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  1. It is times like this that makes me happy not to be allergic to poison ivy.
  2. Actually, no, it is moving north at a rate of about 40kms a year: And it moves around its average position about 85 kms a day. Thank you for correcting me.
  3. That is a good idea. Me if their happens to be a cache with a TB that I found and it is only a little ways off the path that I am taking I will pick it up.
  4. Some people may not kown this but magnetic north moves about 10 miles south a year.
  5. I think night caching is great. But I have only done one cache at night and I would like to do more at night.
  6. Working on the one for KY. Should be up in one week.
  7. Great caches and keep them a coming.
  8. That is just not right and an absolute outrage.
  9. Dang, that was funny. I'm sitting here reading the logs and chuckling out loud when my hubby, just home on his lunch break asks me what's up. He sees me reading, sees the little bit of picture in the background of L5 and says, "Oh yeah, I saw that picture on the main page the other day and it cracked me up!" lol
  10. Now that is great !!!! Thank you. I take cash, check or Visa. Bravo! But I was thinking of something from the wretched refuse of my underwear drawer...no? Hmmm.... lol
  11. I was not walking about you. Oh,well I just do not like it when people make fun of dyslexic's.
  12. I happen to be dyslexic, you loser.
  13. Want I would like to konw want is the creepiest cache in the world?
  14. Bushwhacking a lot of bushwhacking.
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