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  1. If I understand you correctly the calibration goes fine, you can pinpoint the black dots in the calibration screen even if your menus are, at that point, out of calibration? So even if your unit is experiencing this calibration issue, once you enter the "Calibrate" screen it works fine again?


    Also, let me ask, if you turn it to landscape mode will the faulty lower right corner of the portrait mode "follow" the orientation to the lower right corner of the landscape mode? Or does the faulty lower right corner become the faulty upper right corner (or lower left corner) in landscape mode? In other words does it follow the screen as you change orientation or is it a static spot on the physical screen?

    Jumping in... my calibration screen appears to work. I can hit all six dots with fingers or more precisely with a pen. It doens't change the end result.


    My spot appears static. When I change to landscape, I can press the button in the lower right corner. I do, however, experience trouble with the lower left corner so the only way to navigate successfully is to flip between the orientations. The rest of the screen works fine (at the moment). It seems limited to about 1/2" square at the corners.

  2. Glad to hear you had a positive experience despite the screen trouble. Thanks for sharing your story. As stated above and in other threads, the main concern is the time to failure in defective components and whether or not you either have a bad one or a good one or if all units are susceptible over time depending on use.


    I know this; I'll be using the crap out of mine and recalibrating the screen once a week until my 1 year warranty is up. If it's going to fail it's going to do it while it's under warranty.


    Questions for those who had the problem. Did it manifest itself rather quickly? After the first calibration? After a period of time charging???


    1) How long to first failure? Day, week, month?

    2) Circumstances: after calibration, after a charge, etc.

    3) Area of screen: Is there a specific zone or area on the screen that goes first?



    1) Mine lasted about 6 weeks before the screen went kablooey.

    2) Nothing that I can specifically point at. I'd been using it that day then got another PQ on it and from that point I couldn't press the lower right button in portrait mode.

    3) lower right corner won't work in portrait mode - specifically the right-most button. The others on the bottom row work fine. It's spreading upward though.

  3. Mine was behaving fine until yesterday. Now, in portrait, the bottom right corner is off such that I cannot get the sub-menu in the Nuvi screen. I can get the options by rotating the screen around so I can work with it. I'm not sure if this is hardware or software since I haven't made any updates to the firmware a couple of weeks ago (2.60). I don't have time to call today or this weekend but maybe on Monday. Weird that it just started happening though...

  4. Now, why do I want to know? I'm trying to figure out how to identify a cache found by myself out of the GPX. As I am using GSAK I think I did understand that you identify this by looking for your own username in the logs included in the GPX. Well, then I took a GPX, deleted my own log from it, and loaded it into GSAK. And GSAK did still mark that as "found". So then I took a GPX, deleted my own log from it, changed the Geocache Code and ID and loaded it into GSAK. And GSAK did still mark that as "found".


    Second question: How does GSAK identify my own "founds" even if the GPX (apparently) does not include any hint on that? (Or was my try just a result of some wierd database caching? Espcially after the second change to the GPX it should not have been found anymore...


    Each geocache also includes:



    <sym>Geocache Found</sym>

  5. OK, I must ask since I've been looking through the manual and the menus like crazy.

    How do you get the auto switch to work? I just got the mount, and I just can't get it :)



    Baffled me, too, for a while. Setup->Profiles->sub-menu (three bar thingie)->Set Mount Profiles


    There you'll find Automotive Mount, Rugged Mount, Not Mounted, and External Power Only. You can set each to a specific profile or Last Used or No Change.

  6. If I was a betting man, I'd have lost the bet. I would have thought adding a shortcut to the Automotive profile with the Shortcuts in Setup where I chose that profile and left the other choices blank, and adding that to the Geocaching Main Menu would have let me tap it to change the profile. Instead, nothing. Tap, tap, tap - just sits on the existing Geocaching Profile. The reverse is true as I added a Geocaching profile shortcut and added that to the Main Menu of the Automotive profile. Tap, tap, tap - nothing. Is there something else I need do to make this work?


