP6Q4: The Really Cheap Seats Kentucky [visit log] 3/2/2006 Gatorade Hill Kentucky [visit log] 3/1/2006 A Tale of Two Bridges Kentucky [visit log] 1/2/2006 Let The Good Times Roll (A Mardi Gras Cache) Kentucky [visit log] 12/31/2005 Tie a yellow ribbon (Iroquois Park) Kentucky [visit log] All but one is archived.
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