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  1. 22 hours ago, admuk said:

    Some images of GC target online but may be obfuscated?


    I found an image of the calibration target in some NASA documents, which shows an appropriately Sherlockian cipher as well.  However, one of those symbols seems like a "typo" to me (doesn't match the key) so this could mean this previously published picture may have been tweaked to make it correct-looking but wrong.


    I'm anxiously awaiting the calibration image from Percy!



    I tried the code I have and it took me to trackable log screen for Perseverance so I think the one I have is right.

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  2. Were running out of time!


    We really need more local volunteers! The out-of-town volunteers are outnumbering the local volunteers by three to one! Where are all the Northern California Geocachers?


    Please give me just 2 hours of your time if you plan on attending. No hard manual labor and you'll have the experience of a lifetime getting to meet other geocachers from all over the world.


    It's crunch time people, and I'm asking for your help. I need help in the GW6 Store, Registration, Games, Vendor relations, Food Serving, Parking, Kids activities, Security, Gophers, everything!


    If you've already signed up to volunteer then I sincerely Thank You! If you haven't yet signed up please do so. You can contact me at gsmcelroy@yahoo.com Please put "GW6 Volunteer" in the subject line.

  3. Are you coming to Geowoodstock VI in Wheatland CA. If so, would you like to volunteer an hour or two of your precious time to help us put on the best Geocaching event ever? Currently we are estimating that between 3000 and 3500 people will attend this Mega Event. That means we need an estimated 200 to 250 volunteers. Can you help?

    We need volunteers to assist with parking, food service, registration, travel bugs, merchandise, vendor assistance, childrens activities, adult activities, people who know how to use cash registers, people with medical training, and the list goes on.

    If you would like to help, please e-mail me at gsmcelroy@yahoo.com

    Please use GWVI Volunteer in the subject line.

    Please tell me what you would like to help with and what type of time commitment you are willing to give.

    On behalf of the GWVI committee, Thank You.


  4. Only 250 minted. Over half already gone.

    Follow the link for more info.

    N.U.T.S. Coin

    Could you provide more details, metal , size etc.

    $10 a coin I would need to know these thing.


    Sorry, thought the link included that info.

    Gold finish, coin is 1.5" x 2" and has a hoop on the top for a attaching to a neclace or lanyard.

    coin is 3-d on front and 2-d on back. Trackable on gc.com and will have it's own custom icon.


    There were 230 gold, 10 copper ,and 10 silver coins minted. The copper and silver coins will only be available by auction on e-bay or at an upcoming nuts event. There is currently a full set of 3 on ebay.

  5. I just received my Unite for diabtees Travel Bug...woo hoo.....


    went to activate it, and am a bit confused on where the confirmation code might be.......


    the number on my bug is <tracking number removed by moderator>...not sure where to look on the packaging though for the activation code.....any ideas? Thanks.


    It's already activated. You are not the owner. Just use the tag number to discover it and then place it in a cache as you would a regular :ph34r: TB.

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