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  1. Yes, I have. One time I was out geocaching in some woods at a local park and as I was walking along the trail, I found some beer. So I think about CITOing it out, but the park as a no alcoholic rule. So I just left it and go on my way.
  2. I think it's I came, I saw, I sign the log.
  3. Here you go,"There are 350206 active caches worldwide. In the last 7 days, there have been 199625 new logs written by 33456 account holders."
  4. How about "The in's and out's of geocaching".
  5. Now that's what that mud attribute was for.
  6. Most of the time I go solo, but sometimes I go with my sister or my Mom or my Dad. Sometimes I will go with my friend's as well and having company make's geocaching a hole lot funner.
  7. I my opinion Muggles are people who are non-geocacher's and Muggler's are people who take and,or violate caches.
  8. That reminds me, of the compromise that I have with my sister. I get to get on her nerves and she gets to boss me around.
  9. Thanks, I was wandering want a Charter member is and an additional thanks for supporting the site.
  10. Great I am on no one's list. I think that's just because I am a teen.
  11. I mostly agree with poster's who make the most sense to me, but that's just me.
  12. Congrats on your 100th. Me I am at 11 hidden ,but I have four in the works.
  13. I like the idea of the "Member's Only" caches and it helps to pay for website.
  14. Here is a college cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= P.S. Go, Cards, Go!
  15. Thanks for the cache and rock on![]
  16. My day is Decemeber 31. That's when I found my first cache one year ago, and it is also my B-day.
  17. It's sad, I am going to miss Today's Cacher. I would also like to say thank you and all the staff, for making a great geocaching magazine.
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