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  1. I once found myself on the wrong side of the road while caching, someone shoulda called 911 on me. Watching GPS instead of road. Now...as an avid cyclist (over 8000 km last season) I wholly agree with CC. Cyclists are a hazard due to ther pure nature. (smaller/slower) And the refusal to give right of way to faster larger vehicles (come on you know you do) Remember...he who is most defensive usually has the most to be defensive about
  2. hand made articles are fun too. My wife makes hand stitched jean coasters that are nice, we put sets of these in "the better" caches
  3. showing on Cdn sites as discontinued as well http://www.gpscity.ca/item-garmin-etrex-le...trexlegendc.htm
  4. I recommend "the old reliable" yellow Etrex. $100 brand new and gets you to the cache no probs. To put this in perspective, I also have a Legend C and love it but the Etrex is still going strong and still caching strong. Ebay has really cheap PC cables for it too
  5. maybe you could enlighten me cause I can't find it either Thanks
  6. If you are running XP, the image resizer on Microsloth site is excellennt..just right click on photo badda bing
  7. keep in mind too that a fence line doesn't necessarily delineate the property line. They are usually inside the property line
  8. whole point of caching for me...can't believe what we've found in our own area after living here for 12 years...what a great sport!!! Go back and place a cache there...
  9. curious .....you drop them in "electronically" then retrieve??? I have a set of un activated tags, sounds like a great idea
  10. My 8yr old and I love to go at night...we learned that looking up is the last thing you tend to do at night.....right before finding the cache
  11. I'll chime in with the Uni-Ball Power Tank...we use these exclusively at work and at home. They are a cheap alternative to the space pen but have the same abilities. I've used mine outdoors down to -30 with no problems.
  12. My other Geokid thanks for the help Blue....think I gott'er aced
  13. I tried and my photo won't come up so here's a link http://img.Groundspeak.com/track/56aa863a-...3ac06b8a40f.jpg
  14. Wow...wish there were some exciting caches around here!! Snoogans...you can't please everyone but concensus seems to be that these are viable caches, so I would leave'em be. Sure wish I could come down and hunt them there ones out....SQUEEL LIKE A PIG BOY!!!!!!!
  15. Dogs for the most part are not really capable of reasoning so yes I'm sure visual cues could or would affect them (I have no experience with dogs). To answer your first question...yes, location and item description are all part and parcel with risk assessment and final handling of any situation. I cannot really go any further as each case is always different. It's too bad this thread got off on a tangent, I may be partly responsible for that. I think a healthy discussion on possible means to avoid this in the future is needed. can we have that here??? Doubtful. I'm sure I'll get flamed for that so.....fill your boots
  16. Yup....I'll place a cache down the road with this as a starting point with clues to the cache. I was just on the Waymarking site for an hour and find it very difficult to navigate let alone list a waymark. gave up Thanks for the replies folks
  17. Hmmmmmmm...there's a really beautiful rock beach just down the road. I could place a physical cache there, even a large one. Still makes it all about the cache instead of the monument though
  18. being new to caching ..can someone explain why virtuals were banned? What a great way to bring people to history. If Waymarking had a hold here I would list it there but it doesn't so would be a waste of a fantastic site. I'll think about a micro but really don't want to, I think it would take away from the reason for being there. Thanks for the replies, sure would like a way to do it without a physical cache
  19. I want to make a sorta virtual cache but I know they are not allowed. The problem is I don't want to spoil the site with a physical cache. The spot is a monument from 1755 having to do with the Acadians of Nova Scotia. The finder would have to find the site and then do research and tell me who unveiled the monument and when. This would give them right to log a find. Do you think this would be approved as it stands or is it a virtual? From my interpretation of the guidelines the research is the kicker that makes it a mystery type cache. Any hints other than placing a micro? Here's a pic of the monument
  20. I use metres but like Stormcloud, I grew up in the standard era so luckily I'm capable of both. I still use feet and inches for small increment measuring but metres for everything else. Funny no one has said the famous "metric is more accurate" recently had a heated debate about that exact statement. Accuracy is in the person measuring, not the units of measurement. Anyone now why the USA did not continue with metric after it being instituted 100+ years ago?? Just curious
  21. I would forget about the locks myself and maybe consider a few traditionals along the route. Not too many people willing to hike 141 miles for a smiley I don't think. A few traditionals along the route would go further in promoting the trail than one multi that requires a 141 mile hike. I'd love to have the time to be able to go on a 10 day hike, I envy you
  22. I still remember hanging out the car windows watching for the "X" (pre seatbelts) he/she who spotted it first would get a nickle. Oh the memories this one will bring back. I think I'll dust off the climbing gear and actually scale the rock to the crack........just to see....you never know
  23. I like this thread, have read the whole thing. I went for a cache yesterday with my 8 yr old daughter. It was a 3km hike and she didn't shut up the entire time. She talked to me about everything under the sun. Caching gives me an opportunity to talk "with" my kids instead of "at" them. Seems to be rare these days. We don't even own a video game system. Nice fishing trip Marko, must have your bag limit by now
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