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  1. Here is a cache site, that is now being made into an UPS warehouse.
  2. This one is my least inspired hide because at the time I just wanted to hide it.
  3. Here is my cache's that rock, bookmark list.
  4. In case you missed it I said I was new to this. No need to reply if you are going to be snotty about it. BURN!!!!
  5. Most of the time I just, took nothing, left nothing, but if their is something in the in cache that I like, then I will trade.
  6. That would be kablooey, who is (as of today) at 1295 consecutive days with a find. His last day without a find was July 14, 2003. And he is a wonderful person, too. Wow.
  7. This one goes behide the history of Waverly Hill's.
  8. Here is my cache, in want is consider one of the most haunted place's in the world Waverly Hill's.
  9. Took nothing left nothing Sign log Thanks for the cache Thanks for the cache Took nothing left nothing Sign log
  10. May I join you? They are so busy being right they don't hear anyone else I have a fun week as well.
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