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  1. baffalo wings brass baffalo wings nickel New mexico
  2. Bjornian


    okay. I guess I am one of the least addicted people here :; rcks back and forth on ground::. We already have 2 seperate coins in the works, and thsi idea has only been around for a day :-o. Since I started the group I think Ishould have final say on the coin :-p
  3. If I die. My coins will be given to me enemies and then the coins will explode. Hey i am already did why not clense the earth of Aholes while I'm at it.
  4. I wish I had all coin nubmer 13 but I don't.
  5. Bjornian


    this is really bad but... I am working on the GAA geocoin artwork as we speak. You all talked me into it.
  6. I owuld buy 1 (or 2, or wahtever the smallest quantity I can get it).
  7. Bjornian


    I have spent over 200 dollars in a month on other peoples geocoins. Can anyone beat that?
  8. Bjornian


  9. Bjornian


    I am Bryan and I am addicted to geocoins. I have bought about 24 in a month.
  10. I forgot I bought a first edition, so I now can't wait for the second addition.
  11. I would kill for one. Does someone want to die? LOL ROTFLMAO
  12. I think this is a nice idea. and a very nice coin. When they go for sale I hope I am lucky enoug hto get one.
  13. The true fear i have seen from a lot of geocachers is that 1 person will buy a large quantity (all) of a set of geocins and sell them for a massive premium of ebay. that is why a lot of buyers (and even traders) limit any 1 person to 1 or 2 copies of their geocoins
  14. I WANT EVERY GEOCOIN. so at some point i could start a museum.
  15. I'm a moron. So I can't figure out even the easiest cache. Heck it took me several weeks to find blue bridge. I still haven't found Dunmore MBT. I have never done a puzzle cache (I am not good at puzzles). I have a dream to make a puzzle cache for a person like me, but that won't be till I move. NO ONE wil lget the puzzle w/o being really really really well educated.
  16. I'm in NEPA for 8 months a year. I am kind of a pennsylvanian. I am in scranton.
  17. anything I see mentioend as "school project" I move as quickly as possible. My goal would actually to move in in under 24 hours, but it doesn't always work that way
  18. Lowrence are the cheapest I know of. Look and ye shall find. I spent 100.
  19. What is the organization? Mayeb I can help, some orgs have changed name but still have logs from their old site.
  20. PAID with paypal. I LOVE GEOCOINS. I wish I could get one of every geocoin but I started late, though you must admit I have only been geocaching since agust, I have no call, and am a ful ltiem college student. I have found 8 caches, tried for 12. and have a good amount of geocoins.
  21. opticsboy geocoin compass rose geocoin DHENNINGER geocoin pair of shoes Styli for my palm wig for my halloween costume
  22. congrats Brain. Though I can't pronounce your last name.
  23. I think my coin in the most valuable coin. there is only 1 hand made version of it in all the world.
  24. I will buy 1. 1 is a good number though it is the lonliest number.
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