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  1. DNF and find on this cache. Dead animals abound. And I'm not the only one who has seen them! Lots of garbage too. Yuck. Not a nice place for a cache.
  2. Bill: I met my goal! It's a paltry one, but when one caches with kids one can't be too picky! My goal was to get to 200 by Christmas and I met the goal quite a while before that. I'm at 230 now. I'm thinking of shooting for 500 by next Christmas but that may be too lofty of a goal!! Happy new year to all!
  3. So, just when is this topic going to be closed?
  4. I don't mean to be a pain in the butt, but according to the PDF order form: So we aren't able to find out where and when, but it's our responsibility to pick them up? What if I am out of town on the distribution date? I guess I'll need to order my coins to be shipped to me.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but how do I find out when/where the San Jose distribution site is? Couldn't find it on the CA geocoin site. Help?
  6. Hey everyone. Finally got around to looking at the new fora again. They sure are way better than the old fora!!! I haven't been in #geocache IRC channel in a long time because I've been trying to actually get work done at work. But I miss talking to people there. Perhaps I'll try to pop in tonight during or just after the official chat. And in other news, Nurse Dave will be down here almost-for-good in just 11 days. I can hardly contain myself. And in related news, we're going to Disneyland right before Christmas. Does anyone have any TBs they want me to take to the southland? I'd be happy to do so.
  7. When I was looking for this cache I left my PDA sitting right where I sat to sign the log, and discovered it a couple of hours later after I'd been at work for a while. I attempted to go back to get the PDA on my lunch hour, and after running out of gas, calling AAA, etc. I finally arrived there about 5 hours after leaving the PDA there and it was still there! Truly amazing. This was my brand new Palm m125, but luckily in a nice part of town! Becky
  8. That's it! I'm quitting. *archives all caches*
  9. Just developed the pictures from the first cache camera at Mum's the Word. I was able to figure out a few of the people, but if anyone can help me with the rest, I'd appreciate it. It's nice to be able to change the names now... ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  10. quote:Originally posted by Geo Ho (aka - Cache Wench): quote:umm.... What exactly does _WHAM! _ mean??? Kind of ambiguous, huh? Hmmmm . . . could mean one of _ many _ things . . . and does! quote:Free your mind and the rest will follow Need I say more?? Umm yes I think you do need to. Either you've got some sort of inside joke or we're all really dumb. Quite frankly I'm not sure which one it is which must mean we're really dumb. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  11. quote:Originally posted by Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears:- Once the weight of the goecoin exceeds the .37 stamp value, the postage fee is then based on where it is heading. The next flat rate the U.S. Postal service had is the $3.85 Express Mail rate for up to 1 lbs. (which is about 15 geocoins). The key for me is a FLAT rate. The biggest hesitation for me in spearheading this geocoin project was the huge logistical task of shipping this geocoin. When all the ordering is said & done, I could be looking at well over 100 or more orders to ship to individual people. The last thing I want to do is sit there and individually figure out the shipping cost for each order. Anyway, I am also giving the option to people to pick up their geocoin at a distribution site in virtually every major city in California. I am hoping and praying the most of the people placing orders will choose to pick their geocoins up. Also, check out the rate to purchase 4 USA geocoins. For just 4 geocoins, the shipping would be $4.99. I think this is where you are confusing us. The $3.85 is for PRIORITY MAIL not EXPRESS MAIL. Express is the one that costs over $10, as previously mentioned. Is there a distribution site in or around San Jose yet? I was assuming that Marky or GeoROCKS had stepped in here. If not, I (and Nurse Dave I bet, if he has moved here by the time the coins arrive) would be happy to help. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  12. I met my soulmate in the geocaching irc channel (irc.slashnet.org #geocache). Here we are at Mental Floss. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  13. quote:Originally posted by Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears:Well, Here it is, is the long awaited final California Geocoin design. Whoah! When did we vote? Did I miss something? It looks great but uh... It seems so fast! ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  14. quote:Originally posted by Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears: _**If you want the dirty low down on all this, you can ask me via email_**. I got the dirty lowdown already and, whoah, is it interesting. Thanks for sticking with this and pursuing it with Bryan at Groundspeak. quote:Even with these unforeseen design complications, I still think we are on track for a Christmas distribution. That means even if I have to drive north dress in Santa suite on Christmas Eve to Kealia's house to deliver his geocoins. Hey, can you drop some by my way on the way? I don't live too far from Kealia... Hehehe... ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  15. We have found some non-icky geomuggle cache logs... This one I found with Jay (of wwp) when I was showing him this cache, which I had already found (his log w/pics is here): (Marky and Joani later replaced the cache container.) We did have an icky log posted at a nearby cache, which you can read about here (look at the logs from June forward). I went and rehabbed the cache (here) for the owner because he was on an extended summer vacation trip cross-country... ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  16. Happy birthday, Connor! I have lots of great pics of my kids caching, but here are two... Creekside Trunk Cache (one of our early finds -- log here): Cache camera picture from La Luna (log here): ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  17. A few of you have asked "why put Eureka on the coin" and similar questions. I am not sure if you all are aware that "Eureka!" is the state motto. "Eureka!" means "I have found it!" and refers to the discovery of gold. It also ties in with geocaching which would make it an interesting thing to put on the coins. I personally am not crazy about those coordinates being put on the coin. I think a nice simple design would do nicely. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  18. quote:Originally posted by GeoROCKS!:Some logistics questions: once a design is chosen, how is fulfillment to be done? Someone pre-orders 1000 and ships them one by one? Is this a for-profit enterprise? If so, who gets the profits? Should we create a separate domain for advertising/selling these? Can we get these to track on the gc site, or do they charge a fee for that? What's the licensing arrangement with gc? Just so you understand my questioning, I might be willing to bankroll part of this. I could provide some of the intial capital, get a domain, host it on my servers and supply all the tracking programming, but I'd like to share in the proceeds to help cover my expenses, etc. (hey, I've been out of work for 15 months, so I'll try anything!) GeoROCKS: I think Nurse Dave (in Oregon) would be the perfect person to answer this question because I believe he participated in most of this process for their geocoins up there. He's at work right now but I'm sure he'll jump on this thread later... ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  19. I placed the first part of a multi in my front yard and it made a lot of people feel weird. I did state that it was done witih permission, but still... They felt weird. Eventually I eliminated the rest of the parts and made it a traditional cache. Oh well. YMMV. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  20. Will you people please stop it with the lists of cachers? The private topic has reached capacity -- 23 people. Stop. Thanks. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  21. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):A better asinine comment would be if the originator of a thread, let's say this one, posts http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=16060388 with full knowledge of who the piratecaching.com folks were. Just to clarify: You're saying, Jeremy, that Pantalaimon knows who the cache pirates are? ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  22. quote:Originally posted by Micqn:Hey becky wouldn't that last picture be a locationless cache? Aha, I was thinking a moving cache. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  23. quote:Originally posted by sept1c_tank:Start a private topic. Oh yeah, and please invite me! Invite me too!!! The discussion of this topic in #geocache abounds... ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  24. I don't have a canine caching companion myself, so I thought I would post the pics of some of the caching dogs around here... Zoe, caching dog of SF Bay Area geocacher Bykenut: And our famous Silicon Valley caching dog, marwagsalot (with her in the photo are Marky & Joani): Another photo of marwagsalot from my Madonna's Gadgets: and from my Pirate's Booty: Cache-hiding dog extrarodinaire TammieTheDog (note the microcache she's wearing): ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
  25. (crossposted) Hey all. I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts and words in regard to the drowning death of geocacher Manstone (Scott). I have passed them on to his longtime partner, Carol. I know this is short notice, but I wanted to let you all know that we are having a memorial service for him today at my mother's house in Los Gatos (my mom is one of Carol's best friends). It will be at 2:00. Here are the coordinates: N 37 14.347 W 121 56.85 All are welcome. ------------------------------------- Becky Davis Geocaching blog San Jose, CA
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