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  1. Hmmm... something like this: "...First and foremost please be advised there is no precedent for placing caches. This means that the past listing of a similar cache in and of itself is not a valid justification for the listing of a new cache..." I'm going along the lines of if a cache that was placed in a pre-existing hole would allow other cachers and reviewers know that it was placed within the guidelines and not automatically archived because another cacher assumed it was improperly placed. That the note be placed into the description of the cache page listing. For one thing I would hope the word of a random cacher would have no more weight than that of the cache owner. A reviewer should never assume a cache needs to be archived solely on the word of one vs. the other without investigating both sides. At least that is the way I would hope it is done, I have never been in that situation. I think the original wording of the Guideline is quite adequate. Bury: to put in the ground and cover with earth. This means you are not to put the cache under dirt by using "a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object" to dig. Dig: to break up, turn over, or remove earth, sand, etc., as with a shovel, spade, bulldozer, or claw; make an excavation. The idea of the Guideline is that a cache shall not damage the area by digging with any form of equipment. This means you did not need to dig to hide it, and won't need to dig to find it. However the way I see the Guidelines it is perfectly acceptable to take advantage of loose soil or leaves to conceal the cache, as long as you need no more than your hands, and to not submerge the cache under the dirt. No "pointy object" is needed, and upon removal of the cache, the area can be restored to the way it was before by smoothing things back over. This is the ideal purpose of all the Guidelines, that upon removal the area used for the Geocache has minimal disturbances that a little time wont completely conceal.
  2. Since as mentioned the GPS will only get you to the mouth, maybe set up an offset with distances and compass bearings to the actual container. Otherwise a good description would be enough. There is a cache here in Kentucky 100 foot down a cave shaft, and requires repelling and ascending with climbing gear. (Plunge Extreme is the name.)
  3. In that situation you can make 2 logs, one as "Found It" and an additional "Needs Maintaince" to notify the owner. A "Needs Maintaince" log does not increase your find count.
  4. I logged in just now. No problems. Well thanks, at least now I know it's just me. I've tried 3 browsers and I cannot access anything to do with GEOCKY, not even the linking image I have on my profile will show up. This computer annoys me greatly, I had a much better one, but that is a whole story of it's own.
  5. Speaking of Kentucky cachers, I've not been able to access the GEOCKY website for a while. Did something happen to it?
  6. I agree, pack light. On the quick caches close to parking thats usually all I pack. I really like the GPS cases HERE I have the larger one, and I can pack everything I'll need to cache. GPS Digital Camera Spare batteries Mini Mag Flashlight Lighter Small pin on compass Pens/ Pencil I also pack a PDA, but it can go in a pocket. All of the above, and other items, like 2-Way radios, sometimes a Laptop computer, spare GPS, amplifying antenna, swag, etc...will fit into a plastic ammo can I got at Wal-Mart, and everything I need to go caching is in that box, self contained, and out of my way. Edit: Used, too, many, commas.
  7. I'd like a Lowrance Expedition C or AirMap 600C, depends on if I could afford a large non handheld Aviation unit or not.
  8. The Garmin 72 is good, I own one and it is a great basic unit. It will guide you to the cache.
  9. Actually I was once told by Lowrance that SanDisk was their preference. I use Sandisk cards in all my devices because I think they are better quality. Your problem is most likely the size. This Thread on my forum has reports from people who tried different cards in their units. One poster there reported 2GB not working, but 1GB working fine. As for MapCreate, unless they have changed it, uninstall and re-install, and all 5 cards should be available once again. I haven't used version 7 so I'm not positive.
  10. Besides my mind? So far I don't think I have lost anything, I'm particular when it comes to keeping track of my stuff, and if has any value to me whatsoever it is locked onto my belt or in a pocket, and I frequently check to see if it is all there. (Now watch me loose something tomorrow.) I do have this knife I've lost about 2-3 times while cacheing, but I always find it in the seat of the truck, where the clip slips off my belt when I sit down. Now it goes in my pocket instead of on my belt.
