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  1. Probably more of a forgotten to do, rather than a bug. Building event times into the structure of an event cache is a wonderful addition to Gocaching.com's website (this feature was released today), but where that would get really useful is to add it to the Add to Calendar link at the top of the cache page. Alas the times are not in there yet (I rather surprised that this got missed in QA!).


    Fantastic addition, guys, thanks. Now only need the calendar fixed...

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  2. On the web site, after logging a trackable, I am presented with a page that summerizes my log action, and at the bottom of the page there is a feild prompting me to enter another tracking ID to Visit Another Trackable. If I inadvertently enter an incorrect tracking number here, I get taken to a page entitled Trackable Item Details which has the error message "The travel bug you requested does not exist in the system". All good so far. There is another field on this page to reenter a tracking id, however even entering a correct tracking id in this page re-presents the same page - that the correct tracking ID I entered does not exist.


    On a related note (and yes, I think this is due to the same fault), when entering a incorrect tracking id into the intial trackables page, https://www.geocaching.com/track/ I am presented with an error page advising no results were found for my search, with a number of search options. My incorrect tracking ID is preloaded in the "by keyword" field, however entering a correct tracking ID in this field takes me back to the same page.


    Could these both be fixed please.

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  3. When I am working on the map I often open a page, and come back to the map for another page (eg caches), etc. On the old map this was easy, where every link opened a separate page. On the new map this is frustrating, as every link open in the same page. Yes, I know that shift-click opens in a new window, but given that the map is specifically designed to make it easy to access multiple caches, it should, well, make it easy to open multiple caches.

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  4. It is 4 days to my GIFF event. When are the files likely to be released to the event organisers? We need a few days in case there are problems with downloading, and to make sure the file will play. If everything goes smoothly there's heaps of time, but if there are problems then the timeframe is getting tight...

  5. Some of the new challenge restrictions were to remove allowing challenges based on some types of geographical area or spelling of cache titles. In general this was a good thing as it was very hard to verify that we qualified for a particular challenge. However this criticism has been negated by the compulsory requirement for a checker (a VERY good thing). New challenges since have been very good, but I find that as an experienced geocacher with 9000 finds under my belt, challenges are often no longer challenging. So I would like to propose a revisit to some of those restrictions. Given that a checker is required, and that it is easy to see if we qualify or not, would people like to see some of the current rules (especially regarding area or spelling) relaxed? I also recommend that where sensible (eg spelling challenges) that checkers are required to identify what components of the challenge remain unfilled.


    Some challenge caches I do not want to see back:

    Multiple-where-clause challenge type. Eg find 100 caches with at least 10 caches of difficulty 3 or above AND at least 15 are wherigos AND 5 are larges AND...

    % of finds. Eg find n% of caches (possibly matching further restriction) in this area = different number of finds required for different finders as time goes by.


    One challenge I would love to see come back:

    Degree challenge: find one cache in each minute of specified degree of longitude or latitude.


    What do you think? Given that we have checkers, can we loosen challenge guidelines? (note checkers are not possible for lonely cache challenges)


  6. Some time ago Geocaching mentioned that they are considering whether to make Challenge caches their own cache type, and Project-GC have done some sterling work in identifying true challenge caches (eg as opposed to puzzle caches that have "challenge" in the title but are not a challenge caches). Is there any indication as to when Geocaching might sit down and make the decision?

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  7. When a person logs a cache, an email is sent to the cache owner containing the contents of the log. This is excellent, however line breaks are removed. The problem is that sometimes the formatting matters, especially if it contains a listing, for example: a challenge requirement. Line breaks serve to improve readibility, and removing them makes the log harder to read. Yes, I know, I could click on the link and see it in the online log, but it should be an easy task to keep the <br/> tag and replace <p> with <br/> for the email logs.


    For example, this log:

    Driving up to Auckland today gave me the opportunity to pick up a few caches along the way. I qualified for this one recently and so had wanted to come back and claim this cache and another nearby as these two are likely to be the last two I will qualify for from this series for a very long time. Once at GZ, it was a super quick find, sign, and replace before jumping back into the car and continuing on my journey north. TwigNZ has used Project-GC to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did. D: Don't get T'd off! (East Auckland), GC5PN3P, 1.5, found on 2017-12-02 I: In Memory of waiiti20 (Upper Hutt), GC700QE, 2.5, found on 2018-02-25 F: Farming Tanks (Auckland), GC32ZR7, 1.0, found on 2018-01-02 F: Fungi Tree - Hemi Matenga (Kapiti), GC6AJYM, 2.0, found on 2018-02-17 I: ISB.LAARTA (Wairarapa), GC4VK1E, 3.0, found on 2018-06-16 C: CHRISTMAS DELIGHT (LEVIN), GC3B4W8, 4.5, found on 2018-02-06 U: Upstream or Downstream?, GC7N1E9, 5.0, found on 2018-08-11 L: LB.CSATHFW (Wairarapa), GC4VK1F, 3.5, found on 2018-08-11 T: The Spelling Challenge #1: Geonick (Manawatu), GC5DBA2, 4.0, found on 2018-05-17


    Should look like this:

    Driving up to Auckland today gave me the opportunity to pick up a few caches along the way. I qualified for this one recently and so had wanted to come back and claim this cache and another nearby as these two are likely to be the last two I will qualify for from this series for a very long time.


    Once at GZ, it was a super quick find, sign, and replace before jumping back into the car and continuing on my journey north.


    TwigNZ has used Project-GC to see if they qualified for this challenge and they did.

