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  1. I'd like to see more grown -up type stuff in caches. Toys are great for the kids, but a lot of cachers would like to trade stuff like tools and camping stuff. I been looking at this thread as well for ideas on what to put in my future caches. Got some great ideas in here.
  2. I don't have many caches in my area, but just by coincidence two days after I joined GC.com a local cacher placed a new cache right in my area, I drive by it several times a week. Anyway it was my first FTF and my 3rd cache. No more FTF's since, but it's still cool to be the first name in the log.
  3. Well unicycleist, your like me, a non premium member, and it's going to be hard to find a new cache unless you check often. I don't worry about FTF, and a lot of cachers don't, it just another aspect of the game and you can get competitive with it if you want. In my area, there isn't much need to worry about FTF's because I can't claim it on my own caches. (Can you pop a wheelie on a unicycle? )
  4. I would like there to be a Kentucky best benchmark, and once it gets set up, I could post in the GEOKY forums and see if anyone has a recommendation. I think there is a couple active BM hunters in KY, but I'm not sure who they are. I only have 10, and none of them were special in any way.
  5. I went through the same thing with my Lowrance, my green light on the power cord wouldn't come on. I called tech and they said to check the fuse. That's what it was, It used to blow them on a regular basis, but it hasn't been doing it so often now.
  6. I'm a Lowrance fan. I don't think they suck. Lowrance offers a more complex unit, and they do have color screen units, just not in handheld form. Who says they won't pick color handhelds again, companies never know what their going to do one month from the next. They may be the underdog, but they don't suck. If you want something that sucks (Or is it blow, hiss sounds more likely...), I hear Cobra does.
  7. If you find the witness post, which may be long gone if it was wooden, you can use a compass and pace off the distance given in the datasheet to find the benchmark. If you like hunting benchmarks, check out the threads on benchmark hunting, under the GPS related forum titles.
  8. It isn't nowhere near complete, but I try to get the coords every time I visit a friends house. Beats the heck out of an address book.
  9. Forget Harry Krishna, ths is one guy you don't want "messing" with your cache. Harry doesn't leave anything behind.
  10. It's been a day and no hits, plus I got it figured out. Closing thread.
  11. Sounds like it's perfect for my friends. I think they'd appriciate it being simple to use and rugged. My friend bought the Garmin 12 several years ago and just never used it much, but I showed his wife about Geocaching and she thought the both of them would enjoy it. Thanks, sounds like it won't be much problem showing them how to cache with it.
  12. I would like to apologize for an error I made in posting. I misquoted and gave Neo-Geo credit for something he didn't say. In effect it changed the relevancy of the quote to appear like a personal insult to Neo-Geo. If the edit tab is still active I will change my posts to reflect this. <edit to spell check>
  13. I don't think the Airlines know "why" they don't allow, or will allow the use of eletcronic devices on aircraft. I do not think there is any danger of interference. I could be wrong however, for example an airliner with 300 people on it all turn on a PDA, GPS, Cell phone, or laptop, and things might go crazy. And Tex is right, why would they let it onboard if it was a security issue, but they still complain that it is one. The niave misunderstanding that <Other user, NOT NEOGeo> mentioned is the best explination I've heard yet, some people who do not know technology sometimes assume it can do more powerful things than it can.
  14. Last I heard, there are no cases of electronic devices causing interference in an aircrafts avionics systems. I use my GPS in the plane, a foot from a stack of 2-way communications and navigation radios. It doesn't cause interference. Recently, in general aviation planes, the pilots are now allowed to use cell phones in flight. This is a big help for contacting ground services and possibly the control tower in case of an electrical failure. This would not be allowed if phones, or GPS's caused interference. It is more of a security issue, any devise could be suspected of being used as a detonator for an explosive, disguised as a cell phone or a GPS.
  15. I am going caching this weekend, hoping to get 20 or more in a day. I've been downlading waypoints and organizing them, then it hit me, i've got coords but I have no idea what I'm looking for. I'm not a premium member, my computer won't easily handle all of this and I don't wan't to subscribe when the computer could die on me at any time. When I get a new one, it'll be a different story, but for now I still want to cache. I'm downloading GSAK now, hoping it will help me get cache info, I have EasyGPS, GPSBabel, and EasyGPS companion. (We wonder why my computer is straining) Not to mention MS streets, trips, and Mapcreate 6.3. Any Ideas on getting cache info that won't take me 48 hours to assemble? ------------------------- No hits yet? This must be a tough one.
  16. Well, look at my uername. I have an AirMap 500 as a primary unit. And I have a Garmin 72 as secondary. I use both a lot, sometimes the Garmin more because it is simpler to use. Like rockbug63 up there with the Garmin 72 I do notice it doesn't do real well under trees.
  17. Welcome. Just don't blame us when you get addicted to it and can't go anywhere without thinking about finding caches there. Or thinking, man, that would be a great place for a cache.
  18. I have ATV trails around my house, I used my AirMap to make a map of them. Kinda like you, just cause I wanted to know what they looked like on the map. I use my Garmin 72 to navigate in my kayak, it's a lot easier to hold a straight course with the GPS. I also use it as a speedometer on my Three- Wheeler. I've attempted to survey with my GPS but haven't finished marking all the property corners.
  19. Thanks, at first look on Garmins website I was impressed with the case on the 12. It said the frame was welded, it may be tougher than my 72.
  20. I am introducing a few friends to Geocaching. We plan on going caching and I offered to teach them how to use their Garmin 12. I thought I post here and see if anyone was familiar with them so I'd have a head start on showing them. I have a Garmin 72, I assume it won't be very different from the 12. I noticed it doesn't have WAAS and was made before SA was turned off, I assume it will still have good accuracy, as in tree cover you can kiss WAAS goodbye anyway.
  21. I'm not real experienced with it yet, but it is how I got a image on my cache page so I assume it works with all images. Check the HTML code for the image, I think it may have to access the image on the internet. There may be a way to get an image off of your computer (I don't know how to do that though.) My HTML coding for my image looks something like this: src="http://www.geocky.org/geockybutton.jpg"> </BODY></HTML> I don't know why the preview tab isn't displaying the image, it will on mine. But I have only been working with the one image. Try copy/ pasting the image itself to the edit tab, and then using the tabs to see what it says it's HTML code should be. Hope this helps some, If I get any more ideas I'll post them here.
  22. I have a cache near a dam. My cache examiner retracted it because it was, he also asked for details about the cache. After I gave him info that the dam was an old river dam and that fishermen are walking around it all the time, it got approved. In my case this a dam in a rural area and is a very nice place to watch the water go over, it even has a picnic area. The point is, if you ban something altogether, you'll also ban the exceptions and rid people of a potentially nice caching experience.
  23. I didn't know cobra made compasses. I've heard good things about Cobra radios I looked in a catalogue at the Cobra GPSr's, I didn't like the way they looked, the design, and the screen layouts didn't look as coherent as the good brands, Lowrance, Garmin, and Magellan. So far only Cobra has been mentioned, but I guess that is because most units are made well and are laid out well (i.e. menus and screens.)
  24. Some guy just posted saying he was on TV over this and posted a link to a news site. The topic was locked because it is already being discussed here. http://www.idahostatesman.com/apps/pbcs.dl...EWS01/509280313 I wish they were hiding GPS units in caches, talk about an expensive swag item. That is a very bad description of Geocaching, amazing how something will get twisted by the time it hits the press.
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