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  1. This is not specifically aGeocaching topic, but is related. We are trying to plot on a map the location of all members of our congregation from street addresses. Does anyone know of a way to take a large set of addresses, then calculate the coordinates? If I have the coordinates, I know how to do it, but I don't know how to get the coordinates out of the addresses. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. What is a TB Passport? That link is dead. Thanks.
  3. So, my first TB experience was a disaster. We released our little Tigger in PA, and from there it went to Washington state. It's been missing for years after that. I had this idea to release 5 bugs (actually, I had 5, released only 4) on a trip to the upper midwest. I'm doing much better with them. 3 have been picked up and moved more than a few times, the 4th I think I dropped into a black hole. Said unnamed black hole listed about 5 TBs in inventory a couple days before I got there. None were in the cache when I got there, and no one had logged a visit. All 5 of them are "still there" as well as mine and two more. Go figure.
  4. My favorite? Base of Tree. I was essentially standing in a forest, which oh, btw, was wreaking havoc with my GPS. Finally found it, WITHOUT the hint (I was already looking at the base of trees, don't ya know.)
  5. My wife got lyme disease caching. Where do I go sue? and pardon me for being ignorant - what is a power trail?
  6. Never a police station, but I found one at a fire station once. We told the firemen what we were doing, and while I was wandering around looking for it, one of them asked if we needed a ladder to get on the roof. No, didn't think so. We did find it under a bush. One of the firemen remembered someone in the department ask permission at a meeting to put it there. Interesting discussion we had.
  7. I've read this entire thread, and I think I agree with you. I still don't understand it and don't really know where to go to get a good explanation. And to think I spent money making sure my new GPSr would play.
  8. I recall when car cassette players first hit the market, and we all felt pretty smug in knowing our 8 track tapes would never be outdated. After a space of time, the 8 track became history, with cassettes now following their lead. You mean there's newer technology than 8 tracks? Who knew?
  9. I just downloaded OKMap successfully, but am finding it not very intuitive, and I don't have a lot of time to spend reading the entire manual. Does anybody use OKMap? And if so, are you aware of any tutorials on its use? What I'm wanting to do is create a satellite overlay for my Oregon 450. thanks,
  10. Very interesting thread. I just went to Garmin's openecaching.com site, and it seems to be working fine. I like their map interface that will switch to satellite view as you zoom in. I don't like that they have like 3 caches within 50 miles of while geocaching.com has like 1,700. Who knew there were other caching sites? Just looked at open us and teracaching. That sponsor thing is ridiculous - I was looking down the list and it looked there were dozens waiting for sponsors. Think they need to get a clue. Besides, how do I know if I want to join if you won't let me look at your caches? I always like a variety of things to look for. I shop at Walmart, Sam's, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, Amazon, etc, etc, etc, and get the best bang for the buck, which it appears, is geocaching.com and Groundspeak. JMHO.
  11. wait. wait. did you just said that people bought oregons because they supported Wherigo? That actually was part of my criteria, but now I'm not so sure why.
  12. Okay, where's the ET highway? I miss so much stuff when I don't read the forums regularly. Danged job and life!
  13. You're very welcome. I downloaded OK Map which I think will do what we want, but it's not very intuitive. Going to have to spend some time reading the manual. ok map home page It's freeware, and the developer was very responsive to some issues I was having downloading it.
  14. I finally loaded it, and it looks like it will do everything - even some stuff that I don't understand. Problem is that unless you're used to doing this kind of mapping, it's not very intuitive. I hate to read manuals because they bore me - I want a software that I can just jump right in and use. This is not that software. I've read some of the manual (on the website), but haven't gotten very far. I'm going to have to dedicate some time to this. Anybody else use this software?
  15. The answer to the download problem is this (I wrote the developer on the website): From: info@okmap.org [mailto:info@okmap.org] Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 11:38 AM To: 'Carl Fuglein' Subject: R: Loading OK software Hi Carl, thank you for your interesting for OkMap software. Please try to download and install separately Microsoft Framework 3.5 SP1. Then after this installation retry to install OkMap. Please tell me if you resolve (or not) your problem. Thanks, Gian Paolo Saliola That worked. but be aware that it takes a long time before it shows any progress on the loading bar. I didn't even know it loaded - I just left it, hoping it would load, and the next morning it had loaded.
