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  1. Hi all,


    after getting a new cache published today i noticed that a DNF counted towards the number against which the percentage favourited is calculated against.


    Unless i'm mistaken (and please forgive me if there's an obvious good reason for this) this doesn't seem right.


    Shouldn't the percentage be calculated from the found logs with favourite points against total found logs? :unsure:



  2. Hi all,


    for when you are scouting the map area looking for possible places to locate a geocache. Like when you right click on Google maps to get the co-ords, which you then have to go to the query page with cutting and pasting a few times; it would be useful with a right click on the Geocaching map to see the proximity of other local caches so you know if it's a viable location, like when you do a "find caches near these co-ords" query.


    I know this wouldn't work for the secret locations of physical stages or mystery caches.

  3. What's the problem with kids at a guard rail cache? TeamPennyFinder is sharing a strange encounter and the rest of you pile on. You all were not there and I am sure that the kids were just fine under adult supervision. I wouldn't blame them if they didn't post to this forum again.


    Agree!! Jeez!!

  4. It says further down that "It would rate higher if not for the 3 caches / day limit"


    Maybe this is the new version of the "free software" - a limit instead if reduced functionality




    Hi DD, thanks for the reply,


    I think that's if you are a standard member (i'll be renewing my membership when i get home, away with work at the mo and not keen on sending CC details over 3G), also i think this is the same for all API partners.

  5. One bad hint I particularly remember when there were loads of very similar trees in a bouncy gps spot: "base of tree"!


    Are you kidding me?!! So I basically have to search all the bases of the trees, something I would have done if there was no hint at all.... useless!

  6. Hi guys,


    i'm due a phone upgrade and i'm considering going over to the windows phone.


    I've done some youtubing/googling but can't find many reviews of this app, likewise apologies if this has been covered here before.


    One review i saw (which was in german!! (told you they are sparse!! :P ) Good job the girlfriend speaks it fluently!!) said when you exit the app, if you go back in you have to start from the beginning again, is this true? On the android, if you come out of the app with the back button all the way you have to start from the beginning, but if you come out of the app with the home button, then it's in the same place you left it, this is very useful when you're on a trial and want to preserve battery, or look at something else, a text for example.


    What are your opinions of the windows phone geocaching app in general? Bad points and good?


    Many thanks.

  7. I have a cache that has been targeted twice now, the first time they took the box and contents but left the log book in the self sealing bag, very strange! The second time the whole lot has gone. I've thought it was a cacher at first but then maybe some kids who have discovered it, who knows?! I was bummed about it the first time (especially as it was my first hide, kinda feels like a special one) but now it doesn't bother me, i'm thinking of just archiving and having done with it.


    None of my other caches have been targeted though so i don't think it's someone who's out to get me.


    That must be so frustrating having lots of your caches targeted, i think if it were me i'd consider starting again with a new profile, five years is too much, we should be able to enjoy our game without all the nastiness and politics.

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