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  1. Ooops.......Sorry about taking your idea CacheHunter. I actually thought about this one for a while. I was planning on doing one coin at a time but I felt that most would prefer to get the set all at once rather than end up missing one somewhere along the line. This way everyone will get 3 coins with the same number. I'm writing down user names and requests and I'll send an e-mail out to those who want them However It might be a couple weeks before I'm ready to make them available. I'm still waiting patiently for my prowling panther coin to arrive as well as many others who have ordered the coin. I was told 4-6 weeks from the date ordered, and this week is the 6th week. I've been in touch with rusty and I'm waiting to get an exact shipping date. Hopefully I will hear something after the holiday.
  2. A 4 ounce envelope from U.S. to Austrailia is $5.25 Global priority mail using small flat rate envelope. Even if you used Large flat rate envelope or Variable weight Global Priority it's only $9.50
  3. I think he your cat qualifies.....lol
  4. E-mail was sent to coin mint requesting shipping date on the coins on 9/1. due to the holiday I'm guessing I won't here anything until tuesday. I'm told by Personal Geocoins that I should expect shippment any day. Everyones coins will be shipped out as soon as I receive them. Thanks for being patient
  5. This coin set will be trackable and numbered with it's own Icon. More info when I'm ready to offer them.
  6. These coins will not be up for pre-sale before my first coins are shipped out. I just wanted to post a preview of my new coin set I've been working on. As far as the panther coin goes.....I am expecting shippment this week. I probably won't have an exact shipping date till after the holiday. I'm as anxious as you are to get them
  7. I enjoyed doing my panther coin so much I decided to get an early start on my 2007 coins. There are only 150 of my panther coins being produced and I'm expecting arrival on those any day. I'm still getting lot's of requests for coins but unfortunatly they were sold out. I decided to come up with another coin for those who missed my panther coin, or anyone else who would be interested. This will be my personal coin for 2007 but it's gonna be a little early...lol. Pre sales will begin as soon as I receive my price quotes, so keep checking back here in the forums.
  8. I seen a Moun10bike v1 coin sell on e-bay for that several months ago.
  9. I've had 4 different Ideas for coins. 3 of them are in the making and the 4th is not far away. I do the graphics myself on the computer. 1. Schuylkill County Geocachers of PA (Did the artwork for this one. Design was thought up by Ranger216 and Myself. Coin has been made just recently. 2. Prowling Panther Geocoin (My Personal coin. Design and artwork by Yours truly) Still waiting for shippment of this coin. Should be Next week....fingers crossed 3. Ranger216's Train Set Geocoin (Ranger216's Personal coin) This coin is currenty in Pre-sale and the coins are ordered 4. Big Cat Series Geocoin (3 Coin Set) An Idea I came up with for a newer Personal coin that will be available soon. I finished the graphics on this set several days ago. I'm just waiting for a price quote and Die Art. You will see it posted for pre-sale here in the forums.
  10. I should be receiving the coins within the next 2 weeks. They are due around the first week of Sept.
  11. Sent you pm. The samples don't show the laser etched numbers but they will be on the coins. They are Numbered 001-150 and are also trackable
  12. The coins are already spoken for. There was a pre-sale but the coin sold out except for a what I'm keeping for caches.
  13. Rusty at Personal Geocoins sent me this photo of the coin samples. Coins should finished in about 4 weeks
  14. Awesome coin.........I would love to trade with you. My coins should be here in 5-6 weeks.
  15. Used Ulead Photo Impact for my coin. I also did the art for Schuylkill County, PA Geocachers coin.
  17. 2 Coins Left.........will be sold out today I still have 2 coins available and maybe a few more if some of the invoices don't get paid. So if you are interested in any coins drop me an e-mail with your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice. Thanks for your orders! There are about 10 coins that were invoiced but unpaid. These coins will be available as of Wed Morning if they are not paid for. If anyone is interested in any more coins let me know. I plan on ordering them Wed evening and expect shippment in 4-5 weeks
  18. 2 Coins Left.........will be sold out today I still have 2 coins available and maybe a few more if some of the invoices don't get paid. So if you are interested in any coins drop me an e-mail with your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice.
  19. 2 Coins Left.........will be sold out today
  20. Invoice Sent Thank you for your order. ONLY 5 MORE COINS AVAILABLE
  21. Yes you made it in time Invoice Sent. Thank you everyone for your orders ! THERE IS NOW ONLY 11 COINS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRE-ORDER.
  22. I love his v3 coin. That's the coin that gave me the idea of using a photo inlay on my personal coin. I guess they are just as hard to get as his v1 and v2. Heck, I would be happy to get hold of one of his wooden nickels or his pins....lol.
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