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  1. My dog is the only one I can convince to go caching with me so far...
  2. I just started geocaching and I already want to find a good hiding place. I also want some cool things in my cache, so Im learning about making coins, and I think I might want to make a small pin, like a geo coin, only something someone can pin on their backpack or tote to show off
  3. I was recently up in Yuba Gap, camping at snowflower, and finding my first geocache. I purchased a little pin at the store there to remember my trip by. Today I put it on my backpack. I thought, hey I wonder if anyone is making signature pins? They look much like the coins, only a cacher can put them on their geocaching pack or other carryall to show off all their finds....I think I will have to look into this, the pin could even fit into a film canister....
  4. Great info thanks I will have to keep looking
  5. I am looking for a PDA in order to download waypoints...does anyone have any ideas of where to get one on the cheap. Im on a limited income and can not afford much more than $50. Thank you
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