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  1. thanks. While I am a decent cacher (though only a foot soldier) I don't know al the shorthand yet. I call myself a foot soldier because I walk to all the caches (last weekend I walked over 24 miles to do caches).
  2. I have 8 finds and I lot in and out all travel bugs and geocoins. So I guess I am a genius.
  3. do you really want me to post a picture of my feet? I walk to all the caches I have done.... and I mean all.
  4. I will take 1 if any are left. olskeping saphle
  5. I have already posted on the site. I would lvoe a coin though.
  6. Can I be put on the wait list for 1. I geocache mostly in PA.
  7. from what I have seen. if you state you are selling a coin. you will easily sell a large quantity. I have seen people say they are selling 200, and they were gone in less then a day.
  8. when I did race ot the top I saw a lot of snakes (30 or 40) on my travels but they were all a distance from me. One area I saw what had to be a family of snakes (there were 10 of the exact same snake of diffrent sizes in that area).
  9. that is such a beautiful coin. I would buy 1 when the come otu for sale.
  10. Love the coin. when you start to sell I would like to buy 1.
  11. those are the type of people I began wanting ot attack. I NEVER want that to happen. If the creator sells 1 or 2 coins on ebay, or a person has 1 or 2 exrtas it is understandable. But I fear that people will begin buying up the inital public offering to make a massive profic. This would turn geocoins (a cute little thing that travels) into something more like stock. Trust me I know a geocoin habit is expensive. I have bought about 100 dollars in coins in under a month (I buy 1 of every coin I can find because I am a collector).
  12. Bjornian


    Does anyone is the area of scranton want to meet? I have never met anotehr geocacher (beside my brother and father).
  13. I would be interested in 1 if any are left.
  14. I have. When I was at one cache at night I saw one.
  15. I do not care what geocoin I buy/trade for. It is not the coin that means anything ot me. it is the person who made it. I will stop wanting geocoins at the same point I have friends who are geocachers. If I knew these people, just knowing them would be the value. But since I have not met anyone, the coins make me feel connected ot other geocachers.
  16. As I have said. I will never ever ever ever put a coin on ebay (unless it is the same buy it now I offer here). I guess I am just not a good capitalist. It drives me crazy to see good geocoins being sold on ebay for 30+ dollars when you can bu ythem from the owner for 6-12 dollars. I do not like profiteering gluttons who's only interest in geocaching in money. Sorry for seeming lie kI a mflaming, it just drives me crazy.
  17. No coin I buy will EVER end up on ebay. they eitehr stay in my personal collection or get put into caches.
  18. If there are any left e-mail me. I would like to buy 1.
  19. I think this idea is great. I can say that when you start selling them I would buy one. From previous experience, Geocachers who make coins have wonderful ideas.
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