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  1. Family: Solanaceae Genus: Petunia Thank you for the cointest:-)
  2. I like the green spring Up & Down coin best, so I would like to hear if anyone have an ekstra for sale?
  3. Now I have ordered the two coins:-) Other suggestions are still welcome...thanks again^_^
  4. Thank you for the info, I wrote to him because I really wanted that coin, but sadly he sold it weeks ago. He just forgot to delete it from the list:-( Maybe I get lucky some other time:-)
  5. Thank you so much for the great suggestions:-D Now I just have to choose and that can be difficult;-) the Up & Down geocoin is funny and unique and the T5 climbing coin has the 5 stars... Thank you ice13-333 for offering. How much do you want for the three different coins? I live in Denmark so I need to find out what is cheapest incl. shipping. If you don't want to post the prices here, your welcome to sent me a PM or a mail to the email in my profile.
  6. Hi everyone I have been away from this forum for some time, but I'd missed being here with all of you and talk about all the lovely and fantastic coins. I have this friend who loves T5 caches, he climbes everything, with or without climbing gear. mountains, trees and he's very good at climbing in lampposts;-) He is completing he's education and he also has birthday next month and I would like to give him a coin. preferable 5 Star Terrain - Climbing but other T5 or climbing coins would be perfect. Does anyone has some ideas or something for sale? Thank you so much:-)
  7. I finally get to post! A great card and letter from Bonita (mysteriousrose's master!) The coin just ddin't seem to want to scan well, but it's a very beautiful "Golden Horns" geocoin...drneal was very impressed! Thank you laval K-9 for the mission...drneal has mailed my coin to it's owner...hopefully it will arrive soon! I'm so glad that it got to you without any problems and I'm happy that Myheine liked the card and coin:-D
  8. Wow great mystery coin. Congratulations to everyone who recieved it. I hope I get lucky one day....:-D
  9. This coin looks great! Level 0 here I come, time to work my way upwards to manybe someday find a coin like this. New agent from Denmark:-D Congratulations on the coin mlrs1996.
  10. I have not recieved my package yet...but there's still time:-)
  11. Congratulations on the package, I really like seeing what other people get. The snowman hanger is cool! :-D
  12. Beautiful front. Love the detail with the poinsettia. I can't wait to see the final design.
  13. wow this coin looks amazing:-) Congratulations to you boiler-todd. I too got my first mystery coin NO-L and I'm so happy:-D It was a wonderful surprise! Merry Christmas.
  14. e-mail sent: 11-2-11 name received: 11-26-11 card sent: 12-12-11 - I hope this can make it before Christmas. I had to wait for something. card received: 12-12-11 - Arrived yesterday! Thank you so much Shadow's Friend. Great Homemade card and three lovely coins. I post a picture soon:-)
  15. Great to hear something like this happens. It's good news:-)
  16. Great package:-) The coin in the picture, do you know if it's a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  17. I'm so happy and honoured to recieve this coin, thank you so much mystery sender I love it!! EDIT: Forgot to say that this is my first mystery coin. I'm so grateful that someone has gifted me this coin. Happy Christmas everyone.
  18. Wow I must say that this is a very adorable coin. Thank you for sharing:-)
  19. Cute picture and congratulations:-)
  20. I recieved my coin today too and I love it! It's really beautiful:-D I can't wait to take a photo with it.
  21. Congratulations! What a great coin, Love the NO L (NOEL) twist:-)
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