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  1. ....you go to home improvement superstores, not to improve your home but to have a mooch around for geocache building bits.
  2. Hi guys, thought this might be interesting, please finish the sentence of the title. Here is something i find myself doing regularly since i started geocaching, yes, i'm a complete weirdo haha. ....... you go to the supermarket and the first thing on your mind is the tupaware isle
  3. I saw Sven do this a while back.
  4. Plu...us 1!! For the record, i do hate 35mm film canisters, GAH!!! Actually, come to think of it, these two things are just as bad as each other in my opinion, both film canisters and a soggy boxes are the product of poor cache forethought and a lack of imagination. Post Script: the exception is of course if the micro takes you to a place of interest or similar.
  5. The OP is a sock puppet What's a sock puppet?
  6. I've started using GS's geo app since c:geo stopped working as it used to. I thought it was the bee's knees to start with but i've since found a few foibles with it, but it does the job almost as good as c:geo used to do it. At least now it's a purchased app there is some gravity gained regarding requesting updates etc. at least i hope!...
  7. +1 If CO's aren't prepared to maintain their caches why struggle to postpone the inevitable archive. Especially for someone else's cache!
  8. A little bit above and beyond IMO, that's not what i'd consider the protocol, if the cache becomes muggled / eaten by a fox / washed away in the rain etc. etc. it's for the CO to rectify, if they don't, geocachers will log DNF's and notes which will eventually lead to archiving. I wouldn't consider you moving my geocache a favour to be honest. Replacing log books: fine.
  9. How can the current holder get an e mail when there is NO RECORD as to who the current holder is. My question is why are so many TB going missing? Who is removing them? Are they cachers that are not aware that they should log them or have others found the cache and just removed them as souvenirs and it's a GREAT question. it seems impossible that it's just them.... - getting misplaced or lost in the field - or kept by someone as a souvenir - or kept by a new cacher that stops playing before they put it in another cache. it seems like there's a bermuda triangle out there Also i think a reason may be in some cases that the person who picked up the TB just hasn't logged it yet. I've heard of people whilst reading the threads who have quite a lot of back logged geocaches to yet log on the website, maybe this is also true of teh TB's they are picking up. I had the first TB i ever released go missing at the first person who picked it up!!!
  10. This is amazing!!!! I'm going to go do this right now!!! Man i don't carry half the things you guys do, my mobile phone has my geo-app, a torch and a camera on it, apart from that i regularly carry a notebook containing a pencil in the spine which comes in super handy as most of my caching is ad-lib these days. Must make more of an effort to do full days like i used to!! Interesting thread, thanks.
  11. Yes i tried NeonGeo, kudos to them also for providing a trial version, but i didn't gel with it that well from what i remember. GS's app isn't perfect might i add, but i'm finding it a very good replacement to c:geo.
  12. H all, i was as i'm sure many were a bit miffed when c:geo (for whatever reason/whoever's fault blah blah) stopped working. It was the app which introduced me to geocaching and without it i would never have discovered the joys of said activity. It was free and i had a shiney new GPS enabled mobile phone, so downloaded on a whim and BAM, my life changed!!! When c:geo's live maps stopped working i was in a bit of a pickle, what with GS's Android app getting a real whooping from a minority of reviewers. After downloading an alternitive or two and being unimpressed with them compared to c:geo, i thought i may as well give GS'a app a go, after all it was the official app and logic would suggest it has a pretty good shot a being the best. After a few minutes tentative and apprehensive ('scuse the pun) "playing" it slowly dawned on me that this app was good, very good! Bit by bit the functionality and usability unveiled itself, and bit by bit i got more exited about the prospects of my new toy and before long i was jumping around and pushing it in my girlfriends face saying "look what it can do!! I've wanted this feature for ages on c:geo!! And it does this, and this..." etc. etc. I'm now no longer upset about c:geo and want to congratulate GS on such a great app. I'm also not quite sure what the negative reviews are about, but of course, mine is just a matter of opinion. If you're on the fence about GS's application for mobile phones my advice is download it and don't look back.
  13. I'm an exsmoker and i would say no. Although geocaching is darn good healthy fun which is almost as addictive!!
  14. I was on MSN on my lunch at work and was reading one of their "10 things that make you fat" type articles. This one was "10 things that will soon be massive". Can't remember what number it was or for what reason but geocaching caught my eye. I read about it and thought it sounded cool. About a week earlier i'd just got my first smart phone, so downloaded the free C:Geo app. I saw there was one close to where i worked and went out and picked it up. From that day on my life changed haha!!!
  15. Ebay!! Great for all the little stuff you can't really get anywhere else. What did we do before Ebay?!!!
  16. Hi guys, i'm approaching my 100th cache and was thinking about doing some extra research to make it a special one. Do any of you guys do the same? I'm still a relative noob but there are some of you out there with caches into the thousands. Do you do research into finding a 'special' one for significant caches regarding attainment, or is it just the cache that happens to fall on that number? Cheers.
  17. Hi Gandalfrees, how do you know they've found it in a different cache? And if so hasn't the person who informed you of this updated the bug?
  18. Geocaching IS for all, that's why anyone can join and play for free. Not all of geocaching is free, but that doesn't mean everyone can't play, and to be fair non premium members get a lot for free. I do agree however that you'd think premium members would place premium member only caches for a reason, eg: reduce traffic / make them a little special etc.
  19. Hi all, I've been putting together my second geocache and for this one have found myself going to B&Q quite a bit. Which got me thinking: where do different experienced geocache builders (and non experienced for that matter) get their bits of kit from? Household items / garden centres / diy shops etc... No correct answers i guess, just interested in you caching resourses
  20. Good point! I've seen these machines in several places in England.
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