  11. You should be able to find all the info you want in the Benchmark hunting Forum and FAQ's. You need a program called BM to GPX, which will convert files for GSAK, and the web address to the NGS Database downloads. Or an alternative is you can download the .loc files from Geocaching.com, and then run a Macro through GSAK to get the rest of the data merged into the descriptions. With GSAK you will be able to convert the data to a format your Treo can read, be that using Cachemate or a HTML reader.
  12. Wow, those caches look awesome kmc123. Remind me to wear rubber gloves to any Parents of SAM cache. Mice stuff in caches, that would be nasty.
  13. If S&T works like MapPoint, you can also save the cache icons to your computer, then use them as custom icons for the pushpins. When you import the data, you can assign each cache image to it's type, so at a glance you can see if it is a traditional, multi, puzzle, and so on.
  14. To form a really good opinion on the matter I must know the coordinates to this cache.
  15. I like Ford Escapes myself. Great for the city, but with 4x4 they do fine on gravel and dirt roads. It is excellent on snow. They feel roomy inside compared to similar sized SUV's, and sit up off the ground good, I'm 6 foot and don't have any trouble getting in and out of it. I have put a Kayak on top no problem, two would go up there if you had rack mounts. As for dogs, the back seat can be folded down, and if you take out the bench (It snaps out easy) it will be completely flat back there.
  16. I found some hidden key sequences for the GM100, including a reset. Click Here
  17. Assuming you have Windows XP, you will need to Right-Click on the .zip file, and select Extract. If you use another operating system it may be different. Do you have a Palm or Pocket PC? GPX Sonar works with Pocket PC, I believe GPX Spinner works with Palm. (Not sure, I use a Palm PDA.)
  18. Mine is simple, homemade, unique, but above all, cheap. I took a used Kentucky Aeronautical chart, cut it into cards, and wrote my handle on it with a blue marker. Some of them have the highlighter lines where I planned flights.
  19. I think I would notice right away. I have all my settings just like I want them, plus I export my caches with GSAK and they have custom tag settings, so I'd see the cache info being off. Another thing I put on it is a lanyard off of a Jumpdrive, so that would be something to set it apart as mine.
  20. I put some freshly charged hybrids in this morning, and still no luck. I'm pretty surprised as well, I figured they would run, but the battery indicator would show lower. My particular Palm must be a bit picky. Before getting the Hybrids, I bought some cheap AAA's and I got the same result, it wouldn't power up. Guess I'll just have to stick with Duracell's. Thanks for the input!
  21. Well they didn't work. At least not out of the package. I bought some and put them in and got nothing when I hit the power button. I put two of them in the charger to see if they possibly lost charge sitting on the shelf enough to make a difference. They are 800mAh and 1.2 Volts.
  22. If you start to nitpick and deny caches that perhaps "bend" the guidelines, in some cases you'll be eliminating some really good caches where no harm is being done, and permission is granted. People need to think before marking something such a using a drill off limits because people who don't have common sense could take the idea and do something irresponsible with it. The review system is there for a reason, to eliminate the irresponsible instances and keep the ones done in good taste. I think TheAlabamaRambler made a good point above, if someone goes out of control, the community itself can help take care of the situation, and notify reviewers if someone crosses the line.
  23. this is how i do mine also,works great an flawlessly. an is verry easy to use. You can say that again! I also use that method and have been happy with it.
  24. I use Sunrise, or SunriseXP, for newer computers. Basically you export the HTML from GSAK, then open up Sunrise, and make a document with index.htm from GSAK's Cache folder as the source. Then tell it to go about 4 links deep, and restrict to directory to keep it from downloading a lot of stuff you don't really need of the internet. After you go through the process, a file will be sent to your PDA the next time you HotSync, and will be assessable in Plucker
  25. Great, thanks. I assumed they would, but am glad to hear others have used rechargeable batteries with no problems before I stick them in the unit. I think the Hybrids are the way to go, they save me a ton on batteries, and I can almost always have a fresh set before heading out.
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