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  1. just an update;

    We contacted the member that placed the bug in the cache with a friendly request for help, we got a reply quickly and just received an email that he had hiked out to the cache to retrieve the bug but couldn't find the cache. he'll be going again.

    They are also in contact with the cache owner (gave the coords for the final cache)

    We are very grateful and excited that our bug could be moving again. Glad to see there are these kind of folks left in our crazy world.


    Thanks all here for the encouraging posts. What a great community

  2. Could just mark a couple of DNF's on it, being very sly about it, then IF the c/o posts a note that they will check on it...post a note asking him to grab the TB and move it along. :) Be Creative!!

    Being the skeptical person that I am.... I would probably guess that repetitive DNF logs by the same person would mean that they couldn't find it. Nothing more and little less. <_<


    Completely true!! But, the c/o will prolly go and check on it after a couple of DNF's no matter who it's from. I know I do w my caches. :) Also, I'd space those DNF's out a few weeks apart. ;) just sayin'


    WOW! What an incredible abuse of the system! You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting this.

    To OP: A year and a quarter (a lot less that 'almost two years') is a long time, but it does not sound like an easy cache, and mystery caches are hunted far less often than traditionals. One, or maybe two, requests to the CO is as far as you should go. It does not help to annoy him/her. Yes, it is sad, but it is not uncommon. (Speaking of which, I have a TB that's been on a mountaintop in the Adirondacks for a couple of years. I should check on it...)


    12 May 2009 is when the bug was placed, by my math thats 23 months thats close enough to call it 2 years


    anyway....got a very encouraging email from the folks who placed the bug there. They are determined to help it on its way and know the cache owner. What great folks from the sound of the email.

    Sounds like the Time traveller will be travelling again, at least once the area opens again


    thanks for all your comments folks

  3. A stranded bug does not constitute a Needs Maintenance for a cache. The owner is not responsible for making sure anyone's bug doesn't sit too long, regardless of how long that is.


    He might not be responsible but for general good will, it wouldn't kill him to go check his cache and free this jailed bug in the process. Kinda like the right thing to do. YMMV though.


    I hear ya, but to put a NM flag on a cache (yes they do show up when listing a cache or running a PQ) could suggest to seekers that the cache itself is in question, which could then possibly keep people from making an attempt. I wouldn't use cache attributes for a TB issue.


    It's okay to ask an owner try to retrieve a bug, but to demand? I don't think so.


    no one has demanded anything

    I have sent several emails to the cache owner to no avail, not even a reply. Too bad, my daughter has now given up. Me too I guess

  4. Hi all....

    My daughter is quite distraught over the state of her travel bug (TBN7T2)that was placed in a seldom accessible cache almost 2 years ago and has sat there since. (GC209V9)

    I have contacted the cache owner many times over the past 2 years to no avail. No replies ever. The cache owner is active on GC

    This cache hasn't been found since Dec 2009 by anyone and seems to be the death of our bug.

    I am out of options as the cache owner will not reply to my emails

    any advise aside from considering this bug dead?

  5. my daughters bug was placed in a cache in Dec that is closed from end Dec to end August. Why anyone would even place it there is beyond me. Especially an experienced cacher with over 1000 finds. I also don't know how a cache can be allowed when only open 4 months of the year


    One of the best TB times I have ever had was watching a guy take my TB and "dip" it into caches all over the Middle East. Instead of just dropping it some place it visited many caches and I could track where it was going and had been.


    this is a perfect example where dipping can be a good thing. That poor bug may have stayed there for months had the cacher left it in a seldom found cache. One of my own bugs stayed in a cache for 8 months waiting for someone to go the lengh to find a difficult cache. I would have much rather seen it dipped instead of left to rot

  7. Hello all, I've been away from Geocaching for a couple years and went out again yesterday. Was good to get back at it.

    Is it me or has there been an incredible rise in "no reason to be there" caches over the last couple years?

    I'm all for caching events buts is it really necessary to throw out 100 caches just for the sake of putting them out there? The side of the road just isn't why I Geocache. Where'd the imagination go?

    I'm just curious whether others have experienced this as well.

    safe caching all

  8. I am still havng no luck...I am entering a query for caches from my home coords. I have tried leaving eveything blank except coords and I'vr tried checking off stuff lke "I have not found" etc. My queries all come back "no results"

    I've also tried from postal codes too and same result, getting frustrated

  9. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we all lower our heads in silent thought of those who sacrificed so that we may live.

    Currently in Canada there are only 3 remaining veterans of the 1st world war. The remaining veterans are Percy Wilson, 105, and Lloyd Clemett and John Babcock, both 106.

    They and those before or after them will never be forgotten.


    I really applaud those that have kept this thread alive

    I have already posted previously but here I am again.

    CDN Forces 22 years and still going

    EOD/IEDD Instructor

    AVN Technician

  10. just hope they don't do a return trip to damage the cahce again... but then that's up to the owner to think about. you did the right thing.

    these kids aren't exactly mensa material.and in a few years they'll be allowed to vote!!!

    From behind bars too!!!!

  11. I'll never go back to regular peddals either...I use the same Ritchie pedals and a Specialized MTB shoe...it has some give but enough hardness not to soak up all my energy..


    BTW being physically attached to your pedals allows you to power both up and down. Half the energy is expended as without. 2 riders of equal caliber..the clipped in rider will outlast the nonclipped every time. also will be faster

  12. Hi...just want the general feeling...

    Is it OK for someone to put TBs into difficult puzzle caches where they will inevitably stay for long periods? I personally don't think so, kind of counter productive to the whole TB idea.

    thanks for input

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