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  1. Very nice! I would like 2 please, I'll email you now.
  2. Do you have any left for sale?
  3. I sent you an email asking for 2 sets please. How exciting!!!
  4. Ohhh we can hardly wait! We'll take 2 sets please!
  5. Woo, I think I successfully got 2
  6. Hi I would love to buy two coins please.
  7. I can't get anyone to reply to me from there.
  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! EXCELLENT NEWS FOLKS (and thanks to you who did try and contact this guy in my behalf) The guy placed my geo bug in a cache! He almost had it for a full year too. lol I'm so happy! Thank you Badtz for finally releasing my PSB TB.
  9. Well, I finally got a reply for the guy who has my bug, and he admitted he had it and was sorry for holding on to it so long and promised he would drop it off that weekend, that was 1-2 months ago (sigh) and now he has stopped replying to my emails. My poor little TB. ( (and I am happy to report I got the Travel Bug transferred over to me - yaaaaaaaay). Now if I could just get the guy to let it go! Next month it will be a year that he has had his hands on it.
  10. Thanks for your reply, we will try that as soon as we can and see what happens.
  11. Apparently, Waypoints can be uploaded to the unit, but when he tried to upload the map from that CD it says that the unit isn't there to upload it to.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a secret for loading the Mapsend Topo Canada CD onto the Magellan Explorist 600? We are having a wee bit of a problem doing so and wondering if there is a secret to doing it? Thanks!
  13. Thinking of purchasing one of these units, anyone else have one, are they good or bad? (for geo caching)
  14. Does anyone know this team of geo cachers? Badtz, JuJu, and sometimes z2e They have my Pet Shop Boys Travel Bug, I have messaged them numerous times to let me know the status, as the last time it was picked up (so the page says) was January 2005 - but I can see this team was active October 7, 2005. If you know these people please kindly ask them to message me or drop my bug off somewhere....... The Pet Shop Boys are going to talk about touring soon and I really need that bug active again. Oh and is there a way to swtich overship of the bug, since it is mine and my husband and I split, it is still under his name. Thanks Thanks! Mary previously known as ScubaWeeble from Team Happy Face But now proudly a member of Team Lotto.
  15. We love picking up the travel bugs and taking pictures with them, that is part of the fun of it!!!
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