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  1. Come on guys - the cache owner dashboard was an great tool for finding my caches that need maintenance. When are you going to fix it?

    Tomorrow would be good.

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  2. Some of these bugs have been outstanding for years, and have been commented on in the forums numerous times.


    Trackable ID error page does not help: Go Play > Trackables > enter an incorrect tracking id (the code on the trackable itself). This takes you to Geocaching > Trackable Items > Trackable Item Search, with the incorrect tracking id entered in the "By keyword" field. However entering a correct tracking ID in this field takes us to the same page. Either this page should not be used for incorrect tracking IDs, or the by keyword field should resolve tracking IDs.


    Incorrect dates in souvenirs, lab finds - the date math is wrong and often (usually?) uses a date one day in the future. Eg, I find a cache on 1 January and I get the New Year's souvenir dated 2 January. Lab caches are also a day out as seen in their journals. At the time, the 2nd January has not appeared anywhere on the planet. Geocache date finds are calculated correctly, please use that date math (in fact, please use that date code) for souvenirs and lab finds. This may be time of day related, as some people report the dates correctly. This is a big one guys!!


    Adlabs do not email the log (journal) to the CO. Why was this ever made into a thing???


    Adlabs allow the CO to self log their own caches - a geocaching rule was implemented for non-labs caches preventing this around about 2016 (that's just a guess). This principle got missed on lab caches (and I would submit that self logged lab finds - and there are some - should summarily be deleted given that the code denying self logged caches was introduced long before lab caches were introduced. But then I am very black-and-white.)


    Total cache find count for each friend in the View Friends page is incorrect. One whole cache type (lab caches) is missing from from the count.


    There are probably more. Please feel free to add to this list.

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  3. Does any know why-oh-why GC strips transparency off png and gif image formats?


    Does anyone know a way I can get an image with transparent regions on a cache page (eg an html method to make white pixels of an image transparent)?


  4. Jeepers Groundspeak - what is with your date processing? An Ad lab was released yesterday, was found today, and the lab page says the review log was posted... tomorrow!!! I am in new Zealand, there is currently nowhere on the planet that is tomorrow, so Groundspeak must have some really weird date math.


    Why not use the date math from the geocache find code? That code works perfectly.

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  5. On 10/25/2022 at 12:58 PM, worrellsquirrel said:

    Thank you for reporting this issue. I have made our engineers aware so they can begin looking for a solution.


    Wow is this all it takes? I have about a hundred bugs (okay, not really - probably about 30 or 40) that have been ignored for ages - although all were reported here. Would be nice to see them all fixed. Maybe I should collate them to a single document...

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  6. On 1/29/2022 at 9:46 AM, 2Abendsegler said:

    There are some bugs that haven't been corrected for weeks. Instead of correcting these bugs, the developers deal with something unnecessary like this. Sorry, but I really don't understand that.

    There are bugs that haven't been corrected for years.

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  7. On 10/12/2021 at 2:01 PM, Moun10Bike said:

    There is currently a test underway investigating different restriction levels in the apps. It appears that some of the people in your workshop are in different cohorts of the test. The EarthCache with high D/T ratings (GC3BPP5) should not be accessible to any of them, though (unless they were looking at things this weekend, when all ECs were made available to all users).


    There is no workaround for this short of waiting out the test, which should be complete within 2 weeks.

    Seriously? Groundspeak are testing new features in live? What happened to your test environment?

  8. Sometimes in the Geocaching App I get little blue dots in the menu strip at the bottom of the screen. The blue dot on the Profile icon is usually a new souvenir. But the blue dot on the Lists icon? It has been there for months now and I do not know what it is. I assume one of my lists has changed - but which one?


    Could we please have the blue dot replicate to lower levels in the menu all the way to the specific item.




  9. Hi everyone - something that might help to identify the problem - on the website right click and in the context menu select "inspect". Have a look at the network, performance and memory tabs (The OP reports a memory leak, but it may be a network issue, as in slow file delivery)

  10. Groundspeak seem to have repeated their date library all over the place, and many of these libraries give different results. I am going to be generous and say this was intentional, but I can't for the life of me think why.


    So for reference, I am in New Zealand, which is UTC +12 or +13. Yes, this is all about timezone handling.


    "Ordinary" geocaching... works perfectly.

    Souvenirs - often awarded in the future - I qualify for a souvenir today but the date that is attached to the souvenir is tomorrow's date.

    Labs in the leader board come in on the wrong date (can't remember if it is yesterday or tomorrow)

    I know there are others, but I can't remember them at the moment. If I find them again I'll add a note to this thread.


    For instance, I was awarded the GCHQ souvenir on the 21 August 2022. The qualifying find was on the 20th. Once Upon a Time 2022 on 2 January despite finding a cache on the 1 January


    Good programming practice would be to have one date library, probably stored in your SQL server. Okay, I can understand that might need to replicated, but that should be avoided like the plague, but where it must replicated but could you please at least use the same logic?


