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  1. Oh... how about this... finding a well-used condom in a cache once in Chicago. Or finding a ammo can out at Cape Cod and open it up and find sands up to the top. I have seen dolls and books that should have gotten a "retirement"... to the trash years ago. What I hates the most is the McDonald crap. I know that some people like it but to me that is just plain ol' junk especially if it already been opened and the item was a hot item 5 years ago. Ya think a 50 years old man would love McDonald craps.


    I personally never take anything except I would take coins from other countries. I travels a lot and coins means more to me.



  2. Well, I been stopped so many times that I stopped counting after 8 times. Once at gun point, once with two cars boxing us in at a cemetary. All ended peacefully after a good explaination. I think it has to do a lot with my age being young also it surely does not help that I have a habit of parking in odd places... like at a side of a dirt road in middle of nowhere at 10pm.


    My favorite was when I was at a local college in and two cops came up to me... I thought oh brother!!! not again. But then they said... did you find it yet. It turned out to be the owners of the cache and I been came good caching friends with them.


    1. How did you first hear about geocaching?

    2. Tell me about your first cache?

    3. Have you had any bad/scary experiences caching?

    4. What is the #1 reason you geocache?

    5. Do you prefer to hunt or hide?

    6. What was your favorite cache place? Why?

    7. What was your worst cache? Why?

    8. Have you ever attened a cache event?

    9. Tell me your best caching story?


    1. A friend of mine was a geocacher and took me out to my first cache and was hooked ever since

    2. The first cache was a multi type in front of an very old ball field right by my old house and the final stage took us up a hill next to the field and it was hiding behind a fallen log. Great spot because you got a pretty view to watch a game.

    3. I been pulled over a few times after a few land owners called the police on us. One time there was a break in nearby and the cops pulled us over. I got lost in a forest once after my gps batteries died... took me a few hours to get out.

    4. I cache to explore what my hometown got to offer. Even though I been living here for 23 years and I still discovered hidden places. I uses geocaching as a good excuse to exercise. I love histories and there are good amount of caches that is about histories.

    5. Both- I like to hunt and explore but if I find a good spot then I would hide something as well.

    6. My favorites are virtuals because they are usually very cool to visit and about histories. I also like multis for the good walk and exploring it got to offer.

    7. I have gone to caches where the walk to the cache got a great view of Lake Michigan but the cache itself take me away from the lake and into a swamp... ugh! I really hate lightpole caches- granted they are easy but BORING!

    8. I attends a few events to meet people and that way I can place cachername to their face. I'm a naturally shy but events bring me out of my shell.

    9. MY best I can tell is the time I went to Ecuador with a fellow cacher. We been planning on this trip for a year by then working very hard to plan the entire trip and how to get around. When we got into the country- the biggest goal was to visit the virtual cache on the equator line. It was not easy because it was a good 50 miles away and had to take a bus to the site. The reason why it was the best because we worked so hard together and along the way, we became good friends and learned a lot about each other.

  4. Oooh, make a really big one out of a bear trap with an ammo can welded in the center!


    Seriously, though, I think it's pretty funny. But the only way I would consider hiding it would be as a PMO cache way, way, WAY off the beaten path to keep the muggles away and reduce the chance of being found by cachers with kids.


    If I made a mile-or-two hike into the deepest woods and found that, I'd laugh my a** off.




    I agree with sataraid.... I love it but it might be smarter to place it a few miles in the forest... that would make me laugh

  5. I don't see any problem with that. I know of a cache team of 6 people- childhood friends. They have their own account and also the 6 people have a team account... they stated on the profile that it was a TEAM account. So they logs their own and the team account. To me... why not, if they are having fun doing it that what, that is what I care about.

  6. Well, I have done that where you cut and paste.... it all depends on what kind of cache it is. Most of what I have "cut and paste" was light pole caches... really- there is not a whole lots to tell other than a rare extra where I would say... "boy, the place was busy today". However with multis and puzzles, I tends to stick with longer logs partly because I usually spend a long time on the cache.


