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  1. Today I got my sunshine mission, thank you very much Carla for the nice card and the Morphy butterfly coin edit:spelling
  2. Mission 1: 1. Participating - yes 2. Received Name March 25 3. Mission Sent Package 4. Birthday Arrived Mission 2: 1. Participating - yes 2. Received Name March 25 3. Mission Sent Package 4. Birthday Arrived
  3. I got my 2 missions but unfortunately 1 is definitely out of my time range since it takes 10 days just for my package to get to it's destination. It's a pity since I would like for my birthday person to get it in time for his/her birthday and not 3 weeks late. I´ll contact you whoever you are in a few days to let you know your present will be late - unless you´ll be assigned someone else who lives in your country or nearby so you can get a present in time. My second mission is also short in time but I can make it if I use the coins I have at home, unfortunately non from my birthday persons wanted list and I sure hope he/she doesn´t already have the coins I've got at home or this mission will be late too. If that's the case I'll contact you too to let you know your present will be late and I don´t like that, birthday presents are supposed to arrive in time!!!
  4. 1. Participating - Yes, march 21 2. Received Name - NO 3. Mission Sent - 4. Birthday Arrived -
  5. 1. Participating - yes 2. Received Name - yes 3. Mission Complete - yes 4. Mission Arrived! - yes, March 19 Today I rcd a packet from Belgium and it made me smile, big smile Nice Easter chocolate, we´ve eaten half of it already *yummy* Everything was nicely decorated and I got 3, yes 3 coins from my wanted list ! Unbelieveble. THANK YOU SO MUCH who ever you are - it was really a great packet to receive
  6. 1. Participating - Email sent 2. Received Name - Yes 3. Mission Complete - yes, sent March 5 4. Mission Arrived!
  7. THANK YOU so much ! You all need to check out the coinpage they´ve designed for me and my coin. It´s absolutely great ! The little boy giving the coin a kiss for luck just makes me go ahhhhhhh. They even manage to get some swedish in there too and a flag WOW THANK YOU Woodland Clan TB1TAJV
  8. OverTheEdge where are you ? Hello??
  9. TB1NZ3W Start to travel today, Destination cache GCJNBV Arizona, USA to meet up with southpawaz
  10. Solan109


    Spain, Islas Canarias cache: TALL SHIPS & HARBOUR VIEW – SAN SEBASTIAN GC17YZG Whhen: March 2
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