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  1. once i figure this sport out the Premium functions will be worthwhile
  2. Google earth is also not available for those of us still on dialup.....I think GC should come up with an interactive map like Buxley's (like Buxley's was)
  3. My wife and I had a discussion last night about the appropriateness of having a sample of someones (mine) remains, in a small sealed container with a TB tag attached being placed in a cache to travel the world indefinately after my passing. I think it would be a fitting tribute whereas my wife just thinks it would wierd peopole out........discuss
  4. Yet another EOD man here.....Canadian Air Force last 21 years and still going. This is a great thread and I have enjoyed reading it for the past 30 minutes. I have served all over the world including germany for 4 great years. "God created EOD and the Devil stood to attention"
  5. some great ideas folks...thanks. got me going in the right direction anyways............$10 bill......funny, but not a bad idea
  6. We want to make our own cache in a very special spot to us. I've been reading about FTF prizes but need some ideas. be willing to spent up to $10......anyone????
  7. Thanks for the replies....I think I shall upgrade
  8. Hey All: brand new to geocaching and we're addicted!!!! I've been looking at GSAK and think I like it but loading caches in 1 at a time is very time consuming. Is there a downloadable file that gives all Nova Scotia caches or something along that line? thanks for any help The canning Clan
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