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  1. I am a teenager I could go down the hole.
  2. Not a bad idea. We could also tear down Stonehenge, The Pyramides, the Great Wall of Chinan, Neuschwanstein and the Eremitage just to replace them with a nice new Mall or an Theme Park. Image what great micros could be placed in their parking lots! Sorry for being sarcastic, but if something is working fine, there is no reason to throw it away just to have something new. Newer is not always better! GermanSailor So true.
  3. I really like finding some of the historical caches! I would hate to see those disappear! I had the fortune of finding the oldest cache in California. I also found an awesome cache in the desert that Dave Ulmer was the FTF on. So I vote to keep the great older caches and to get rid of the new crappy caches instead! I like finding historical caches too!
  4. Security gave me the name to the student activities coordinator/individual, that is my next stop. Learning process. And yes, many of the caches are probably placed without permission, doesn't mean I will, even if it means far less placed caches. Wish me luck with this guy... Good luck, why because I think you will need it.
  5. I like the idea. An old ghost town sounds like my kind of place.
  6. I agree - to a point. I place my caches to be found and hope that someone who is stumped can would call a previous finder or me for help. That said, there are some people who put a lot of effort into "clever" hides or ingeniously camoflaged containers and intentionally make their caches a challenge. I'm not sure all of them appreciate someone giving out their secrets. Cool.
  7. Your post did spark my thinking, but you are not the first poster to share the impression that benchmarks are good while urban micros tend to be bad. For that reason, I did not quote your post. I do think benchmarks are more interesting than LPCs. I didn't used to think that way but now I do! You can't find a benchmark by pointing at a lamp post 200 feet away when you're driving by it in your car. Most benchmarks are a little bit tougher to find than that! I am not lone.
  8. I'm trying to look at this from a law enforcement officer's perspective. As a cop, I can tell you, if you came to me to report a stolen cache, I would ask you if you wanted a report, and if so, did you have any evidence. If you hand me a grainy photograph from a game camera, taken of "some guy near the cache", I can assure you the case will not be resolved. Unlike the TV show "CSI", real cops typically don't have the ability to obtain personal data from a snapshot. However, if you gave me a physical description, a close up digital photograph, a vehicle license plate number, and a sworn statement detailing the fact that you watched him follow a GPS receiver to your cache, take your cache, and leave a letter bragging about his exploits, the case would be resolved. The best way to gather this information is for one person to discretely stake out the cache, approach the maggot, take his picture, then follow him to his vehicle to get his tag number. No need to get physical, or even speak a single word to the guy. Life has risks. Quite often those risks increase with the value of the activity you are taking. This maggot has deliberately decided to target you as a victim. Remaining a victim is a matter of choice. You can stop this if you want, or you can look for sympathy for being victimized by this clown. Again, the choice is yours. If you hide a whole herd of cachers in the woods, you're gonna tip your hand, and the maggot will not act. Gathering Intel is always best done solo. Keep your cell phone handy. If it looks like the maggot is going to escalate your meeting into a physical confrontation, dial 911 and start reciting details. The maggot will most likely beat feet out of there. His only hope of continuing his activities is by remaining anonymous. Take his anonymity away and you take away his power. I like Clan Riffster idea, I think it is great. I also think it is the best advice yet on this thread.
  9. The bad thing about the yellow etrex is that it only shows the direction to your waypoint and not the distance to it...it could be 10 feet or 10 miles! My yellow etrex shows the direction to the waypoint and the distance to it.
  10. You might be a geocacher if you think the last four words to the national anthem are cache in, trash out.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Laughed good and long on that one. Me to.
  12. One more way for high school and college geocachers to keep in touch.
  13. The most compelling/interesting/cache that I have seen that would be SPACECRAFT@Waverly. You can view it at waypoint GCDA7.
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