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  1. Hi all, idea for a travel bug: a chain that starts off with a penny attached to it via a hole drilled in it, the bug travel from country to country picking up the smallest denominator from each, would be a very interesting bug to pick up, imagine seeing all the pennies from different countries. However...... what's the law if any re drilling holes in money?!! I guess this differs from country to country but do any of you think this bug will be attracting criticism due to the drilling a hole in the money aspect? I've done some googling on this and i don't think it's the crime of the century in England, but i think it's illegal to deface money, but these are only pennies. thanks for your views.....
  2. Don't use it if it's precious to you
  3. I wanted to get the name "Radius", as in the distance of the edge of a circle to the centre (where the cache is) like what appears on a GPS, or like when the GPS is trying to pinpoint you when it's not sure where it is. But someone had that covered so i went for Z3ROIN, as in "zero in" on the the cache.
  4. Thanks for your experienced replies, it seems that MO & PM caches are both of varying quality. So one more thing: do you think that by buying a PM and making a cache PMO it will be less likely to get abused/muggled/trashed as it is only available to those who have paid a little for the privilege? The reason i ask is that when i placed my first cache i included a TB which cost about £15 to set up (it was a disposable camera with a TB sticker on it), and a normal member picked it up who only had about 2 finds under their belt, and much to my disappointment it just disappeared with no trace, no reply from emails or anything. I know that's the risk you take sometimes but just wanted your experience as Premium members before i went ahead and bought a premium membership. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've only hidden one geocache so far and i've had some ideas for creative geocaches that are exciting which go beyond a simple hidden box. I'm currently putting together a new geocache and amongst all the excitement i suddenly realised that it was costing a few quid and a decent amount of thought and preparation has gone into it, so this got me thinking, should i get a membership and make it membership only? Which further got me thinking, are premium member only geocaches generally better and more thought out? Any thoughts welcome, cheers.
  6. Me too! I'm just preparing my first cache ready to place and put some bubbles in there, just this minute gone and taken then out, Thanks
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