    Either way, I'm starting to get into a habit of adding stuff in my logs... what the weather was like or what I saw on the trail or what was in the cache... ETC.


    I really loved it to see a good log in my cache and right from the beginning always hated to see only TFTC- there is a number of cachers in my area that always do that.

  7. What I have seen happened is similar to you. What they did that solved the problem was chain the cache to a tree and put a lock on with the key somewhere else... like a puzzle. Granted... that only works if the jerk0 owner did not seen where the key went or if they had the gut to saw the chain off.

  8. I wouldn't do it, but I don't lose any sleep over how people like to 'find' caches.


    I agree with BlueDeuce. Who really cares- I say it all depends on the owner of the cache. For me personally, when I have somebody to test my cache to make sure that the coords is correct or whatever, I make them promise that they would not log their find until there is a FTF because around here people can get very nasty about FTF thing.

  9. I'm sure no one in West Michigan will disagree with me....Two Happy Hikers are the best. I have not done a single one I did not enjoy. Nature is out there, and that is what they use. In the city or out in the sticks, they can always find something VERY interesting to use to hide a new set of coords. Thank you both for your wonderful work.


    Ahem!!!! I don't disagree with that- I always make a good effort to travel out of my way to find their cache- never left the cache site disappointed.

  10. How about the time when I thought I found a cache after spending over an hour on the site and it turned out to be somebody else's stash.... 7 knives and 5 bullets.


    Or another time when I found a very well used condom in a cache


    Or another time I found a nasty magazine in a cache- took it out and threw it away


    Or another time found a cache full of dirt!

  11. I don't even have a gun. However my cousin up in Alaska always carry a gun (big gun not a .22) caching or whatever and a bell on his leg to scare bears away. He had to kill a grizzy once after it charged at him- it got 50 feet away from him before dropping dead. I think he also had to kill a black bear once too.


    I have another family member that lives in Colorado around mountain lions and he came across a few but each ran away after he fired his gun in the air.


    So my answer is... depends one where you are.

  12. I also normally don't move anything without reading what the owner wants because there is quite a few owners in my homestate of Michigan that wants their bug to stay in Michigan so I learned quickly to check. However going from Greece to the Netherland is very odd but sometime I take bugs the opposite direction...say...a bug wants to go to London then I will take it west instead of east to Chicago...why....there is a better chance that it will actually go to London. Otherwise I try to place the bug closer to its goal...even if that is only five miles

  13. ha....I had the same problem when I started...it was at a lake and the actual walk around the lake from the nearest cache was .5 miles but the stupid lake had to be narrow enough that it was just under the legal limit...I told the reviewer that...he did not move so I got moved it .....now too close to another one....gave up that spot moved it....same problem again. Finally for the fourth time I checked every other caches nearby it- 700ft to the next nearest....but had to go on vacation...when came back...somebody beat me to it and their cache was 200 ft away...arrrr gave up that park altogether and placed it in my front yard. Never regret it since it is very easy to maintance it and fun to watch people hunt for it.


    don't give up...it is still fun

  14. Paid

    gps...could not remember the cost but I uses it for other reason

    gas...almost don't want to know

    map software....a rip off price but had to

    two geocoin...20 bucks total


    obviously the gas is the worst....I drove 35 thousand miles in one year (not incluing driving/flying without my gps on)...some with my car...some with friends..some in my company truck.


    other than that....I'm too cheap to get anything else

  15. While I genuinely appreciate any State Park allowing and in fact supporting geocaching activity within the more picturesque areas of their state, I feel this is an affront to geocaching. I think perhaps they should have offered geocachers the chance to visit their State Parks while finding geocaches free of charge. Then, if that new visit was enjoyable, some might return to fully use the facilities and pay the appropriate fees.

    The primary argument to allow geocaching is that it's just like any other activity one would do in those parks. As such, we should pay the same fee anyone else using the parks pays. At any rate, it's not commercial. State parks aren't someone's money-making venture.


    I agree and I agree with your wife :huh: For me, I never go anywhere where they charges me until I have other reason to go there...like swim in Lake Michigan.

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