    (FW 2.60)


    No, some of the shortcut options appear to be broken. Try placing a whereto shortcut for "search by coordinates" anywhere. Tap, tap, tap, nothing. I've noticed a few more that behave like that as well but can't remember them.

    Thanks for the reply! At least I know I don't just have to press harder ;-)

  7. If I was a betting man, I'd have lost the bet. I would have thought adding a shortcut to the Automotive profile with the Shortcuts in Setup where I chose that profile and left the other choices blank, and adding that to the Geocaching Main Menu would have let me tap it to change the profile. Instead, nothing. Tap, tap, tap - just sits on the existing Geocaching Profile. The reverse is true as I added a Geocaching profile shortcut and added that to the Main Menu of the Automotive profile. Tap, tap, tap - nothing. Is there something else I need do to make this work?


    (FW 2.60)

  8. When using the geocaching dashboard, is there a way to change the number of decimals in the distance? I was hiking this weekend and had the geocaching dashboard up and the distance was only in tenths of a mile. It would be useful to get this like the compass where the distance is measured in hundreths. It's hard to tell if you're getting closer when it doesn't change from "0.7" for a long time.

  9. 5. I did have one slight issue, on one of the go to sequences it listed the distance to the cache as 1,946.7 miles, but that was wrong. It still took me there but the distance to number was wacky. It did not happen again, but something to watch for.

    I had that happen as we approached Williamsport, PA this weekend. I was in automotive mode in the cradle and the time to destination was about 18 minutes. When I swapped to distance it listed 2339 miles. It stubbornly refused to bring this number down and when I reached just a mile or so away, it still showed 2300+. We made a turn and changed geocaches so I never did find out what it was when I was next to the cache. It only happened that one time. (FW 2.50)

  10. In commemoration and celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the first cache placement in Maine, I've created this new geocoin to add to the collection of Maine-related geocoins. Since this is the nation's most photographed lighthouse, it's the exact dimensions of a photographic slide. The transparency is meant to be like a 35mm "negative" but as a positive image, like a slide has. They are trackable on geocaching.com with a unique icon. Maine's first cache is GC128 The For Williams Cache, placed on January 2, 2001, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


    The coin depicts the Portland Headlight at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. You can find more information about the Portland Headlight at the Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland_Head_Light). This historic lighthouse was completed in 1791 and has been in operation ever since. Fort Williams Park is operated by the Town of Cape Elizabeth. You can find out more about the park at http://www.capeelizabeth.com/visitors/attractions/fort_williams_park/home.html


    At the time of the anniversary, GC128 had had 1158 logged visits. The cache was replaced and relocated in 2003 and has been hidden in the same location since. It's perhaps Maine's most beat up ammo can :-) All logs from 2003 until now are still in the cache.


    Photographs of the coin are attached... the color in the photos is a bit off. The outside is all white on both sides, regardless of how it looks in the photo. The transparency inset has white, green, red, and blue.


    In total, there are 300 coins: 50 Gold (G) (Mainers only) and 250 Black Nickel (BN) (for everyone). All are available for the 10th Anniversary price of just $10 each.


    The Gold version is limited to Maine geocachers only. Each Maine cacher is limited to ONE (1) Gold version. This version is only be available when you see me in person or make arrangements to pick one up. After the debut event on January 30, there were just 4 Gold versions remaining so I'll hold those for Mainers.


    The Black Nickel will be available to all with shipping available. Each coin is $10 plus $2.50 shipping for US addresses for the first coin and $0.50 per coin for each additional coin (e.g., 2 coins are $23, 4 coins are $44).


    There are just 300 and when they're gone, there are no more. About 200 remain after the Celebrate Caching event on January 30.


    If you have any questions, please post or email and I'll do my best to reply promptly. Please don't send PMs as I don't see those very often.


    To order, send an email to: Maine10@kayakerinme.com with your PayPal email address, caching name, name, mailing address and how many Black Nickel coins you would like. I'll send a PayPal invoice for the total amount, then ship on payment. For international orders I'll send an email with a quote for shipping, depending on how many coins and where you are.


