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  1. I try to join a race when I find one however I don´t like the idea of paying money and still not have ownership of my own TB, so I guess this race is not for me. I hope there will be others to join.
  2. For Family friendly swimming go to Echo Beach "This is an adorable beach with bathrooms, changing rooms, outside shower/washing stations, and lifeguards. It's small, but it's really wonderful"
  3. Mount Penobscot seems to be very popular for hike/climbing
  4. The ABBE museum focuses on Maine Indian Heritage
  5. or you could try out Hadley's Point Campground and get close to nature
  6. Are you home yet? and did you find something nice in the mailbox?
  7. I don't deserve to win because I couldn't stick to my diet
  8. Take a walk by the water,The Ship Harbor trail is easy, pleasant, and it has great views.
  9. If you want to get married you could go to the Mount Desert Lighthouse Wedding Chapel in Bernard. It's tiny, and very casual, but it makes for fabulous photos!
  10. Mount Desert Islander is one of the local newspapers
  11. The only lighthouse on Mount Dessert Island is the Bass Harbor Light
  12. Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine, is widely known as the home of Acadia National Park
  13. When I was around 10-12 there was a woman in the neighbourhood who had a small tatoo on each ear,looking like flowers. I found them so beautiful so I decided to have a tatoo done. So when I turned 18 I had a small rose done on my left ancle. During the last few years I´ve been thinking of having a large rose done, or rather several with petals between my ancle and knee (or a hibiscus flowers) - it´s really beautiful, but it cost a lot of money - money needed for more important things, so I don´t know ...... One of the funniest tatoos I've seen was a pair of eyes at the back of the neck
  14. Camilla rcd her mission from the wolf pack today Thank you, she likes the notebook and mummy gets the coin for her collection Magnets are placed on the fridge door
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