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  1. 1. Participating - YES

    2. Received Name - YES

    3. Mission Complete - No, still waiting for trades to come in...

    4. Mission Arrived! - YESSSSSSSS!


    Today I got this fully packed mailer from Sverige (Sweden) in the mail!

    Here's what I got: a cute sheet of stickers with leprechauns, kitties and doggies - personally I'm having a hard time finding anything themed to include in my mission, as St. Patrick's Day is not really big in Italy :anibad:

    Plus a WHOLE BUNCH of geocoins:

    - a Swedish geocoin (generally I don't really like 'geographical' coins relating to places that I don't know or have no connection with, but receiving a Swedish geocoin from a Swedish geocacher is sikmply great!!!) I knew that dynamite was a Swedish invention, but this coin is show a lot more of them!

    - a World Diabetes Day coin. I have never come across one and have only known of its existence since yesterday, when I saw a picture of it on a page that one of the threads here linked to. I know I should let it travel, but for now I am keeping it in my collection (I guess I should try and find another one of these to let it travel!)

    - my first GeoJelly! "Northern Lights" - "Swedish geocachers". Blue with glitter, very cute!

    - Solan109's green glitter GeoNerd

    AND Solan109's personal wooden geocoin.

    Thank you very much Solan for the wonderful gifts! This is also inspiring me to start making more concrete plans to visit Stockholm, since there are now low-budget flights from Pisa (which is 20 minutes from where I live) to Stockholm!


    Katja - kdv


    I´m so glad you received it, was getting worried the package were lost somewhere, also happy that you liked what I sent :D Yes, Stockholm is a beautiful city, especially in the summer, hope you can come here one day.

  2. All missions were sent out if you havent received yours yet check your spam folder


    We only got 1 mission, sent in for 2...nothing in the spam folder.


    I still haven´t rcd my mission and nothing in the spam folder either :-(

  3. I totally forgot to sign up for a mission. Does anyone want to take me on as a mission


    But then you'll know who has you :)

    or if someone wants to surprise me then my address is in theaddress book


    what's this ??

    Ask Dolfy or Mousekakat for an invitation to put your info into the addy list being kept by them!! It allows you to have access to everyone's (on the list) addy and contact info. There are a bunch in there already!


    Actually I think anyone on the list can invite people, not just Dolfy and Mousekakat

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