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  1. What is a "mystery coin" ?
  2. I have been bit by the bug :-) I´ve just started to understand the fun with all these coins, I also understand that I can´t have them all so maybe I´ll have to focus on a certain type of coins like animals or fundraisers or personal or ..... or ....... can´t decide ........ argh. It´s so hard to choose LOL
  3. I guess this coin won´t reach my part of the world but It´s fun to read about all the different coins
  4. The White Elephant game, never heard of it so I had to google for it and sounds like fun :-)
  5. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  6. I would like to join 1. Participating - Email Sent 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  7. I would love to participate - if you receive any of these coins and would like them to see Sweden send them this way
  8. If I write them down in my profile can everyone see them or is it just for me ?
  9. Thanks I haven´t decided yet which one to get but it still might be an eXplorist 100 , it´s the chepest around here at the moment
  10. Is it ok for a newbie like me who knows nothing about GPS ? I´m on a tight budget so I can´t afford the more expenzive ones where you can use your pc for downloading maps etc (but it would be nice) Would this one be ok for me to track down "treasures" to start with or will I still need a compass and map to get right ;-) ? //Solan
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