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  1. It seems every coin is different, but some standard sizes are: 2" - 51mm 1.75" - 44mm poker chip - 40mm 1.5" & wooden nickel - 38mm 1.25" - 32mm 1" - 25mm Is there one specific that you're looking for?
  2. I got my 3 coins today but as with others, all 3 had broken free of one or both connections to the card. Coins look great though. Thanks!
  3. A penny for my thoughts...? I seek an Illinois coin with many available coins to trade. Please see my coin list at http://cointracking.com/public/kayakerinme Thanks in advance! Edit: Trades made, Thanks!
  4. Isn't "Texas micro" an oxymoron?
  5. Yes, the LE was up for about for all of 15-20 seconds, then it was gone. Had to be really, really fast.
  6. I have one more to send out and would be happy to do so with one of the following: Maine 2005 from geocachingmaine.org Texas Hiker from texasgeocaching.com GBA faultline Ladycacher personal coin Sunshine Gang V2 Silver personal coin Send me an email! Thanks, kayakerinme
  7. Maine has a non-geocaching.com trackable. It is trackable on geocachingmaine.org.
  8. I had a couple of other things I was looking to track. Perhaps you can add them to the list. First was the size of the coin in inches or mm. I'd also like to know when the coin was "released" as in the ship date or general availability date - to help with when coins came about. What do you think?
  9. I need help getting rid of the last two coins. My 3-coin set is on its way to Kansas, and my Maine coin is on its way to Florida... so if you want either a texasgeocaching.com Texas Hiker or a Ladycacher personal coin or a Maine coin, let me know. Thanks, kayakerinme
  10. I've been looking around town and couldn't find 6mm any at any craft store. I did find an online source at Crafts For Less and ordered some the other day. They have lots of colors including white and black. I believe the ones in the photo were tan.
  11. In a perfect world, we could all get a coin made just because we want one, and we wouldn't need money at all. Besides, if you did make $100k, you'd think a perfect world was one where you made $150k
  12. Jumping in and ready to go. 3 Coins for caches: 2005 USA Geocoin, 2006 North Carolina, 2005 Mt McKinley Bronze 3 to give away: Texas Hiker, Maine 2005, Ladycacher 2005 Sitting back to let the emails roll in... but I'm heading to bed so responses will be tomorrow
  13. I haven't understood this either. I've done it a couple of times myself when it seemed to be the custom. Then I realized only a portion of folks do this based on the number of coins versus the number of posts. Thanks for asking this... I was thinking of asking thiw myself
  14. I didn't realize this was an order thread. Please add my request for 1 please. Thanks, kayakerinme
  15. $10 is a simple decision to get a couple. $15 is a tougher decision, but probably still doable. Anything more would only be one. Definitely make the 5 coin set!
  16. Got proof? references? I've got 2 teenage boys so you'll have to be really special!
  17. I can always be cajoled into attending an event and I do want to go caching in MA sometime this spring... so I'm sure it can be arranged. GA Cacher too it to many events and it has many logs and a great history. I'll be doing the same, as time permits. -kayakerinme
  18. I've been sitting here for about half an hour trying to decide if I wanted to respond in this thread. D-man has finally inspired me to give it a go. I'm the insane individual who bought the Moun10Bike coin. I've been accused (rightfully so) of having more money than sense. And for those keeping track, I'm also the one that bought Indy Diver's #99, and the last pdxmarathonman charity auction. A little about me: I'm a relatively new geocacher here in Maine waiting for the thaw. I've only been caching since September and have a relatively low 79 finds. My goal is to get 150 by the first of March and I've got some time in Florida in February that should end up making a serious dent in my goal. I've been tromping through the snow and sweating like a pig and I'm having a ball. I've got a GPS sticker on the back of my car and I've got my GPS with me wherever I travel. I'm also geocoin addicted. I found out about geocoins through the Maine geocoin sale and met some wonderful people in the process. I've only been collecting since December 10 and I'm still learning the ropes. I have a wonderful collection mostly purchased and a few trades (http://cointracking.com/public/kayakerinme - contact me!). I'll be the first to admit I've been a little carried away and I've made more than a couple of mistakes. I only found out about the forum at the beginning of this month and I've been lurking for a couple of weeks. I have found the geocaching community here in Maine to be a great bunch of people. I've also cached in San Francisco and got wonderful suggestions and help with some caches out there. Back to the coin: My bid was driven much higher by a couple of other bidders. But it was still worth it anyway. As gridlox pointed out, this was a fellow cacher who made a hard choice to sell the coin rather than hold on to it (remember kilted cacaher and his dilemma? drawing any parallels?) and I made a decision to go above and beyond what would normally be called for - simply because it was a fellow cacher in need. Insane - no! Crazy - maybe. Addicted - definitely! Speaking simply for myself, I appreciate the opportunity to purchase coins. I've been in on most purchases over the last month simply because I don't have a personal coin to trade - though that will change in the next couple of months. And I will give some the opportunity to purchase if they choose, and others the opportunity to trade, and others the opportunity to ignore me. But that's a topic for another thread. Thanks for reading this all and I hope it makes sense. Remember, I'm still playing catch up with those of you at this for years Regards, kayakerinme
  19. What kind of circle cutter do you use? And the logical followup, where can it be purchased? Thanks!
  20. Email sent. Thanks DancingFool!
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