    D: Don't get T'd off! (East Auckland), GC5PN3P, 1.5, found on 2017-12-02
    I: In Memory of waiiti20 (Upper Hutt), GC700QE, 2.5, found on 2018-02-25
    F: Farming Tanks (Auckland), GC32ZR7, 1.0, found on 2018-01-02
    F: Fungi Tree - Hemi Matenga (Kapiti), GC6AJYM, 2.0, found on 2018-02-17
    I: ISB.LAARTA (Wairarapa), GC4VK1E, 3.0, found on 2018-06-16
    C: CHRISTMAS DELIGHT (LEVIN), GC3B4W8, 4.5, found on 2018-02-06
    U: Upstream or Downstream?, GC7N1E9, 5.0, found on 2018-08-11
    L: LB.CSATHFW (Wairarapa), GC4VK1F, 3.5, found on 2018-08-11
    T: The Spelling Challenge #1: Geonick (Manawatu), GC5DBA2, 4.0, found on 2018-05-17

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  8. Existing animated GIFs on my other caches are working fine, but if I upload a new one to a cache description, all I get is the first frame. As an example check out the image below, which is stored on GC's image server at s3.amazonaws.com and should be animating. I have tried appending "_l" to the file name, that didn't work either. It appears that the full GIF is not stored on the image server.


    How do I get animated GIFs working again? Or is there a fault with GC?


  9. Alas I can no longer upload images to the cache page during design phase. This is crtical for some puzzle caches and often used for numerous other cache types, especially events.

    Please add back in.

    Also, while designing the cache page the save and edit is way more important than the submit for review, especially if the cache is more than simple text. Please emphasize the save options at least as much as the review button.

    Lastly, tooltips (alternate text) on the attributes please!

    However in general I love the the new cache design page. Having way points and attributes and on;ly one description field is wonderful. Many thanks!

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  10. GC78ZW1 was published at about 00:15 26 July 2017 New Zealand time (+12 UTC) (7 hours ago as I post this)  however it was not til 5 hours later that that the API was able to deliver the data to geocaching applications such as Groundspeak's own geocaching app. Even the geocaching.com website map did not show the cache until about 4 hours later. I was able to retrieve the cache details via the cache owners profile, although I think search would have still worked.

    Possible fault in the API or in the database updates/replication?

  11. We don't see ideas like this easier for COs to manage their maintenance, but view it as a good idea for those who tend to not notice otherwise. :)


    It is easier because it is highlighted on the main profile page (for those of us who check our main profile page!) The other alternatives are start creating a new cache - I only do that when I want to create a new cache, or list my hides and scroll through the hard way to find those that need maintenance. Geocaching should be encouraging maintenance, and an obvious way to do that is to make it VERY easy to find those hides that need maintenance.

  12. My understanding is that the Seagnoid is talking about logs to unpublished caches, presumably logs by Geocaching.com Friends to their own unpublished cache; a Reviewer note or Write Note would be my expectation.


    Harry Dolphin is talking about finds on retracted caches.


    Correct - I am talking about caches that have yet to be published. So for example, a posted coordinates log, generated when the cache is sent to the reviewer, will show up here.

  13. This is not exactly a bug but does need to be treated like one. The Profile > Community view shows all logs generated from friends, including logs on unpublished caches. Although we cannot see the log details, we can see the unpublished cache's name, and that in some cases will be enough to find the cache before it has been published.


    Please change the community view to only show logs from friends on published caches.

  14. I would like to make it easier to manage the maintenance of my caches. At the moment, beyond the original Needs Maintenance log email, it is difficult to know that any caches needs maintenance, with specifically hunting for them.


    I propose that the Geocaches section of the Profile page be amended to include caches that need maintenance. Something like:


    Recently viewed




    Unpublished hides (4) (in bold font)

    Needs maintenance (6) (in bold font)


    Like the Unpublished hides, the line would disappear if there are no entries.

    Not only would this make it easier for cache owners to manage their maintenance, it would subtly encourage then to do so, and thus provide a better experience for cache finders.

  15. I am one of the OSM contributors and when out caching, I usually collect data for OSM (tracks, paths, other objects). Later I put them into the Openstretmap and they're nearly immediately rendered in OSM Mapnik. But even months after that I don't see any changes in the MapQuest maps.


    They must have been really cheap...


    I too update OSM. That's how I know that OSM will update their maps in under a day.

    However I notice that the layer that GC use misses a number of features (like vegetation). They probably chose this layer intentionally for that reason. Makes the maps render faster. I suspect they get their maps from a third party who now only update 6-monthly or so.

  16. MapQuest OSM is now taking forever to update. Literally.



    And it doesn't look hopeful.



    Hey Groundspeak, do you have a backup plan to replace MapQuest OSM if the tiles become desperately out-of-date, or even unavailable? Please don't go back to Google. All the trails are on OSM, and Thunderforest renders OSM really well.


    The OSM maps used by GC are being updated, but it seems to be a very long time between updates, perhaps six months. To get an up-to-date version (updated within 1/2 hour to a day), click the layers icon in the top right corner of the map, then select OpenStreetMap default. Much better!

  17. Yup, I was looking at the default layer, "MapQuest OSM" which still has some of the tracks missing. "OpenStreetMap Default" has the missing tracks included so I guess you are right, A-Team, it is just slow to update. Thanks for the help.



  18. There is a bug somewhere, although I am not sure that it lies with Groundspeak's ability to fix - updates within OpenStreetMap used to replicate into Geocaching's Leaflet maps within a few days, but some changes made over two weeks ago still have not appeared. The maps are still there, so it is obviously working off cached data, but not being refreshed.

    For a test example, look at GC60KKZ - it lies on a track, this information is in OpenStreetMap and shows on my cellphone in the geocaching app in my phone, but is not showing on the website.

    Some of the tracks in the test area do show - they were added into OpenStreetMap two weeks earlier, and came into Geocaching's map two days after that.


    Geocaching bug? Leaflet bug?




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