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  1. I have noticed that EVERY time that Groundspeak releases a new product, there are timezone errors. This is not surprising as a) handling timezones correctly is a non-trivial thing and b) hard to test - the developers in Seattle see their times coming through correctly. In fact, there is still a timezone problem outstanding - see There are two parts to a solutions for this. First Groundspeak needs a standard library of code for producing display dates, that show the found date for the country that the cache is in (not for the country of the cache finder!). Obviously there would be a number of these code snippets - one for SQL, one in the web language (eg java or whatever it is you use) - or maybe just the SQL one is all you need. This library obviously already exists, although maybe it has not been pulled out to a standalone function, as most of the site processes timezones correctly. But let's face it - having chosen the wrong date handling code in error is hard to pick up when the testing is in the same timezone as the development. Which leads to the second part of the solution. Partner with a tester in a problem timezone. Best would be a someone in New Zealand or Australia. I am happy to offer my services as a tester (for free) - I live in New Zealand, where the time is UTC +12 or UTC+13. Alternatively I can point you to some excellent web developers who are also geocaching mad. While I am not employed as a developer I have written a number of small applications and utililties, lately especially for challenge checkers for Project-GC. Not that you need anyone who knows how to code as a tester, but it help to have someone familiar with concepts, etc. I hope you take up my offer. regards, Tom
  2. I have notice that there are still time zone errors with lab cache dates in the leader board - some of my lab caches finds (depending on the time that I found them) are showing up on the wrong date. Note that I am in New Zealand - UTC+12 or UTC+13.
  3. The version of OS is thus not relevant as the code is obviously not attempting to use current time as might be reported by my system (given that it is using a date in the future). I used the latest version of Brave browser, but that is obviously not relevant either, for the same reason.
  4. I logged this through the web site from a PC. Cheers
  5. Or maybe a better option is to have a filter setting save option for default load at application startup. Note that this should not automatically save the current filter!
  6. With the latest release of the Adventure Lab app (App version 1.3.21 build 2679 on Android) there is a disconnect between the filters and the profile setting Hide completed. If Hide completed is on then when starting the app the filter option Completed status Completed is off and completed adventures correctly do not show. Ticking filter status Completed correctly shows the completed adventures, and turns off the setting Hide completed. If you then unticking filter status Completed (so that now all filter settings are unticked) the map shows both completed and uncompleted adventures. So ticking or unticking the Completed filter both show completed adventures. The solution is to keep the profile setting Hide completed, and have this stored as a separate parameter from the filter option. The default filter option should be tick all and this should be loaded at application startup. The profile setting is then copied to the filter setting. As some filter options are now unticked, the filter icon on the map screen would show that filters have been selected. Alternatively, if you want the filters to show a filter out rather than a filter in, then the default filter is all unticked, and the Profile option is inverted and copied to the filters, thus ticking it.
  7. If I click my avatar > View Profile > Geocaches > Caches found > click any cache type then instead of a list of the caches I have found I get the attached image showing zero results. If I then deselect Found by me, leaving Found by the Seagnoid in place then the list of caches appears. Oddly the fault does not appear for TwigNZ. May be related to Winnie51's problem:
  8. In New Zealand, today is 22 Feb 2022. In Seattle, at the time I was awarded the Deuces Wild souvenir, it was 21 Feb 2022. Except the date on my souvenir is 23 Feb!! Did someone get the time zone math wrong and add a day instead of subtract a day? Incidentally, the NZ Mega 2020, GC87777, was held on and attended logged on 22 January, not the 23rd as it shows in the souvenir. See attached image.
  9. When editing a cache and clicking Save And Exit we now get the warning that changes may not have saved. Changes are actually saved, so its not a big problem, just annoyingly misleading. (Microsoft edge, Brave, probably others)
  10. I have a puzzle cache with a number of waypoints, GC3XWHY. A change at one of the waypoint locations requires me to make a change to the waypoint, but when I click Edit Cache or Add/Edit Waypoints no waypoints are listed. Clicking on Add Waypoint on the cache edit screen has no effect at all. (Microsoft Edge)
  11. "Rule" is exactly the word I meant to use. Logging ones own geocaches was frowned on so much that Groundspeak modified the API and website to prevent it. By specifically disallowing own logs they effectively made it a rule. I'm just surprised that they did not follow their own policy.
  12. Another area for improvement - please have the AL log emailed to the AL owner, same as happens with other geocaches.
  13. A standard geocaching rule implemented many years ago is that cache owners are not able to log finds on their own caches. The website and API were modified to enforce this . The Adventure Lab application allows lab cache owners to log finds on their own lab caches. Could we please get this fixed (and perhaps delete all those self logged logs as the adventure lab app came out well after the rule was introduced)
  14. A lab cache is a single find, an adventure lab is a set of five (sometimes more) lab caches. Lab caches have always been counted in statistics.
  15. Also the unpublished hides page - https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/unpublished
  16. Also Unpublished hides - I have a cache ready to submit and now I can't! https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/unpublished
  17. As Viajero Perdido says, it is obvious that pocket queries are working fine for the vast majority of people. Try a pocket query from a computer you have never used before. If that works then the problem is likely to be bad cookies. Delete them all and try again.
  18. At first I thought this was a bug in the Adventure Lab mobile application, but it looks like it is a website processing fault. For countries that are a long timezone away from Seattle, the date a lab cache is posted in Geocaching.com varies. Note that I live in New Zealand, 20 hours ahead of Seattle. I logged a lab cache approximately 8:30pm, New Zealand time, just after midnight of the same day, Seattle time. The date is correctly recorded in My profile > Geocaches > geocache finds > Lab caches, however the date here is not the date used to post the find into the general geocaching statistics. I am running a streak at the moment and and the streak was not updated after logging the adventure lab. Luckily I had found another cache so that my streak continues. Please correct the dates that adventure labs are logged into geocaching statistics to ensure that it uses the date on the mobile device.
  19. Why disable it if it is still findable and logable? Obviously if the maintenance needed is so extreme that the cache should be disabled then disable it.
  20. I logged an adventure lab in New Zealand at 4pm on 21 August New Zealand local time (equal to 9pm 20 August Seattle time), however looking at the activity report it shows my log at 22 August! A date that will not occur anywhere on the planet for at least another 8 hours. Please use the date on the local device for logging the activity reports, and confirm it carries the correct local time through to geocaching statistics. (Project-GC, for instance can also be a day out, I assume the dates it collects from Groundspeak are because lab cache finds are in Seattle time and not local time).
  21. Minor bug: Clicking on the detail (caches needing maintenance, caches disabled, etc) presents a number of pages of data equal to the number of caches in the listing. For example, if I have three caches needing maintenance, then clicking the Needs Maintenance button gives me three pages of detail. page one lists the three caches that need the maintenance, pages 2 and 3 are empty. Looks like the wrong variable got used for establishing number of pages needed! Corrections - an apparently unlimited number of pages!
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