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  1. Ditto. I was salivating for 2 Thanks, kayakerinme
  2. Request email sent. Thanks!
  3. How is this sale any different than a person going to a garage sale and picking up an item for a quarter, then appearing on Antiques Roadshow 5 years later and the item is valued at thousands of dollars? I'd sell certainly sell whatever the item was. Of course, in a couple of years we could all have a beanie baby/pogs/pokemon card price collapse and we'll be able to get on with the real collections, eh?
  4. Question: I use Cachemate regularly on my Palm. I was on vacation last week and started to create a coin tracking system for the Palm. Would there be any interest in having a program for your Palm?
  5. I'd definitely be there for the GAA event, if I attend. I think I'm only 1 step away from being completely addicted. As for the time, 1 hour doesn't seem like much if I was going to talk about getting a coin made, and arranging trades, and admiring (drooling) over others' collections.
  6. I wouldn't mind (much) about an unlimited supply. For subsequent orders, you could change the metal; for example, the initial order could be silver, then when you run out/low, order a gold edition. Saves on the die cost without diluting the original pool. Oh yeah, I'd buy a couple
  7. I'd like to get 5, and 2 pins, please. Thanks, kayakerinme
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