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  1. I'd like 2, please. -kayakerinme
  2. Email sent... crossing my fingers on that last LE
  3. I'll be there - plane tickets have been purchased and the hotel reservation is made. My personal should be done late this month or early May (there, the cat's out of the bag). I'm only bringing a few with me and plan to do some trading while I'm there. I'll probably arrange several more trades to be fulfilled after I get home. Please be sure to post the list or email it so we can all know who'll be there :-) Thanks, kayakerinme
  4. I have more than three spawner coins ready to go and I need at least three recipients. Please email or PM me with a choice of: Eagles61, Rowanf Gypsy, AT Bronze, AT Silver, Not Another Micro 06, English County - Shakespeare, or Green Man. Thanks, kayakerinme
  5. Well now it's April 2 and I'll close this thread with a couple of facts. As of now there were 264 views for this topic. Of that, 108 (not counting me testing) clicked through to the html page. Maybe there is enough interest in making a calendar after all. I had half-expected someone to post a "jumping the shark" reply or a "really taking advantage of us" message but that didn't happen Thanks to all who clicked through! Happy April Fools Day!
  6. Only if the pen writes in purple - Easter colors you know!
  7. In celebration of geocoins (and because geocoin addicts just can never get enough geocoin stuff), we're proud to introduce the 16-month 2007 Geocoin Calendar. This beautiful, full-color, 12x12 calendar opens to 12"x24" and features sixteen high resolution photos of some of your favorite geocoins. Some are rare; some are common - but all deserve a place on your wall. Keep track of those important dates in your geocoin life - when you ordered, when an ordered coin is due, when to start a new thread in the forums asking when the coins will be delivered, and even when you make a trade! Each and every day from September 1, 2006 to December 31, 2007 has its own box that's individually numbered, holidays included! You'll never miss a day again! The cover features BikiniBottomFeeder's 2005 coin. Inside you'll find 16 months of gorgeous, full-color, life-like photos of the icons of geocoins - Moun10Bike, AtlantaGal, Nevada, GOWT, Not Another Micro, pdxmarathonman, Grand Canyon, 2Bugs, Temecula Valley, the 2006 Compass Rose, Germany, and more. Each calendar is sequentially numbered AND has a geocaching.com tracking number and icon. It may be ordered with or without personalization such as your caching name. The calendar is available in two editions for sale to the open market - the Regular and the Limited. The LE features photos of the Limited versions of each geocoin... including a rare, previously unpublished picture of a Moun10Bike V1 actually in the wild! The RE includes pictures of the regular coin editions including Moun10Bike V3. These are sure to sell out fast and be highly desirable collectibles in the years to come. Once they're sold, they won't be printed again. Be sure to reserve yours now! An extremely rare XLE of just five calendars will also be available by auction only. These feature a hand-applied gold leaf cover, special embossed versions of four of the geocoins, and other features we just won't reveal here. Just know that you'll be the envy of your geocoin addicted friends when you list this as a "keeper." We are currently working with the manufacturer on final artwork but will begin taking reservations now with delivery in early July. PayPal invoices will be sent when artwork is finalized and printing has begun - as early as June 1. Calendars are designed, printed, and shipped right here in the U.S.A! One hundred (100) LE calendars will be available at $19.95 plus shipping. Four hundred (400) RE calendars will be available for $14.95 plus shipping. Shipping is $2 for the first calendar and $0.85 for each additional calendar. International shipping is based on actual cost; please inquire before ordering. Personalization is $8 for the first 10 characters and $1 for each additional character; you must specify your personalization message when ordering. There is a limit of 2 LE and 10 RE per order; orders exceeding this limit will be cancelled and refunded. Reservations are open now using the link below. For those of you who would like all the calendars in the series (we'll be publishing one per year for at least the next five years), you can subscribe via PayPal and not miss a single year. Make your reservations by clicking here. We are also working on a 52-week desktop version. Please indicate your interest in a reply to this thread. Thanks for your interest and your support for the 2007 Geocoin Calendars!
  8. A long time ago, in a thread far, far away, there were suggestions for what to put on the declaration forms. Since then I've used "Token" about 8 times without a problem. Of course, they still ask if it's hazardous or explosive material but I guess they're supposed to do that with all packages they get at the window.
  9. You'd have to guarantee to the buyer that you could deliver him in the appropriate amount of time. You know, so you don't get in trouble with Ebay/PayPal. Nah... production problems obtaining the proof
  10. How about listing him, then seeing what you get. Then, if it's enough do the deed
  11. Since you're taking names, I'd like 4 of that there beautiful geocoin.
  12. The last set went quickly as part of the WWWWW2 event in Maine; however... Set 4 is ready to go! Three activated - World Traveler Gold, World Traveler Silver, Kansas Gold Already on their way! Three spawners - Choice of: Micro-Mini, Mt McKinley Bronze, Tennessee Micro, USA 2006, DNF, Finland, or Germany Soccer Thanks, kayakerinme Edited: three activated have already found a destination! All spawners have been sent. Thanks to all the participants!
  13. Best Personal:Worker of Wood Best State:New York Best Event:Geowoodstock III Biggest Stretch to geocaching:Quebec Beer Coin Best Other:Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable:BenchMark (GeoCoinClub) Most Valuable:The Shadow Best Shape:Screw Geocoin Best Charity:Steal Your Face Best Country:UK Best Icon:Seven Summits
  14. Best Personal:Worker of Wood Best State:New York Best Event:Hobo Biggest Stretch to geocaching:Quebec Beer Coin Best Other:Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable:BenchMark (GeoCoinClub) Most Valuable:The Shadow Best Shape:Screw Geocoin Best Charity:Steal Your Face Best Country:UK Best Icon:Seven Summits
  15. Email sent. I like the top icon
  16. Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
  17. I think you'd need more hot air to lift an ammo box that size :-) Very nice design - wish I could get to the event but will settle for jockeying for a coin afterwards. Up, up, and away!
  18. Wow! Lots of Eagle Scouts here - and me included as well! I'll be in line! -kayakerinme
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