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  1. I logged my first "didn't Find" yesterday when I couldn't find the building the disk was mounted to. I didn't mark it "destroyed" because I did not actually go the the given coords and find any witnesses. BTW, I only log on GC.com, I'm not familiar enough with what I'm doing to report anything to NGC or NOAA.
  2. You'll have to display the banner in HTML code, and when you update the cache page it will show as a photo. You copy your banner, and if you have outlook express you can "write an E-mail" like you want you cache page to appear. In the new message window, under the tab "view" check "source edit". This will put tabs on the bottom of the page. Click the tab that says "source" and this will display everything in HTML, Copy paste to your cache page and it will be on there. If you don't have outlook express, ignore this. Edit for sloppy typing.
  3. Your probably going to find discrepancies in all maps, With my GPS I'll be going down the road and occasionally the GPS will put me off to the side of where the road is on the map. It's just because a map can never be perfect for every place in the world. It's no big deal, unless everywhere you go it is off, then you might have a problem of some sort.
  4. I've seen threads in here on what is the best GPS for caching, but what should we avoid. Be honest and reasonable, people looking for a new unit might come in this thread for info. What are the worst GPS units, as far as caching, or any other activity. Will they not hold a signal, are they a pain to operate, or do they just have too many problems to be useful.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, cought my interest. I have only logged 10 benchmarks, so I woulden't be any help, but I'm shure there are some great benchmarks in Kentucky in some interesting places.
  6. I've benn a GPS nut for about two years. I have two units and used them both a lot before cacheing. Now they don't get to rest. I was on a Kayaking site looking at a product review someone wrote for a GPS, and seen that they used it for Geocaching. I wanted to know what that word meant, since I had seen it in my Garmins icon list. Google led me here to Geocaching.com, and now I'm hooked on it.
  7. I bet he's getting a kick out of reading the forums, I coulden't get a thread to last this long if I tried. He's welcome at my caches, they aren't getting a lot of action and could use the attention. I don't care if he doesn't sign the log, as long as he's transparent in front of a legit photo.
  8. I think I might try a Garmin 96C Handheld Aviation unit, it's color screen, has airport / airspace maps, and autorouting for the car, plus IPX7 ruggedness and other handy features. But I'm still a Lowrance fan, and if money was no object, I would go for an I-finder Hunt or H2O, AirMap 2000c and a I-Way 1000, but 2 of those aren't handhelds.
  9. This guy has it figured out, he can safely look for caches near schools and other security sensitive areas. What are the cops going to do, put him in jail?
  10. I'm not a premium member, so I can't see what's happening with Waymarking. What is it all about? Will non preimum members be allowed to participate? I've picked up bits and pieces about it, but still don't know how it works.
  11. I enter some manually, but only if it's one or two caches, or a small area of caches, if it's more than that, I use the computer.
  12. Did you use them to have a snack? If you did then you should have traded even or up. Say a soda (plastic) and a snickers bar. Just kidding.
  13. Lowrance is great. I'll second IVxIV's vouch for them. I haven't tried the GO, but if it's like thier other units it will do fine. I have seen posts in here from people with GO"s, maybe they'll chip in. Edit for sloppy typing.
  14. I've heard the International Space Station has a GPS reciever, not sure how they use it, but I would think that GPS would work in space, by the way, the ISS would be a cool place to find a cache. Maybe a magnetic key holder on the airlock
  15. Thanks, I didn't know about the other one. If I do get a hold of one I'll keep it in the area, that way the locals can enjoy it a little longer.
  16. Thanks for the tips, I haven't E-mailed anyone and wanted to avoid it if I could. I kinda got a hole vacant from caches in my area, but I'm going on a trip next weekend that will get me into some new territory. I'm not real picky about a TB, it would be nice if it was a white jeep, but any hitchhiker will do, the principle of sending an object across the country sounds cool, and I wanted to log a jeep cause it has no real destination that I might screw up by taking it to/from the wrong state. And entering the contest is a good bonus.
  17. Will do, I don't think this person would delibrately hold one. I was interested in the big WJTB everybodys been talking about and wanted to log one. Am also looking for any TB to log, but they seem to be scarce and the ones I do find I won't be able to help in thier goal.
  18. I have it on watchlist, I'll check on the other. ---- They have been to 4 caches in the last few days, one was a small, the rest were not the kind to put a bug in, maybe they ain't got to a big enough cache yet?
  19. I want to get a Jeep TB, and a cacher in my area has one. Tomorow will be 2 weeks since they picked it up, what now? I don't know why thier holding on to it, but I've heard 2 weeks is a reasonable time to give them. Any thoughts?
  20. One of Geo.Joe's caches, Honker Hill, was my first, a great cache. But I am also the last person to visit it. And that was a month ago. Glad to hear there are more caches in LBL, gives me more reasons to go there. My 5 caches aren't seeing a lot of traffic either, I thought it was because they are out in the middle of new caching territory, but maybe it's something else.
  21. Alaska, or Hawaii, depends on the time of year.
  22. Welcome. Now everywhere you go you must check to see if there are caches there, and if there are not, you will change your route so you can find some.
  23. I've heard Garmin and Magellan, don't forget Lowrance! They have good units, but always go with the brand/ unit that fits your needs.
  24. The were welcoming me only a few weeks ago, now it's my turn, Welcome
  25. I heard their making a raod routing version. This may be old news, but it's new to me.
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