    For reference the date a cache (including lab cache) is found should be based on the timezone that the cache is located in (locationless caches might need special handling). Awards, such as souvenirs, should use the date of the qualifying cache, or at least use the most recent date in the finders stats, and certainly not tomorrow's date!


    Incidentally this is a common problem - in that every time Groundspeak release a new feature, time zone handling is incorrect, at least it is for those of us that live this close to the dateline. I  recommend that Groundspeak get a tester in New Zealand or Australia to test their timezone handling prior to new products being released. Or maybe set up a VM user client with UTC +13 for testing (and test for finds just before and just after midnight).



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  11. On 9/6/2022 at 9:02 PM, capoaira said:

    Yes, I agree! I'm always annoyed of this unnecessary zooming. 

    For logging I would also recommend you to use Drafts. But that don't solve the auto-zoom problem if new filters are set.

    I agree also, that if you adding new filters, you want them in that area and zoom-level you are and not all the 1000 first (for that I would use the search page and not the map).

    Another point: It is easier to zoom out than to zoom in, because the point you will zoom in is often coverd by caches. So IMO the UX would be better if there are no auto-zoom. 

    Drafts? two finger typing on a phone? No likely. I am sticking to my notebook, thanks.

  12. I am logging my caches at home after a geotrip, and I am using the website geocaching map to identify the correct caches to write up. I add a search filter (eg a word in the cache name) and the query returns caches across the whole world and the map zooms out to match. I just have to zoom back in again. I find this really annoying. Could we please limit the search for caches matching the filter criteria to just those within the search window or to a radius that approximates that (up to the limit that the search returns). In other words add the map centre and zoom level as a fixed component of the search filter. If I wanted all caches in the world, I would zoom out to all of the world first. But the majority of the time I am focused on one small area.


    Anyone else find this auto-zoom out feature annoying? Auto-zoom in is nice, but frankly, that can be dropped as well if required to fix the auto-zoom out problem.


    Please assume that the current centre and zoom level is what the user wanted and don't change it!

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  13. I have noticed that EVERY time that Groundspeak releases a new product, there are timezone errors. This is not surprising as a) handling timezones correctly is a non-trivial thing and b) hard to test - the developers in Seattle see their times coming through correctly. In fact, there is still a timezone problem outstanding - see 

    There are two parts to a solutions for this. First Groundspeak needs a standard library of code for producing display dates, that show the found date for the country that the cache is in (not for the country of the cache finder!). Obviously there would be a number of these code snippets - one for SQL, one in the web language (eg java or whatever it is you use) - or maybe just the SQL one is all you need. This library obviously already exists, although maybe it has not been pulled out to a standalone function, as most of the site processes timezones correctly. But let's face it - having chosen the wrong date handling code in error is hard to pick up when the testing is in the same timezone as the development.


    Which leads to the second part of the solution. Partner with a tester in a problem timezone. Best would be a someone in New Zealand or Australia. I am happy to offer my services as a tester (for free) - I live in New Zealand, where the time is UTC +12 or UTC+13. Alternatively I can point you to some excellent web developers who are also geocaching mad.


    While I am not employed as a developer I have written a number of small applications and utililties, lately especially for challenge checkers for Project-GC. Not that you need anyone who knows how to code as a tester, but it help to have someone familiar with concepts, etc.


    I hope you take up my offer.





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  14. I have notice that there are still time zone errors with lab cache dates in the leader board - some of my lab caches finds (depending on the time that I found them) are showing up on the wrong date. Note that I am in New Zealand - UTC+12 or UTC+13.

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  15. The version of OS is thus not relevant as the code is obviously not attempting to use current time as might be reported by my system (given that it is using a date in the future). I used the latest version of Brave browser, but that is obviously not relevant either, for the same reason.

  16. With the latest release of the Adventure Lab app (App version 1.3.21 build 2679 on Android) there is a disconnect between the filters and the profile setting Hide completed. If Hide completed is on then when starting the app the filter option Completed status Completed is off and completed adventures correctly do not show. Ticking filter status Completed correctly shows the completed adventures, and turns off the setting Hide completed. If you then unticking filter status Completed (so that now all filter settings are unticked) the map shows both completed and uncompleted adventures. So ticking or unticking the Completed filter both show completed adventures.


    The solution is to keep the profile setting Hide completed, and have this stored as a separate parameter from the filter option. The default filter option should be tick all and this should be loaded at application startup. The profile setting is then copied to the filter setting. As some filter options are now unticked, the filter icon on the map screen would show that filters have been selected.


    Alternatively, if you want the filters to show a filter out rather than a filter in, then the default filter is all unticked, and the Profile option is inverted and copied to the filters, thus ticking it.

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  17. If I click my avatar > View Profile > Geocaches > Caches found > click any cache type then instead of a list of the caches I have found I get the attached image showing zero results. If I then deselect Found by me, leaving Found by the Seagnoid in place then the list of caches appears.


    Oddly the fault does not appear for TwigNZ.


    May be related to Winnie51's problem:


    found traditionals.PNG

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