  16. I agree, it looks very complete, but I can't get it to load. It'll hang at the beginning, and after i aw hile it will say installation incomplete.
  17. I was thinking about buying the Birdseye service until I read this thread: Birdseye thread Then I really got intrigued by the Mobile Atlas Creator You Tube video. So I downloaded MAC. Except it doesn't seem to be working on my computer, and a problem posted on their forum hasn't been answered. Is there anyone out there with experience with MAC? How'd you get it to work? Is there any alternative to Bidseye and MAC to get some decent satellite imagery, like from Google Earth? Thanks, Carl
  18. Check this thread before you subscribe to Birdseye, you may rethink your decision. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=261334&st=0&p=4509755&hl=birdseye maps&fromsearch=1entry4509755
  19. Well, you're at 50%. Pretty darn good, especially if you're looking for micros. I find about 60-75% of the caches I look for, but I tend to give up easy. Sometimes I go back, but normally we just cache on vacation, so if you don't find it, you don't find it. It can be frustrating, but the fun is in the chase, I think. CArl
  20. I went back and looked at the wiki again, and I obviously misread it. The Oregon will support as many .img files as you have. You just have to rename the gmapsupp before you load another one on top of it.
  21. It's beginning to make sense. Someone mentioned a bug about the LA and MS maps overlapping, and that's why I have the mti-la label. I tried an experiement, and I loaded another map - Florida - and it shows up on my gpsr, so I guess I'm good to go. It's just a matter of understanding how it works. Thanks everyone (you smarter than me people) for helping me understand all this. Carl
  22. I've been reading the Oregon wiki, and it seems as though the Garmin will support only 3 or 4 maps. The base map, timezone map, and 2 supplemental maps. Now apparently we can load more than that onto the Garmin, but I'm still seriously confused as to why the names showing in Setup > Maps > Map Information have nothing to do with the names of the .img files showing in the Garmin directory. I currently have my GPSr where I want it, but would like more info as to how to determine what resides where and how to rename the files showing on the GPSr vs what's on the directory. Any more smart people out there? thanks, carl
  23. More confusion, but it's the way I want it. I disabled the Mississippi Topo map, and enabled the mti-la and now I have BOTH maps loaded, which is what I want. I'm wondering what's going to happen if I'm ever going to want a 4th or 5th map? How will they show up on my Garmin? I'm still very confused as to why the titles on the maps on the device don't match anything that's in the files. Are we limited to just 2 supplemental maps at a time? That hardly seems right if you want to add city nav and topo information, etc. Guess I'll have to keep reading and trying to figure it out. thanks for your help.
  24. Okay, now I'm totally confused. I did this. I loaded two maps, and renamed gmapsupp both times. I'm now showing these img files in my Garmin folder: gmapbmap gmaptz latopo mstopo The first obviously is the basemap the second - I have no idea the third and 4th are topo maps I've loaded, and then renamed. When I go to my Setup / Map/ Map Information, I have 3 blocks: one is titled mti-la, but the sub information is for Mississippi - I have it disabled The second is title Mississippi Topo which is the first time I renamed gmapsupp. It's enabled. The third block is the base map. So, when I go to enable the added mstopo, and latopo maps, they don't even show up. I'm okay now because the MS map is loaded and I'm going there this weekend, but I ultimately want to get my Louisiana map loaded, too. Anybody have any idea on how to get rid of those two extraneous maps I have on the Garmin itself? They're not showing up in the directory anywhere. If only I had a brain. Sometimes I wish I never took up geocaching - it's getting too complicated.
  25. All good suggestions. Not sure which one worked, though . Anyhow, it started talking again. Now to get back to my other problem which doesn't seem to want to work, either. Thanks everyone.
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