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  1. All packages have been sent. I still have a few left.
  2. I second that! I caught just the tail end and could only get a Pegasus, but not the color I wanted. If anyone got an extra Spirit of Ancestors I will trade a Dreamtime for it.
  3. I would offer to take them from her and log and place them.
  4. Sorry, no AE. But I did forget to mention each one contains an LE or XLE coin.
  5. Ok, I know this is a little shameless, but I need money to get to GCF. So, here is what I came up with. I have 10 grab bags that contain 8 trackable and unactivated coins (no micros). Each one will contain one LE or XLE coin. I'm asking $50 for them. Shipping is $4.00 US $5.00 international. First come fist serve. Please do not PM me, email me through my profile. Thanks! Edited: Oops, forgot shipping info.
  6. Ooo, I like this idea. I would definitely be interested in finding one. I do like the idea from MaineFamily, putting a sticker on the outside saying it's a sig item would be less likely to become a cache. If you use the camo tape, to me, it seem that you want it to be used as a cache.
  7. Hey give him a break, drinking all that green ale can do that to most people LOL! Yes, this is true.
  8. Sounds like fun!! I got me a few to add to the race. Good luck fellows!
  9. Maybe we do get it and are waiting for yet another price drop. How low can you go?
  10. It will vary a bit. The purple area is designed to have a translucent in all cases. Our plan is that for one edition of the coin all will be translucent, for others the green and red areas will be glitters. Ooo. I'm liking these with the idea of trans and/or glitter. (I'm a sucker for glitter. )
  11. congrats on the coin, it looks awesome! (Is it just me or does the leprechaun look cross eyed? )
  12. I think I have to side with option 1. I like the knot work. I do have to agree that upon first glance I though of the Labyrinth coin from ernies too.
  13. Darryl just booked our flight and hotel!! WooHoo, I get to go!!
  14. Still twisting the arm, but I think I'm getting a little give now. ...now to find the $$$
  15. Firefly03


    I'm not sure I would pay the same for an envelope as I would a coin. Of course, I'd have to see it first to say, but it would have to be a really nice design.
  16. Firefly03


    If it is your coin, do as you like.
  17. First, I want to clarify. Those people who steal GCs for their own collection, IMHO, are NOT real collectors. Real collectors buy an extra for themselves. I will not get into the debate on how to stop these people, but I can tell you this... if they want it they will find it. I would like to suggest to all real collectors, when you receive a coin in a trade, double check it is not activated, even though it may have come by a reputable collector. Sometimes they get them in a trade and don't look too. I have found several this way. ok, just my 2 cents.
  18. longtomsilver - I have a mini coin out that we actually put into micro caches. Problem being there is no room if it's in a flip. I drop them knowing full well that they are easier to loose as well as easier to disappear. Sometimes there are reasons the coin are not in flips. I know my coins once they are put into flips, never see a micro again, and that was there whole purpose. Joni - I agree, but how else can we educate cachers? edited: Clarification
  19. Still trying to twist Darryl's arm. Problem is it's Sunday. Means we have to take off Monday to go. It's not looking good, but I will not give up hope!! (I have too many new coin to trade )
  20. I personally don't like binders, so I don't use them. I do however, put them into thick baseball card holders with foam around them. They look nice, but take up a LOT more room than binders.
  21. I think there was a post for this coin, but I can't find it now. Anyhow, CONGRATS!! Mystery coins always seem to be given at the perfect time. (and a side note, my condolences. I know from experience how hard it can be to loose a fuzzy loved one. My time heal your heart, and you mind always remember the good times.)
  22. Ok, finally got picts. They are not the best, but it's all I can do right now. Here's a select few. And the mother load:
  23. I got the mother load of a delivery today. Will get pictures up soon. There are too many coins to really give you a good look at them all. I will pick some of my favorites for you to see.
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