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  1. I run a Giant XTC 29er0, ....I have had great luck with Giant Service and support... I would look very closely at a Giant Talon...You should be able to get one close to your price range with Sram components...This one has X5 Sram components and Shimano HYD brakes...It sports a 100mm travel Rock Shox fork..Schwalbe tires..Looks sharp too...It is 1100 bucks but I can just about guarantee that you can get one from the dealer in your price range.... My link Airbone makes a decent bike with good components at a reasonable cost...They are mail order only so you won't have the support from your local bike shop like you would if you went with Giant or another brand...You also have to do your own setup...If you are mechanically inclined it isn't a bad route to take... You are smart to stay away from a full suspension bike...For the type of riding you are going to do you don't need a shock and it is just more maintenance and weight...Plus you have to spend alot more money to get into a full suspension ride with the same components... I have a 26 inch Full suspension bike also and it sits in my garage.... I really don't think you need a Remote lockout with a hardtail...your only sporting 100mm of fork travel so that won't effect your climbs as much as a rear shock lockout on a FS bike...
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