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  1. And I just found out about this one today But good luck to everyone in the game Edit: By the way,what date is ThanksGiving? Nov 22? In that case I still have a chance to join. I can´t win any of the grand prices but it would be fun to take part anyway. Let me know if someone is interested to make a trade with me (as I have none of the fox-and-the-hound coins) I released 2 coins today at an event in NC (not in person though)
  2. 1. Participating...email sent Oct 6 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Sending lots of hugs
  4. Solan109


    Are there any new missions soon comming up ?
  5. Don't forget to take a look at the Geocoin Giveway Group if you plan on sending out coins . Is it still active?
  6. I think it´s a good idea but so far I haven´t made any trades through this forum and only participated in 2 missions, so I haven´t got that many addresses yet unless for a few more who advertised their addresses here in the forums ;-) I aso like the idea of sending out travellers, but I guess they would be damaged before reaching their destination but would that matter as long as it gets there and make someone happy.
  7. THANKS! I'm sure folks will trade magnets on my TB as well. I expect those will be ever changing and subject to just fall off in transit which is why I want the cling-on TB tags to be affixed permanently to the surface. Folks can sign it or put stickers on it as long as they understand that a TB tag could be placed OVER their signature or sticker at some point since the primary goal is to collect trackable TB Tags, Travel Slugs, and geocoins on its surfaces. No "King" am I. I'm #35 and falling in the top 50 TB movers. That honor goes to MaxB (Warren & Maxine) with over 10K moved. Mary Proppins was simply the most fun I ever had with a TB other than the Starship Enterprise TB that I also had on the same trip with Mary. I took that one to visit The Star Trek Experience in Lost Wages. Mary stayed in my SUV on that outing. The Star trek experience how come we don´t get things like that over here ?! //Solan - a Star Trek fan
  8. Need somebody to drop them in caches in Europe? Or maybe in Scandinavia :-D
  9. 1. Participating - Email Sent 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete- Yes, sent it today-Sept 19 4. Package Received - yes
  10. I like this idea and would like to join :-) Would it be possible to get a photo of it before sending it out, to put on my own TB page?
  11. Did anyone come up with an idea how to do this one ?
  12. 1. Participating - email sent 2. Received Name - received name 3. Mission Complete - yes 4. Package Received! - yes, I got a smurf coin and a smurf sig.item - Thank you :-D
  13. That´s so kind of you, but I prefer to get my own LOL But who knows I might turn up at your event next year or maybe already on the 18th
  14. Congratulations to all the recent recipients. Hopefully the bug will find it´s way to Stockholm, Sweden one day :-)
  15. So you are allowed to drill a hole and attach a lock/wire yourself ? Make your own tag to go with it ? Are you allowed to attach your own wooden nickel ? or untrackable coin? If, the only problem for me is to get my hands on one of these buses LOL maybe someone is interested to make a trade
  16. I want to nominate fraygirls for giving my TB a good start in the US
  17. I was hoping to find a coin in the mailbox today, but no such luck - I hope it didn´t get lost and the sender just misscalculating the the time it takes to get here
  18. Congrats Solan109 - you've won yourselves a keewee 2007 GeoTag. Send me your details please. I won !! Thank you so much keewee :-)
  19. Maybe just make it a kind of lottery: Everyone should send out two coins, and receive at least 1 The first coin is sent to a certain person The second coin you can send to anyone participating which means if you are lucky you can receive more then 1 coin if you are unlucky you´ll only get 1 coin Put people in groups of 10 or 15
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