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  1. I received the best surprise of all today. When I opened my mailbox I recognized the usual "coin" package...but it was from Sweden. I knew I hadn't bought or traded anything with anyone from Sweden lately so what could it be?


    It was an early "Happy Birthday" from Solan109!!!


    The ones that come totally unexpected are such a wonderful surprise!


    I got a Solan109 GeoNerd and a Solan109 Wooden Nickel!


    THANK YOU SOLAN109!!!!!


    I´m glad you liked it :-)


  2. Today I received an envelope from Sweden. :lol: Hmm I haven’t made any trades lately (been to busy reformatting and reloading my PC :rolleyes: ). Could it be one of those mystery coins? :D I turn the envelope over and see a Happy Birthday greeting. :D I am loving it already, my grandparents were from Sweden, the envelope has a stamp of one of my favorite dogs on it, and it has a Happy Birthday greeting on it (couple of days late but still great to receive). I open it up and out pops a sparkly Nerd and a wooden nickel from Solan109, a cacher I never recall ever communicating with. Now I have sent coins to unsuspecting cachers :D and know how great that feels but have never been on the other end. Now I do. This is why I love this activity and community. Strangers doing and sharing great things with other strangers. Thank you so much Solan109 for the great surprise. :wacko::wacko: These will be added to my cherished coins book. :lol::lol::P


    I´m glad you liked it :-)


  3. When my children were small they enjoyed watching airplanes, like most kids do, and whenever we saw one we would stop and point at it. One day, after leaving the kids at nursery school, I was standing at the bus stop (at rush hours ) when I noticed an airplane. With a loud clear voice I said "Look an airplane" and at the same time I pointed at it. Some people looked at me in a very strange way, others just nodded friendly and said: yes, it´s an airplane - that´s when I realised I didn´t have the kids with me :rolleyes:

    Luckily the bus came soon after so I could go and hide at the back :)

  4. Yesterday I got a surprise from Sweden, a yellow glitter Nerd from Solan109! Thanks so much :rolleyes: , it made my day, which was more than worse as I was lying sick in bed... :)


    I´m glad you liked it :-)

    Hope you are feeling better now

    I don´t check this thread everyday so I didn´t know you got it, thanks for letting me know

  5. Last Aug I nearly lost my oldest son (it still bring tears to my eyes just thinking about it).

    It makes you realise how fragile life is. Make sure you tell your children how much you love them, every day because you never know .....


    edit: spelling

  6. I´m having a hard time to afford to buy coins and there are a few (?!)coins that I really would like to have.

    Today I was told I got a raise, not much but enough for an extra coin or too :-)

    So the coin price is going up so we all can get a raise and continue to buy coins LOL


    Edit for spelling, didn´t see until after it was not allowed

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