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  1. So far Kentucky has four CITO's in the works.
  2. This a place for Kentucky area geocacher's to chat.
  3. An answer to the first question: is that I don't think that will append. An answer to the second question: is yes they will get the FTF if they work together. But that's just want I think.
  4. Wimp! You MUST camp!!!! Camping is fun that's true, but staying with family is better. And I am no wimp, I have hike six mile's in sandal's.
  5. This is my story. This was find number six on my first geocaching trek in JCMF Tom Wallace recreation area. Wow I made a big mistake on this one, when I was inputting the coord's for this one I got mix up, I took the north coord's from Ronald Reagan Memorial Cache and mix them up with the west coord's from Trinity Tree. So after searching in the wrong area for some time I check the coord's finding my mistake, so I fix the coord's, but when all of this is going on I keep hearing gunshot like sounds so this give's me more incentive to check the coord's. So with the fix coord's I hike to the cache and after a quick search I find the cache. Thanks for the heart pounding trek and rock on! And here is the cache that I was looking for.
  6. I plan to attend and luckily I have family near the event that I can stay with.
  7. I don't think I heard/read about that. Michigan Trooper? Link? Explanation? I have been to Indiana (before I started Geocaching) and look forward to caching in Clifty Falls State Park sometime. (You Indianins have put some caches in it right?) Clifty Falls State Park rocks, but on the down side their are not many cache there.
  8. You go geocaching in combat boots. I go geocaching in sandal's.
  9. Because I like to find things.
  10. Me I just like to go geocaching but, if I have the opportunity to do it with someone else it would just make it better.
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