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  1. I didnt and dont care how the piece was created. My main perspective was it needed to figurative not literal.
  2. This doesn't surprise me. Reinforces why I left Waymarking. My post wasnt that disrespectful and not directed at anyone. Any bets if this one gets deleted or not?
  3. what a crock! ironically all but two of my waymarks from that category have been archived. Most likely by outspoken one. I quit Waymarking years ago because of the nonesense of people hijacking groups.
  4. I was pointed to this thread by a friend and I am not sure what email or wayamrk you are referring too. Can you give me a specific waymark please. I went through today and do not see any by you. As far as I know everything has been reviewed, or there is a glitch. I also have not seen any email from you.
  5. Just a general thought about this... If we dont start thinking twice about our placements and what non cachers think about them we are going to continue to lose our sport. We have lost wilderness We have lost parks in several states We have lost anywhere close to a school We have lost anything managed by the national park service We have lost Indian lands. We have lost bridges Have we now lost highway shoulders in Nevada? What else have we lost? What else will lose? Just sayin' Now my opinion. Some power trails are ok. But placing caches every tenth of a mile alone a busy highway is ridiculous, careless and dangerous. We have one here in Utah along the West side of Utah lake. This is on a very narrow two lane highway with no shoulder to pull off on. Cars travel at well over the posted speed limit of 65. The series is very careless and very dangerous. Someone is going to get killed! The only other option is to drive along a farm road on private property and risk your life crossing the road for the caches on the west side of the road. Either option is not cool at all.
  6. Here lets go this route. If you support it please cast a vote or three. http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75775-geocaching-com/suggestions/1529889-easier-management-of-ignore-list?utm_campaign=ShortUrls&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=feedback.geocaching.com
  7. Yes I do the same in GSAK. However there is no way to incorporate my GSAK filters with my ignore list on geocaching.com I use my phone and either geoccahinglive or geoccahe navigator with live data from Groundspeak to cache often. Unfortunately this takes GSAK out of the picture unless i want to spends hours pocket queries, loading them into GSAK and sending GPX files to my phone. I am one of these crazy people that would like to be able to just pull my phone out of my pocket on a whim and be able to pull up the caches in an area and go caching. These phone aps with live data are nice but the downside is they show everything, including the caches I would otherwise filter out with GSAK.
  8. My original question was not about blocking a specific user. It was if there was an easy way to add multiple caches to the ignore list. It would be nice to add some more features to the search options, then be able to select all, or select the caches you want added to ignore list and be able to easily do it. A button that said "add these caches to my ignore list" would be sweet, especially if there was more search options. The issue at hand is that having to open each cache page, then click on ignore listing, then confirm it, then repeat one at a time over and over is very time consuming and it forces you to see the things that frustrate you over and over and over again, this just adds to negative thoughts.
  9. No, many forum regulars advocate that - usually in response to "I hate micros / nanos / power trails / puzzles / urban hides / LPCs". I don't recall Groundspeak ever officially commenting on this. I could be wrong though - if so, a link would be appreciated. To each there own, but I do think that there would be less of those comments if we were not forced to see those caches in our searches and pocket queries. Having to visit each of those cache pages one by one to add them to our ignore lists also doesn't help. I would just like to hide them from my searches and pocket queries and be able to forget about them. Then we can all be happy and mind our own business. I don't care if people hide them, I just don't want to wade through them to plan my caching activities.
  10. I dont see how this is promoting negativity? Groundspeak often promotes that if you dont like a style of cache then you dont have to find it. Let them hide them all they want, but why do we have to be forced to filter through hundreds of junk caches to find ones we prefer? Surely there is a way. Anyone anyone?
  11. Is there a way to easily add caches to your ignore list in bulk rather tahn one at a time? I would like to be able to add caches by specific hiders and all micro caches in the state. Is there an easy way to do this? Or another possibility is for a filter in geoccahing live. Currently geocaching live only allows you to filter out finds. But all chaces on yoru ignore list are not shown. When caching int he field it would be nice to not have to filted through all the junk caches to find ones I would like to look for.
  12. I am with the group that does think one out of every ten caches should be a favorite. I would like to give more pooints to certain caches. If we only want to make one out of every 100 cahces our favorites why cant we give that cache 10 points? I also dont see how this helps people pick higher quality caches to search for. My favorite caches are ones that seldome get found, so even if everyone that found it gave it one favorite point the stupid micro under that lampskirt that 200 people have found will still end up with a higher favorite rating.
  13. Mine wont run. And yes its been more than 7 days. I last ran it back in early December. tried several times over the last several days from different computer and networks, no dice the page refreshes when i click add to queue but never runs it
  14. Yes the BSA event is just one day. They have a goal being able to pass a signal from Canada to Mexico or something like that. High pointers (aka Peak Baggers) have similair events too, but I am not up to speed on all that.
  15. Did everyone miss this part of my original post? "But if there was enough interest I think it might be fun to having a GeoCaching On Target date a different day than the BSA one." To clarify my thoughts a bit more what attempt to do is find a peak that no scouts will be on and hike to it for the event. What I think would even be cooler is if multiple events were organized on different peaks and we could signal to another group ("event") of geocachers and do it on a weekend other than the BSA weekend. I would prefer to get out and see the world than to eat pot luck at the local park. To me an "event" is an activity were geocachers get together and do something a bit different than they normally do. I thought it would be fun to get a group of cachers together and hike to a summit and signal some other peaks. It would be even cooler if multiple groups got together on different summits and we signaled each other.... The events I enjoy the most are events such as launching rockets, caving, weekend backpacking trips, weekend camping trips, attending a local demolition derby, etc.. what do any of those have to do with geocaching???? They are an excuse for geocachers to get together and do an activity. I still don't see the difference between doing an On Target event and any of the other events I mentioned.
  16. I am thinking of organizing a Geocaching event for On Target this year and hoping for some input. The annual date for it is the 3rd Saturday in July. But if there was enough interest I think it might be fun to having a GeoCaching On Target date a different day that the BSA one. What are peoples thought on this? Who would be interested in hosting or attending one and what summit would be of interest to you?
  17. You guys are all awesome! Now that you mention it, it is very annoying isn't it?? I think I will add a link instead... Much easier for a HTML illiterate person like me to do anyway, and much less annoying. Thanks for the "constructive criticism" it is appreciated. out of curiosity, is it against Groundspeak TOU to have a cache page play sound? One of you mentioned it is supposed to be stripped out.
  18. Have you ever noticed how some cache pages have audio that plays when you open the page? Waht does it take to do this? Where do you get the audio? Where does the audio need to be stored? Where do I learn the HTML tags for it?
  19. Can I add a worst location to the list? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b5-38ea15621521 The part that cracks me up is that Jeremy banned him from caching, then he rejoins as ad0or and has the gull to log the cache as a find... He now has well over 500 hides. You know every lamp skirt and sign post he has been past because it has a film canister or specimen tube stuck in it.
  20. I have one on my 60csx and, me likes :-)
  21. Sorry about the slow reply.. Here is what I did. I downloaded the .loc file of benchmarks I had found. Then when I opened the file in GSAK I had it flag the updated waypoints. Then I ran a filter based on ones that had a flag, and did a global replace to mark them all as found.
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