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  1. I know that ND can't come, but if you did it on the 11th I might be able to come, depending on the time. My mom (who also does Fimo stuff) has one of those pasta rollers; should I bring it?
  2. Yes, please hang on to them. Time Update! I forgot that we are having a going away party for Anthony from 1pm to 5pm on the 13th, so now I am thinking 7PM and dinner sounds better. I found out that Olaf is staying in Milpitas, so I thought maybe we could have it at the the Pizza Place where JoeSpaz has his Highway 84 Travelbug Hotel cache. --Marky Sounds good to me too! Is this going to be official or unofficial?
  3. The last time we had a mini event at Travel Bug Coffee Break. Oh okay. That's in Cupertino and I'd love to come!
  4. The Yahoo group? (I suppose I could walk back through the 80 pages of old messages on this thread and find more info, but I'm lazy and I bet others would like to know as well.) Steve and others: The Yahoogroup page can be found here. It hasn't been too active lately but maybe we could inject some life into it. And why haven't we formed a formal group yet? The idea was to make a Silicon Valley Geocahers organization of some kind (I'd imagine parallel to BADGES).
  5. A coffee place in Sunnyvale with TBs? Do tell! I thought I knew where all of these TB hotels were.
  6. Okay, ya'all, let's hear all the dirt from the BADGES party. I feel like I missed some major stuff. (But at least I stayed dry... Well sort of... Did have to run out for an evening cache!)
  7. Yes, that's a good one too, and it's likely to have more rooms available...
  8. Hi, the Vineland Branch Library community room that I mentioned is the interim location of the Almaden Community Center. I found out that the Vineland cost is $35/hour (yikes!) but if people are willing to pitch in to help cover the cost it might work out.
  9. You could try the Vineland Branch Library, but I'm not sure how much it costs. I might be able to wrangle something free (I know the library assistants there) but I can't promise anything.
  10. Are you trying to stir up trouble? I can't comment on that at this time. Nope, just asking. You made reference to a series of caches and I was just wondering if it was that series.
  11. Good post. I am definitely the pick and choose type. I know I have no hope of clearing the map around here (San Jose) so I do what I can to find the caches the kids and I can manage. I'm having fun with it!!
  12. Nurse Dave got to 1200 this weekend! And here I am slogging along trying to get to 700!
  13. Hey, we spent our honeymoon caching! (in SF) We spent the weekend in Oakland and Alameda caching. Rainy but fun.
  14. Are you talking about your brother? (If I'm not mistaken, Spaz is your bro, right?)
  15. Sheesh, almost 12 hours and no finds yet? What's wrong with you people?
  16. Check it out! The music is hilarious. Thanks to JamieZ for finding it. Edit: Fixed link.
  17. What is an Earthcache anyway? I'm a little hazy on the idea.
  18. Baby's body found in tree Isn't there a cache here? Yep, just found it, assuming this is the patch of land the article refers to.
  19. I am annoyed!!! I was willing to let it go for a while, but... I saw people writing down TB numbers at the CITO... That's not my style because, while I like to move bugs around, I could not care less how many I have grabbed, and I don't want to mess up the bugs' journeys. Several of the travel bugs I grabbed at WoW's on Saturday (and logged on the spot, with my Sidekick II), AND ACTUALLY TOOK WITH ME, have since been grabbed and dropped BACK into the CITO by people who had written down the bug numbers, leaving me to grab them back. Two of my own bugs were grabbed from the CITO by other people and then dropped genuinely into nearby caches, THEN grabbed by people who had written numbers down, leaving a mess to clean up involving grabbing them and then dropping them back to where they were supposed to be. This shouldn't have to happen. The least someone could do, if they just HAD to log bugs they didn't actually take... Is at least check first to see if someone else actually had them before trying to grab them. But these two people I'm talking about didn't even check, apparently. And here these people, out of greed, curiosity, or ???, have messed up these bugs' travels and caused inconvenience for others. I do not think this is right. It's annoyed me to the point where I am writing this post. Ordinarily I would not bitch about such a thing, but this just bugged (ha) me enough that I had to say something. There, I got it off my chest.
  20. Ergh... I need to remember to check who is logged in. Anyway, it is me selling this, and the email address is still geo@beckydavis.com. And the auction is still at this location but if you have any questions, let me know.
  21. It seems that concealing the Precious in the same region as Nazgul might not have been such a good plan.
  22. Having been interrupted during our feast with news of the ring's arrival, we made haste to its location, but alas, my band of weary travelers arrived too late. (We did like the nifty new signature item, though.)
  23. I may take you up on that. Maybe I'll let you know when I come over to Quiksilver to set it free - we can hook up and I can grab a TB from ya and you can kiss the Precious goodbye . If it ever stops raining.... We got 17 TB tags for wedding presents. Let me know if you want one and we can make arrangements.
  24. Hey! This could still be a good thread; the approver(s) just need to subscribe to it so they can keep track! No, it's okay, it hasn't been a very active thread anyway. It was a good idea that sort of outlived its usefulness (everyone got to vent and then they quieted down)...
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