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  1. On the first one I would say JEEPSTAFF, why because he has hidden some great caches in the woods and has hindden caches on other great places. On the second one I would say Show Me The Cache.
  2. I will nominate JEEPSTAFF because he has hidden some great geocaches.
  3. says who, you? You can change people's TBs all on your own and don't even have to answer to the owner? Doesn't seem any worse than the item being removed. The original TB was a little Domino's pizza guy and pictures of the TB at the start did not have the hitchhiker attached to it. Pictures of the guy in caches during his journey did not have the item attached.. So YES, I SAY SO. The item was placed onto the keychain at some point during his journey and had NOTHING to do with the original intent of the TB. Again. You do not OWN the TB so YOU don't get to decide intent. I noticed you mentioned NOTHING in the TB log to alert the owner to your action.... I also don't see any mention by the owner of the TB that he misses the item that he didn't even know was on the TB. What's your point? AND: It's only by my admission that this issue was known. Had I not mentioned it in a post a long while back, NOBODY would have even known it was removed. I'm failing to see any harm done to the TB owner. The issue isn't harm to the owner. (Where's the "duh" emoticon?) The issues are tampering with an item that doesn't belong to you without the owners consent and religious persecution. At least 3 people on this thread have stated their displeasure toward those actions taken by YOU. We aren't lions in the coliseum. We are your peers and we disapprove. Insisting you're right won't change it. There's no grounds to agree to disagree. There's no need to defend yourself further. You've already stated you are perfectly fine with it. I agree, where is the DUH emoticon.. I didn't tamper with the owners item. The owner's item was left in tact and was not changed AT ALL. Please explain how I tampered with the owners property? That's like saying that removing trade items from a cache is somehow tampering with the cache itself. If I were to change the camo on the cache or alter the appearance, that would be tampering, but the items inside the cache are not the property of the cache owner, just as litter placed onto a TB after it's released is not the property of the TB owner (Not implying that wicca is litter, i'm referring to any item) Keep on reaching. You might make a career in the NBA on reach alone. The owner owns the tag and ANYTHING attached to it. If you didn't place the item there then YOU don't get to remove it without permission from the owner. Ya lost me with the whole cache analogy, but keep on reaching.... I'm starting to become entertained. Seriously though, you have nothing to prove to me. If you recall, I forgave you about 50 posts back. That doesn't mean I don't disapprove of or change anything about your action though.
  4. I would enjoy finding that cache. I would enjoy findind that cache too and sounds like some nice swag.
  5. Top 50 posters, Do they carry weight? I think that is a yes, but in more way's than one.
  6. I am wandering what is on your x-mas list? I guess I will start this thing off. A hiking staff, A handle bar mounting kit for my yellow etrex, AA battery's money, premium membership, four travel bug dog tags, outdoor shoes, sandal's, camo tape, a watch, and a cellphone.
  7. My new year's resolutions,1# find more geocaches than I found in 2006,2# hind more geocaches than I hind in 2006, 3# type up better found it cache logs than I did in 2006, and last but not least become more hooked on geocaching.
  8. Me too, I love "in before the lock"! Me three.
  9. I think you sould move it, but that's my opinion.
  10. My milestones that I have reach are 25#,50#,75#. So far I am at number 83# and I am looking forward to my 100# find. I wish you good luck whit your milestones.
  11. I am wondering how many geocachers were or are TH'ers? I am a TH'er and I use a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. So how many geocachers were or are TH'ers and what brand of metal detector do you use?
  12. Well, the first and most important thing I have to say on this topic is simply this: Although I was - like many other cachers -- at one time an advocate of involuntary euthanasia for all muggles who get in the way, I had a bit of an inner spiritual/religious experience last month, and ever since then, I seem to have a more tolerant attitude toward muggles. Now, I know that may sound extreme to some of you who would argue that muggles are clearly sub-human and an inferior species and clearly do not have any human rights, but I have indeed mellowed, and I now advocate using muggle repellent spray or chasing them with a large stick or a 12 gauge shotgun before EVER resorting to killing them. I now advocate extreme sanctions for muggles only as a last resort and only to be used if they will not leave the area when chased, or if they try to resist being chased away. I hope I do not sound too soppy or goofy here, but I believe that God created even muggles, and that we should not exterminate them unless it becomes absolutely necessary.
  13. A few months ago, as another example, we found a cache by gps coordinates and did not have access to the cache page. I was pleased that we found the container without any clues or descriptions but then discovered that it had a padlock on it. The combination was on the cache page. Even with the container in our hands I didn't claim that as a find because I could not get at the logbook. If there is a logbook then it should be signed before claiming a find. There are a few conditions where it would be ok to log as found without signing: logbook too wet & moldy, logbook not in the cache, the logbook is jambed in the container or the container lid is unintentionally jambed shut, etc. But if the container is too high to reach as you mentioned then it is part of the "difficulty factor" that you must overcome in order to qualify for a find. Some owners would allow your find to stand but many won't. I consider these caches to be a challenge and people should come back with a step stool, ladder or their tallest friend, or back a pickup truck to the hiding place. I once climbed on top of our camper van. A more common method perhaps is to get a retrieval tool. I think you nail it. I have had time's when I have the cache in hands but could not sign the loglook.
  14. Taking a step back can do lot's good thing's like now, looking back at all the threads and seeing all the different shades of light like Renegade Knight said make's one think. Also when I am geocaching, sometimes it is good just to take a step back and sometimes that help's me find the cache. So in the end I think it is good just to take a step back and take a breather. Why because it help's me when I am geocaching and with life. Just my two cent's.
  15. Snoogans is wise. And here I always thought Snoogans was snoogish. Go ahead and laugh. O.K.
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