    If you want to trade, I'm happy to do so as long as it's for a coin I don't already have. These days, that's a lot! Send trade offers to the same email as for orders: Maine10@kayakerinme.com.


    Lastly, I do still have some kayakerinme sets in antique silver available for trade. Send me an email for more details.


    Black Nickel:



    The transparency in the Black Nickel:



    Gold (for sale to Mainer's only, nearly sold out):


  11. 1. Avroair --- Seattle

    2. BAT --- Northeast Illinois

    3. ELTADA --- Ontario

    4. Crowesfeat30 --- St. Louis, MO

    5. Lucecitka --- Praha, Czech republic

    6. gorfner --- Fayetteville, NC

    7. LadyBee4T & TeamEccs21--Southfield, Michigan GC2BBQ5

    kayakerinme - Portland Maine

  12. I had the pleasure of trading with you @ GCF '08 in Pittsburgh. I still have the set (even the baggie you put them in) and would not consider selling them. By the same token, I don't recall ANY mention of NEVER selling them at the time of the trade! I probably would have thought twice b-4 proceeding because I don't agree with such stipulations.

    I clearly remember reading on Barry's website back then, that this set was NOT to be sold on Ebay, whether traded from Kayakerinme or anyone else. He also mentioned, to contact him first so he can get the set back.


    Again, nothing was said to me at the time of the trade with Barry. To assume that I had read a website regarding the "stipulations" of this coin(s) is quite a stretch.


    I've posted several times on various threads about not being for sale. However, if you contact me, I'm sure we can trade back. Or sell them. Or enjoy them. As I said, I cannot control what people do with them - only re-state my intent and opinion.

  13. It's been a long time since I visited the geocoin forums, longer still since I made a post, and even longer since I started a topic.


    Four years ago I created a set of coins that I consider my small contribution to the geocoin community. If you're not familiar with the 5-coin panel, you can find more information at kayakerinme.com.


    I'd like to say for the record, again, that I always intend kayakerinme sets to be trade-only. This has caused discussions in the past about whether I can say that. I certainly can't enforce it as is evidenced by the auction currently taking place or the handful that have transacted over the years. It is, to me, a matter of principal and integrity. I guess in that way I'm old school - an anachronism in the geocoin community.


    I was recently informed that two sets of my coins are to be auctioned on ebay. I've voiced my strong objection; it will not dissuade. So be it.


    That said, I hope anyone who is thinking of bidding will first consider making a trade with me. I have a number of antique silver kayakerinme sets remaining from my 2006 minting. Pictures are available with the information at kayakerinme.com. You, too, can obtain a kayakerinme set without the need to bid.


    Got 3-5 trackable coins you can trade? Got 3-5 coins I don't already have (and that's lots from the past 2 years)? Send me an email through the forums and I'm sure we can work out a deal. I'll be offline for the 10 year event in Canada but will be back online on Monday 7/12 and will reply to emails then.

  14. Seeking a couple of Cache Hoppers:

    Turquoise/Black Nickel

    Green/Black Nickel


    Have for trade:

    Red/Black Nickel




    Black/Black Nickel




    Trades made! Thanks for the help!

  15. Here is a link



    Sadly, that's the one that has all the little removable compartments that make it hard to add new ones in the alphabet...


    It looks like there are similar but not the same ones being sold. Take a look at this link




    Stanley organizers are listed on amazon but I dont' know if they are the "old" ones or not

    That one is really very close and will probably be a good match. I might have to make a trip to Massachusetts one of these days.

  16. I have been searching for a few weeks to find some more organizer trays. I started using trays like the one pictured a ways back after finding them at Home Depot. I have about 20 of them and need more but I cannot find these anywhere locally. Home Depot stopped carrying the Workforce version and had them for a while under the Stanley brand. However, they've even stopped carrying those. I have been to Lowes but no luck there either.


    Anyone know where I can get trays like these (preferably in New England somewhere but ordering is okay)?


    Are there trays that are similar to these?


    Thanks, kayakerinme


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